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Radio frequency - Crystal radio circuits 
A Great Teacher: The Crystal Set Many have built crystal sets, but few have analyzed them in this much detail!, pdf file
AM crystal receiver with antenna tuner AM crystal receiver with antenna tuner
AM loop antenna AM loop antenna
AM receiver AM receiver circuit
AM receiver AM receiver circuit
AM receiver AM receiver, A simple radio receiver
Building a basic AM broadcast crystal set basic AM broadcast crystal set
Coil Inductance Calculator #1
Contra Wound Coils
Crystal oscillators crystal oscillators
Crystal radio The objective of this science fair project is to build a simple radio receiver from scratch, then experiment to make improvements
Crystal radio pdf file
Crystal radio The set uses two 1/2 inch by 4 inch #61 Ferrite rods separated one inch center to center for the coils. The main tuning coil is wound on the top ferrite rod with 100/46 Litz. The unloaded Q of this coil is 760. The regeneration feedback winding and the antenna winding are at opposite ends of the lower rod and are wound with #24 copper. The windings on the lower rod are wound on sleeves that allow moving them independently across the rod to vary the coupling
Crystal radio crystal radio, Build A Crystal Radio for the "Beginner"
Crystal Radio
Crystal radio crystal radio, coil, diode, earphone, antenna, ground
Crystal Radio learn the principles of radio waves by building a crystal radio, Antenna, Copper Wire, Tank Circuit, Plastic Insulation, Detector, Germanium Semiconductor Crystal, Earphone, Piezoelectric Device, pdf file
Crystal Radio Do-It-Yourself Crystal Radios
Crystal Radio A Simple Crystal AM Radio that Needs No Batteries
Crystal radio Crystal radios are simple devices. The components are a coil (inductor), a detector (germanium diode), a tuning capacitor, a headphone, and an antenna, ...
Crystal radio How a Crystal Set Works
Crystal radio Crystal receivers are radio receivers which work without mains voltage or batteries, the energy it uses is picked up with a antenna and comes from the station you are tuned to
Crystal radio pdf file
Crystal radio circuits
Crystal Radio Plans and Circuits Crystal Radio Plans and Circuits
Crystal Radios and other Antique Radio Stuff
Crystal radio sets A "crystal set" is a radio receiver that requires no batteries, or household electric current to operate. It has no apparent power supply
Crystal radio sets
Crystal Radios-Building instructions for a crystal radio loud speaker
Crystal radio set system design
Crystal receivers Crystal receivers are radio receivers which work without mains voltage or batteries, the energy it uses is picked up with a antenna and comes from the station you are tuned to, ...
Crystal receiver with AF-amplifier also for long-distance broadcast reception, using a home brew "salt battery"
Crystal receiver world click left: crystal receivers, a tip
Crystal set requires no antenna, earth
Crystal Sets
Crystal Sets AM receiver, AM signal, Tuned crystal set circuit
Foxhole Radio What is the Foxhole Radio? What are the Components?
Foxhole Radio This project is similar to a simple crystal radio but crystals were hard to get ahold of for the soldiers and so they made do, pdf file
Foxhole Radios Foxhole and PoW built radios: history and construction
FM Crystal Radio
Germanium diode AM radio germanium diode, AM radio, pdf file
Gollum´s Crystal Receiver World Schematics and construction projects for crystal receivers and components
High Sensitivity Crystal Set Build a “crystal radio” that does not require an outside antenna or ground by using a new zero-voltage-threshold MOSFET, pdf file
How A Crystal Radio Works for Beginners
Kristal radio in Dutch
CRYSTAL SET RADIO Make a working portable AM radio without batteries Crystal Radio with Loop Antenna, Make a working portable AM radio without batteries. The shortwave bands provide entertainment and news for millions (perhaps billions) of people around the world. One BBC estimate I heard claimed that 100 million short wave radios sets are in use around the world! Outlined below are plans to make a shortwave crystal set radio that (with a good antenna and earth connection) is capable of receiving stations from around the world
Making an AM radio receiver antenna, carrier frequency, tuning coil, capacitor, part of The radio project
One Transistor FM Radio
Scratch Crystal Radio construct a crystal radio with parts fabricated right at home, how to build the coil, Homebrewed Variable Capacitor, detector, Earphone
Seabrook Crystal Radio
Single Layer Air Coil Inductance Calculator

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