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Magnetics animations 
Aimant tournant devant une bobine en Français
Attraction and repulsion by magnet poles this applet is used to illustrate how the magnetic fields surrounding a magnet cause attraction and repulsion on a surface of iron filings
B/H kromme
Bobines en Français
Bobines de Helmholtz en Français
Bobines de Helmholtz en Français
Champs magnétiques tournants en Français
Champs magnétiques tournants en Français
Champs magnétiques
Champ tournant, mode triphasé I1 = Io.cos(wt), I2 = Io.cos(wt + 2p/3), I3 = Io.cos(wt + 4p/3), en Français
Charged particles moving in a magnetic field in this demonstration particles are entering the region of the magnetic field with their velocoties being perpendicular to the magnetic field lines. In such a situation the magnetic force serves to move the particles in a circular path
Couplage par induction mutuelle en Français
Coupled coils circuit with coupled inductance
Courants de Foucault. Freinage magnétique en Français
Current testing electrical currents are generated in a conductive material by an induced alternating magnetic field. The electrical currents are called eddy currents because they flow in circles at and just below the surface of the material. Interruptions in the flow of eddy currents, caused by imperfections, dimensional changes or changes in the material's conductive and permeability properties, can be detected, a tip
Cycle d'hystérésis en Français
Cycle d'hystérésis en Français
Electricity and magnetism aspects of electricity and magnetism
Electricity and magnetism java applets Ampere's Law, the physical characteristics of electric fields, the electrostatics of a single point charge, electromagnetic oscillation, Gauss's law, Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction, and Lenz's Law, electrical current and resistance
Electromagnetic induction Electromagnetism, Magnetic Field, Electromagnet, swf file
Electromagnetic induction (Lenz's law) The magnet is brought close or is kept away from the coil, and faradic flows to the coil. Animation of two kinds when rotating in case of the case to make the magnet reciprocate is moved
Electromagnetisme Electromagnetisme: animated: swf file
Faraday's magnetic field induction experiment after discovering electromagnetic induction, Faraday began to test a hypothesis on magnetic fields and energy currents, which is demonstrated in this tutorial showing a galvanometer connected to a wire wrapped paper cylinder
Faraday's electromagnetic induction experiment in 1831, Michael Faraday made his discovery of electromagnetic induction with an experiment using two coils of wire wound around opposite sides of a ring of soft iron
Faraday's law
Faraday's Law
Flux magnétique en Français
Force de Laplace en Français
Hystérésis en Français
Hysteresis Magnetic hysteresis is an important phenomenon and refers to the irreversibility of the magnetisation and demagnetisation process. When a material shows a degree of irreversibility it is known as hysteretic
Hysteresis loop of a ferromagnetic particle plot of magnetic field (horizontal) versus magnetization (vertical.)
Induced current this applet illustrates that a current can be induced by changing the area of a coil in a constant magnetic field
Induced current
Induced current coaxial coil Induced current in a coaxial coil, swf file
Inductance Applet This applet shows how EMF is induced in a loop by changing the magnetic flux through the loop
Induction here we can simulate the results of some of the experiments that Michael Farday made to discover the induction law
Lenz law This (Quicktime) animation shows that the magnetic field produced by an induced current creates a flux that opposes the change in flux that produces the induced current
Lenz law Electromagnetically induced current always flows in such direction that the action of the magnetic field set up by it tends to oppose the very cause which produce it
Lenz law
Lenz's law this interactive tutorial illustrates the directional relationships between induced magnetic fields, voltage, and current when a conductor is passed within the lines of force of a magnetic field, an electric current induced by a changing magnetic field will flow such that it will create its own magnetic field that opposes the magnetic field that created it
Lenz's Law Lenz's Law, Eddy Currents
Levitating Magnet Applet This applet presents the fields of a permanent magnet of magnetic dipole moment M falling though a non-magnetic copper ring with resistance R and self-inductance L
Loi de Lenz en Français
Lorentz force demonstrates the Lorentz force, exerted on a current-carrying conductor swing in the magnetic field of a horseshoe magnet
Magnetfeld von Leitern, Spulen
Magnetic Field This applet shows interactions between moving charges
Magnetic field
Magnetic Field and Wires To show the magnetic field produced as a result of current flowing through a wire
Magnetic fields and compass orientation explore the effects of induced electromagnetic fields on the orientation of a compass
Magnetic field lines this tutorial illustrates the forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion, and how they can be seen as lines of force
Magnetic Field of a Bar Magnet The magnetic field of a bar magnet can be investigated with a compass needle
Magnetic field of a straight current carrying wire an electric current produces a magnetic field, the magnetic field of a straight current-carrying wire
Magnetic field due to electric currents the magnetic field resulting from a current flowing in: a straight wire, a circular coil and a solenoid
Magnetic Field Of Two Moving Charges This applet is designed to allow you to explore the concept of the superposition of magnetic fields from two moving charges
Magnetische veldlijnen opgewekt door een spoel in Dutch
Magnetische veldlijnen van stroomvoerende geleiders in Dutch
Magnetfeld stromdurchflossener leiter in German
Magnets and electromagnets Magnets and electromagnets
Relay how an Electromechanical Relay Works
Solenoid solenoid is just a fancy name for a coil of wire. If we run current through the wire, the coil becomes an electromagnet
Solenoid how many loops are necessary to create a solenoid with a uniform magnetic field
Solenoid a Java simulation of an air-core inductor, a coil of wire, if we run current through the wire, the coil becomes an electromagnet
Solénoïde en Français
Stabmagnet in German
Teaching electromagnetism using advanced technologies movies about Faraday's law, electrostatics, radiation, magnetostatics

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