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Electronic projects and circuits 
200 Transistor Circuits
Aaron's electronic circuits light circuits, laser circuits, sound circuits, radio circuits, power supply circuits, auto circuits, computer circuits, phone circuits
Bob Blicks electronic projects servo pulse to PWM converter, H-bridge, Tektronix THS720 screengrab program, audio preamp, mechanically scanned LED clock, convert microwave oven to 2.45GHz CW amateur tadio transceiver, 7x10 moving LED sign, PIC chip programmer
Circuit central an library currently containing 285 circuits in 15 categories, Audio-Related Circuits, Alarm-Related Circuits, Motor-Related Circuits, InfraRed-Related Circuits, Oscillator-Related Circuits, Computer-Related Circuits, Telephone-Related Circuits, Home / Car-Related Circuits, Tape Player-Related Circuits, Power Supply-Related Circuits, Touch / Voice-Related Circuits, Fun & Games-Related Circuits, Switch / Relay-Related Circuits, Lighting / LED-Related Circuits, Radio Frequency-Related Circuits
Circuitos electrónicos no printlayout, very little description, modern IC's applications
Circuits for the hobbyist alarms circuits, audio circuits, car circuits, computer circuits, design ideas, fun circuits, generator circuits, home and garden,  light circuits, motor circuits, music circuits, oscillator circuits, PC hardware circuits, power supplies, radio circuits, remote control circuits, robotic circuits, sensor circuits, telephone circuits, test circuits, test and measurement, tutorials, schematics
Circuits online audio, versterkers, VU meter, lichteffecten, 220V knipperlicht, AMV, modelbouw, treindetectie, meten en testen, voedingen, regelbare 15A voeding, kristalradio, infra rood microfoon, in Dutch
Creative Science Centre The focus of the centre is to stimulate enthusiasm and experience of science by providing ideas, resources and supervision to enable students to create experiments for themselves
CXI schematics audio circuits, RF, switching, power circuits, PSU, alarm circuits, control circuits, music circuits
Dick Cappels' Project Pages Schematics for free
DIY electronics projects a tip!!
Electric stuff a tip!!
Electronic projects oscilloscope, dso, eprom programmer, function generator, hardware screen blanker, logic analyser, lattice gds programmer
Electronic projects for R/C R/C, radio control, helicopter, gadgets, aircraft, R/C switch, cycler, chargers, locators, backup, servos, glow driver, navigation lights, lead - acid battery charger, NiCad voltage monitor for receiver, R/C timer switch adjustable from 20 - 80 seconds, CMOS timer / oscillator, constant current charger
Electronic projects mostly associated with solar power PIC based solar tracker, 8 bit bit serial I/O, bit serial quad satellite actuator driver
Electronic circuits application garage electricity circuit idea for the car, ultra high accuracy digital clock, ultra high accuracy digital clock, 4 channel adapter for the oscilloscope, count-down timer, stabilised power unit, dancing lights, supersonic range meter, supersonic alarm, infrared sensor, DC/AC inverter, supersonic range meter using PIC
Electronic circuit beans collection differentiation circuit, integration circuit, 555 timer, 555 oscillator, a-stable multivibrator, AMV, DC/AC inverter, power supply unit, 5V power unit, 30V power supply with +5V, 30V DC-DC converter, switching regulator, electric power controller, thermostat, LCD thermometer, square wave oscillator, triangular wave oscillator, sawtooth wave oscillator, sine wave oscillator, LED counter, frequency induction switch, digital dial, PLL synthesizing oscillator
Electronique Réalisations
Ham radio projects Antennas, Audio aplications, Frequency meter, digital scale,  Generator, Measuring, Packet radio, Power amplifier, Power source, RF Preampliers, Synthesizers/VFOs, Transceivers
Harry's homebrew homepages transmitters, receivers, antennas, morse circuits, amplifiers, EPROMS, PSU's, RF converters
Hobby of electronic circuit engineering circuits, PIC circuits, theory, CPLD
Hobby Projects to Build, That Work
Home and Project Page of Wolfgang Wieser
Homebrew Military & Espionage Electronics Schematics for free
Imagineering hobby circuits pulse period to voltage converter, charge coupled bi-directional power MOSFET relay, miniature isolated AC/DC power supply, 1 amp currnet injector, solid state relay, micropower C-mos oscillator, a real loud beeper, this circuit delivers about 110db (12 inches away) from a 9v battery using a single inexpensive C-MOS IC, machine vibration triggers hour meter, low battery voltage flasher, crystal oscillator, 40KHz light receiver, power reminder beeper, 4 line telephone status indicator, 1.5V LED flasher, and much more, a tip
Laurier Gendron's circuits power supply, voltage regulators, sound effects, LM386, LDR, timer, 555, ripple,detector, FM receiver, FM transmitter, alarm, TDA7000, dual tracking supply, capacitance meter, digital capacitance meter, DCM, bridge rectifier, transformer, resistance, inductance calculator, microphone amplifier, oscillators, digital capacitance meter, DCM, digital frequency counter, computer sound card input, magnetic pre-amp, DC-DC converter, 4001
Le site d'Aurélien : electronique en Français, zip-files
Lighthouse Electric - Electronic Circuits Archive, audio, vacuum tube, electronic, amplifier, kits, power supply, circuit, diagram, hobby, electric, SMPS, schematic, DIY projects
Model railroad and misc. electronics
Paul's technical projects MP3, MIDI, 8051, CCDs, audio, filters
Peter's electronic projects Schematics for free
QRP Homebuilder
Railroad circuits: association des modélistes ferroviaires de Nice
RED circuit design audio circuits, auto circuits, health circuits, hobby circuits, model circuits, home related circuits, a tip
Sam electronic circuits Schematics for free
Schematics for free Alarms, Audio, Automotive, Clocks, Computer, Digital, Lights, Marine, Misc, Non electronic stuff, Power Electronics, Radio, Servicing, Sony, Test equipment, Video, ..., Schematics for free
Survival circuits power supply splitter, HV power supply, voltage to frequency converter, transistor relay driver, filter collection, 2 wire to 4 wire hybrid, AM transmitter, AM DSB modulator, diode balanced modulator, H-bridge power MOSFETS, PIN photo detector circuit, wet basement sensor, piezo sounder detection circuit, cold temperature alarm, voltage changer
Switching circuits frost alarm or cold activated switch, dark activated switch or porch light switch, electronic keypad, light detector circuit, DC push button motor control circuit, push button switch debouncer, remote doorbell indicator, doorbell with counter, digital combination lock, electronic night light, sound operated switch, voltage comparator switch, DC motor reversing circuit, water activated relay a collection of articles and projects for the experimenter
Tjaco's design 2 x 40W valve amplifier with active grid biasing, 100W HiFi speakers with transmission line acoustics, electronic touch switch, manual EEPROM programmer for the XICOR 28C16, 2-stage bug zapper, high power strobe light, IR remote control, HV generator using a TV flyback transformer
Transistor circuits simple transistor circuits, pdf file
World of electronics electronic projects

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