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Analyseur Logique 4 BITs sur LPT en Franšais
Audiotester tool to test for errors in MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC & WavPack files, A standalone analog VUMeter for monitoring sound levels
Baudline Baudline is a time-frequency browser designed for scientific visualization of the spectral domain. Signal analysis is performed by Fourier, correlation, and raster transforms that create colorful spectrograms with vibrant detail
Function generator a very simple function generator using the 16-bit soundblaster card, This handy sinewave generator is ideal for testing sound systems. Low distortion sinewaves from 10Hz to 100KHz
Free Oscilloscope Useful utility for monitoring your signals. Handy for developers and musicians alike
Frecuency counter zip file
Frecuency counter zip file
FreeVIEW sound long-time data logger chart recorder storage oscilloscope spectrum analyser
Grafischer Multimeter Datenlogger
GSpec V2.0 Download GSpec is a GUI Spectrum Analyser for Win9x/2000 and NT, that will display audio input to your sound card in the Frequency and Time domains. GSpec features adjustable Sampling Rates, Gain, Averaging and mesurement of audio frequencies in three display formats, Spectrum, Wave and Sonagraph
Impedance meter The "TESLA" Impedance meter BM-508 automated measurement module. Operates through sound card
JavaSpeechLab speech analysis software written in Java 1.1
Lissajous Figures
OscilloMeter - FFT Spectrum Analyzer OscilloMeter - FFT Spectrum Analyzer is a Set of Real-Time Multi-Channel Gauges for investigation of data acquired from any ADC you will want or 16-, 24- and 32-bit ADC of sound card
Oscilloscope 2.51 zip file
Oscilloscope oscilloscope for Windows is a Windows application that converts your PC into a powerful dual-trace oscilloscope. Oscilloscope uses your PC's sound card as an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) to digitize any input waveform (speech, music, electric signal, etc.) and then presents it on the monitor in real time, allowing the user to control the display in the same way as on a conventional "standalone" scope, for example change gain, timebase or plot Lissajous patterns
Oscilloscope your PC acts like an oscilloscope or FFT(spectrum) analyzer by this Windows application, Digital Filter Analyzer
Oscilloscope-TDS210 scroll down, sine wave generator, digital scope, infraScope, winscope, frequency counter, frequency analyzer
Scope2k4 the affordable PC oscilloscope, runs under windows XP and 2000 and only needs a single, standard printer port (LPT) as interface to the hardware
Signal processing using sound cards signal generator, digital scope, spectrum analyser
Spectrogram Spectrogram is a calibrated, dual channel audio spectrum analyzer for Windows that can provide either a scrolling time-frequency display or a spectrum analyzer scope display in real time for any sound source connected to your sound card
Spectrum FFT Spectrum FFT is an audio spectrum frequency analyzer with the ability to output noise (pink or white) for testing of filters, sound systems, and room acoustics as well as to monitor the audio spectrum from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz (input and output can be simultaneous)
Stroboscope a very nice turntable strobe generator program that runs under Windows operating system. It will produce a strobe drawing of any speed at 60 or 50 cycles
Sweep generator 3.5.2 turns a PC into an audio oscillator and sweep generator which can be used for testing audio or educational purposes
TCUBE V0.92c TCUBE is a combination of a Spectrum Analyzer and a Two Tone Generator, with optional quadrature outputs. It can be used for measuring the intermodulation behavior of an audio circuit, and as a general purpose tool
Video test pattern generator
Visual Analyser 9.0.6 Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyser. Visual Analyser is a complete professional real time software, transform your PC in a complete set of measurement instruments; no new hardware necessary (you can use the Sound Card of your PC) or you can use a specific external hardware (see Hardware section). Visual Analyser runs on Windows 9x,ME,2k,XP,NT,Server,Vista,7
VScope turn your PC into a vectorscope, exe file
VUmeter with this tool you can analyze things like level, stereo perspective, distortion, phase trouble and frequency content
VUmeter Audio Level Meter, Peak Programme Meter, 'Analogue' BBC-style Peak Programme Meters, VU scaled peak reading meter
VUmeter A standalone analog VUMeter for monitoring sound levels
WaveTools real-time audio analysis, WaveTools is a suite of real-time audio analysis tools for high quality measurements: Spectrum analyser and oscilloscope (with calibration in dB or Volts)
WaveTools Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyser, Audio Meter, Signal Generator
Window function generator Window Function is used for FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation), Place DSP components and connect them. Monitor simulation results

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