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Sound waves  related subject: Physics: sound java applets and animations
Animations of Acoustic Waves Harmonics, Shepard/Risset Tones, Beats, The Sound of Filtering, Sum and Difference Tones
Battements en Franšais
Beats Beats
Beats caused by the interference between two waves of nearly equal frequency
Beats Beats (periodic rise and fall in intensity) are produced when two waves of nearly equal frequency are added. The beat frequency is the difference of the two frequencies, while the resultant waveform itself varies at the mean of the two frequencies
Beats Primary Beats and Combination Tones, FFT, waveform, frequency difference,  frequency discrimination, combination tones
Beats Vary the two frequencies, f1 and f2, between 1 und 100 Hz and see the corresponding beat pattern emerge
Beating waves the animation shows how the waves in the top and middle panels add together to create a beat pattern in the bottom panel, beating waves
Doppler effect Doppler effect, sound pitch, echo-Doppler
Doppler effect Doppler effect
Doppler effect Doppler effect
Doppler effect an emergency ambulance with switched on siren passes a person who is standing at the street
Doppler effect simulation of the relativistic and non-relativistic Doppler effect. There is also also a tutorial about writing applets
Doppler effect 2 Doppler effect
Doppler effect 4
Doppler effect with interference Doppler effect with two sources so you can see interference patterns
Interference of Sinusoidal Waveforms Manipulate two sine waves and watch them interact
Longitudinal wave Flash
Longitudinal wave Flash
Shock waves source moves with the velocity of sound, source moves with subsonic velocity, source of acoustic waves moves with supersonic velocity
Sound beats Sound beats, swf file
Sound wave approximation
Sound wave interference explains what happens to the energy of sound waves when the waves interact, Compare and contrast constructive interference and destructive interference
Sound waves Flash
Sound Waves a tip
Sound How Sound Reaches You
Sound Speed of sound animation, Measuring the speed of sound
Sound as a mechanical wave A wave is a disturbance of a medium which transports energy through the medium without permanently transporting matter. In a wave, particles of the medium are temporarily displaced and then return to their original position
Sound Waves
Superposition of two waves two sine waves travelling in the same direction: constructive and destructive interference, two sine waves travelling in opposite directions create a standing wave, superposition of waves, two sine waves with different frequencies: beats
Waves and Sound Tone beats when two sounds are very similar in frequency, you'll hear pulses due to the nature of waves. Try to determine several mystery frequencies, Intensity as a Function of Position, Wave Interference, Standing Waves
Traveling wave

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