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General overview digital logic
Architecture des ordinateurs en Français, pdf file
Architecture des ordinateurs en Français
Computer Architecture Boolean Logic and Computation, Combinational Logic/Simple Arithmetic, Complex Arithmetic, Sequential Logic, Simple Execution Data Path, Memory Technology, Instruction Sets, Instruction Fetch, Combined Instruction and Execution Path, Control Unit, Pipelining, Branch Prediction, Memory Hierarchy and Direct-Mapped Cache, Virtual Memory
Cours d'Electronique Numérique et de méthodologie de CAO Electronique en Français
Digitale logica in Dutch
Digital logic Introduction to Logic Circuits: Variables, functions, truth tables, gates and networks, ...
Digital Logic and Computer Systems Number Systems, Computer Architecture and Machine Language Programming, Assembly Language Program Development, Software Engineering, Hardware Laboratory, Gate Characteristics, Sequential Logic, Interfacing, Analog/Digital Converters, Visual Programming, Digital Signal Processing
Digital logic gates, XOR function, binary addition, negative numbers and binary subtraction, multiplexer, decoder/demultiplexer Boolean algebra, sequential logic, RS NAND latch, RS NOR latch, clocked RS latch, RS Flip-Flop JK Flip-Flop, D latch, D Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop symbols, converting Flip-Flop inputs, alternate flip-flop circuits, D Flip-Flop; using NOR latches, CMOS Flip-Flop construction, counters, ripple counter, basic 4-bit counter, synchronous binary counters, digital decimal counter, frequency dividers, reverse counter, Johnson counter, registers, shift register, shift out register, 555 timer, timer 555 sequencer, animated
Digital logic lab
Digital logic level Basic elements: gates, Basic logic: Boolean algebra, Combinatorial Circuits, Arithmetic Circuits, Memory, CPUs and buses, pdf file
Digital logic ppt files counters, registers, number system and codes, logic gates, Boolean algebra, flip flops, sequential circuits 
Digital circuitry web course Boolean algebra to electronic gate notation
Digital circuits pdf files, a tip
Digital circuits Number Systems, Digital Logic and Gates, Analog vs. Digital waveforms, Combinational vs. Sequential, Asynchronous vs. Synchronous, Logic gates: OR, AND, NOT, Morgan’s laws, Positive and negative logic, Exclusive-OR (XOR) operation, Enhancement-mode MOS transistors, pdf file
Digital electronics Digital electronics online tutorials, Multiplexers and Decoders, Schmitt Trigger, The Data Bus, Two-State Storage Elements, Latches and Un-Clocked Flip-Flops, Latches, RS and Flip-Flops, Clocked Flip-Flops, Clocked RS Flip-Flop, D Flip-Flop, JK Flip-Flop, Dynamically Clocked Flip-Flops, Master/Slave or Pulse Triggering, Edge Triggering, One-Shots, Registers, Data Registers, Shift Registers, Counters, Divide-by-N Counters, Combinational Logic, Combinational Logic Design Using Truth Tables, The AND-OR Gate, Exclusive-OR Gate, Timing Diagrams, Signal Race, Half and Full Adders
Digital integrated circuits basic gate function, NOR gate S-R latch, NAND gate S-R enabled latch, NAND gate S-R flip-flop, LED sequencer, simple combination lock, 3-bit binary counter, 7-segment display
Digital logic familities resistor-transistor logic (RTL), diode-transistor logic (DTL), transistor-transistor logic (TTL), Low-Power Schottky TTL, CMOS and NMOS Logic, CMOS Static Logic, CMOS Dynamic (or Clocked) Logic, ...
Digital Signals and Logic Chapter
Digitale techniek cursus in Dutch, pdf file
Digitale technieken 1 registers en schuifregisters, ring- en Johnsonteller, Mono- en astabiele multivbrator, timer 555, digitale voltmeter met de 74C928, VRC LRC CRC en Hamming, analoog naar digitaal en digitaal naar analoog omzetters, in Dutch
Digitale technieken basis elementen, Karnaugh kaarten, combinatorische logica, sequentiële logica, Eagle PCB ontwerp, in Dutch
Digital systems tutorial number system and codes, logic gates, Boolean algebra, flip-flop, counters, registers, sequential circuits
Digital technology digital technology and computer science, JK Flip Flop, 4 word, 4 bit memory, Register, Full Adder, Multiplier, Diagram of 16 bit CPU, 16 bit CPU(not pipelined), 16 bit CPU(pipelined), 16 bit CPU(pipelined with forwarding)
Design techniques and components for digital systems (lecture notes)
Electronique digitale en Français
How to "build" a computer
Digital topics 
8051 LCD programming tutorial
Analog switches Analog switches, medium-voltage CMOS analog switches with low on-resistance of 10Ω max, specifically designed to handle large switch currents, pdf file
Circuits intégrés logiques en Français
Clock distribution Managing Clock Distribution and Optimizing Clock Skew in Networking Applications, pdf file
Clock distribution
Clock distributions I pdf file
Clock distributions II pdf file
Clock Distribution Example Using LVDS pdf file
Clock Generation and Distribution Clock Generation and Distribution for High-Performance Processors
Clock Generation and Distribution
Clock Generation and Distribution
Clock Generation and Distribution PLL Core, External Loop Filter, External VCO / VCXO, Dividers / Phase Offset, Delay Adjust, Inputs,  Clock Design, Tools and Applications, Phase Noise / Jitter, ADIsimCLK, Power Synchronization
CMOS Schmitt Triggers Schmitt triggers, pdf file
Contact bounce and de-bouncing push-button switches, toggle switches, and electro-mechanical relays all have one thing in common: contacts. It's the metal contacts that make and break the circuit and carry the current in switches and relays
Data communication tutorials ATM, SDLC, xDSL, WAN, leased lines, HDSL, concentrators, baseband modems, fiber modems, routers, bridges, voice/data, Ethernet, firewall, fiber, hubs, internet access, intranet access, IP, ISDN, LAN, modems, packet switching, PADs, SNA, T1/E1, T3/E3, TDM, X.25, carriers, HDLC, RADSL, LADSL, ASIC, a tip
Demultiplexers A demultiplexer (DMUX) is a device which essentially performs the opposite operation to the MUX, ..., 1-line-to-4-line Demultiplexer
Digitally Controlled Potentiometers Digitally Controlled Potentiometers
Digitally Controlled Potentiometers Audio Gain Control Using Digital Potentiometers
DMX512 DMX512, in Dutch
Frequentiemeter 74C928, in Dutch
Glitches Glitches
LED's en 7-segment displays in Dutch
Multiplexers A multiplexer (MUX) is a device that accepts data from one of many input sources for transmission over a common shared line, ...
Switch debouncing Anatomy of a Bounce, A Guide to Debouncing, RC debouncer, pdf file
Switch debouncing switch de-bouncing
Switch debouncing switch de-bouncing, What is Switch Bounce? Switch Debouncer Circuit, Switch Debouncing ICs, Digital Switch Debouncing
Seven segment displays seven segment displays, pdf file
Switch Debouncing pdf file
Schmitt Triggers en Français
Trigger de Schmitt à opérateur CMOS en Français
Trigger de Schmitt en Français

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