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Electronics related software: Overview  related topics: Educational software, PC software - Freeware
Digital laboratory amateur radio/reciever software; car adjustments, config, monitor; digital radio signal decoding software, GSM modem emulator/phonebook editor, organizer/calculator software, PIC/EEPROM/MCU programmer , … software, smartCard emulation software, SmartCard Edit/read/write software
EETS software Fourier, RF and ham radio software modules, math plotting package, rotating phasors become V vs. time graphs, Smith chart analysis/design, RF systems, Smith chart learning tool, transmission line analysis program, learning about transmission line circuits, stub and L,C matching of loads on transmission lines
Elektronik und mikrocontroller, download port.dll windows XP, USB thermometer, ....
Electronics related software RF power amp design utilities, high/low pass 1st through and 4th order filters, coil calculator, digital logic simulation program, master converter (convert to and from 266 different units in 21 categories), scope controls 
Free electronics software this page contains electronics design software that you can download without any cost but your time, Software for scientific design, Test equipment software, circuit board program, engineering program for heat sinks, designing transistor amplifier stages, simulate battery discharge, calculate resistor values, Program to calculate RF filters. RC/RL low/high/band pass and design coils, program for designing filters, low/high/bandpass/stop, Designs opamp filters, making schematic diagrams, Program for designing microwave, type wave guides, Program for viewing gerber files, ...
Free software download hughe software download area for electronicaL developers, a tip
FTP site with programs for download 8051, audio, heating, interfacing, PIC's, measurement
GB3AT Use your sound card as a Scope,Frequency counter or Signal generator, Lets you set your computers clock to the atomic clock via the internet, microwave software, plotting paths between two site, give path loss in db, Uses a sound card to turn your PC into a spectrum analyser, turn your PC into a vectorscope, design and build your own yagis, ...
Machines tranformateur, machines, en Français
Mathematical and utility software
Maxwell 2.03 Volledige Installatie.exe virtueel metingen uit te voeren op eenfasige en driefasige transformatoren, gelijk en wisselstroommotoren, in Dutch, a tip
MiscEl The program contains a lot of pages with different electronic calculations. Each page contain one or more different calculations. The program is free to download and use, but the program is timelocked. A new version will have to be downloaded after about 1/2 year. CRC calculations, Sound speed and perceived sound levels, Fits a curve to a collection of data points, Ohms law with complex power for 3 phase systems, Decibel, Capacitor/inductor charge/discharge with resistive, current and power loads, Calculate frequence response of a cable, Calculates resistance and power loss in wires, Convert between color codes and numeric values for many types of components, Calculate/design series/parallel connection of resistors, capacitors and inductors, ...
Software for electronic engineering technology fourier, Smit Chart, transmission lines, tuning
Süper Calculator MiscEl The program contains a lot of pages with different electronic calculations. Each page contain one or more different calculations, zip file
Technical software A technically-oriented site for engineers and technicians offering to the fraternity a collection of original engineering software, electrical filter design and analysis program, electrical filter design and analysis program designed to expedite the design of lowpass and highpass filters using Standard Value Components, meterscale drawing program, program to help you design and analyze helical-resonator bandpass filters, usually used in the VHF and UHF frequency ranges, program to allow you to design and analyze diplexing networks using either the highpass/lowpass or the bandpass/bandstop topology, program to allow you to design RF amplifiers using the single-ended topology, program allows you to print both great-circle (polar) and rectangular projections of maps of the world
Ubuntu packages warty, hoary, breezy, dapper, edgy , feisty, gutsy, (Electronics utilities, Math software, Software for ham radio, Utilities for file/disk manipulation, backup and archive tools, system monitoring, input systems, etc, ..)
Electricity - Machines 
3 Phase Motor Simulation you will need: LVRT.DLL
Currents and magnetic fields induced in an 3 phase empty stator simulation demonstrating currents and electromagnetic fields inside an the empty stator of an AC 3 phase motor
Induction motor data, k0-calculator The program motdatpr calculates the inductances and resistances of the (well known) equivalent circuit of the induction motor from the "name-plate" parameters. These are the nominal voltage and power, the nominal slip, electrical efficiency, power factor and the ratio of locked rotor current and nominal current
Motor control software
Moteur pas a pas
Schrittmotor- und Portansteuerung
Squirrel cage motor simulation you will need: LVRT.DLL
Transformer zip format, en Français
Transformer calculation
Transformer calculation Transformer Calculation is program for calculating number of coils and wire thickness at transformer
Virtual AC Generator
Electronics - Electricity: topics 
Alimentations Linéaires zip file
Coil Maestro freeware coil/solenoid calculator, Program calculates optimal dimensions of coils for wanted inductance
Computational magnetics
Crosstalk Coefficient Calculator This program will estimate a crosstalk coefficient between two parallel traces for a variety of different configurations
DINcalc The DINcalc utility is used to calculate resistance/temperature data points using the standardized DIN 43760 and IEC 751 curves, to calculate resistance versus temperature points for Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors, zip file
Diff Amp Calculator zip file
Dynamic'Schem is an integrated tool for electronic hobbists or students, allowing to execute quickly useful calculations needed for all kind of basic circuits, calculate resistor values for transistor class "a" stage amplifier. also op-amp filters, zener diode dropping resistor, 555 timer, zip file
Electronique de puissance zip format, en Français
Filtres à amplificateurs opérationnels en Français
FFT analyzer Digital Filter Analyzer
Lava lamp simulation Lava lamp simulation
LED (Light Emitting Diode) Simulation The light emitting diode simulation. Demonstrates band gap theory and shows a single photon is created, you will need: LVRT.DLL
Light building software lightning calculation, DIALux
Lighting calculations
Open window flashcards, CBT and utility software
PI- & T- network resistive attenuation calculator design resistive PI & T- attenuators, Attenuator Calculator. This calculator can be used to easily calculate the resistor values needed to achieve a specified attenuation in a controlled impedance environment
Neon Transformer Size Calculator NeonLite 1.0 estimates the size of transformer(s) for combinations of many types of neon tubes. Freeware
Power electronics zip file
Robotic source files a collection of source files for various robotic projects
Resistor colour code program it will show you the value of a resistor if you know the colour bands, or will tell you the colour band code if you know the resistor's value
Tesla Coil CAD Version 2 Primary coil calculations using a flat spiral design, Secondary coil calculations, Primary capacitor and neon sign transformer matching calculations, Compatibility with 50Hz or 60Hz power systems, Metric or imperial units
TeslaMap TeslaMap gives you the ability to save your coil designs. You can re-open saved designs, edit them, and re-save them. Save hundreds of designs, there is no limit
Touch tone WAV file generator you specify a phone number (numeric digits and/or alphabetic characters) and it generates a WAV file which contains the correct touch tone noises to dial that phone number
Test Card Maker A that allows you to create test cards and more basic patterns from their individual elements - colour bars, frequency gratings etc
Transformer Selecting overload protection and wires for transformers involves number of rules that change with transformer size, type, and placement of the overload protection. This calculator helps determine the current values on both sides of the transformer, and estimates available short circuit current
Xcell determine the number of channels, given the offered traffic, Erlang B & Erlang C, determine the cable loss, field Strength units conversion : dBd, dBi, dBm, Watt, Volt, dBV, dBuV, return loss, antenna factor

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