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Sensor circuits  related subject Sensors
Alarms & Security Circuits Gate Alarm Circuit, Zone Alarm system, Miniature Loop Alarm, Modular Burglar Alarm, Water Activated Alarm, Buzzer,Radio Wave Alarm, Enhanced Alarm Keypad, 4 Digit Keypad, Motorcycle Alarm, Water Level Alarm, Single Zone Alarm, CMOS Single Zone Alarm, Mini Alarms, Car Alarm and Immobilizer, Hijack Alarm, Snore Alarm, Motorcyle Alarm, Automatic Intruder Alarm, Earthquake Detector, Shed / Garage Alarm Circuit, An SCR Based Burglar Alarm, A Transistor Based Alarm, One Time Only Alarm, Battery Powered One Time Alarm Only, CMOS 4060 Alarm,Audio Security Monitor, 6 Zone Alarm with 7 Segment Display
Alarm and Security Circuits An Expandable Multi-Zone Modular Burglar Alarm, A One-Time-Only Burglar Alarm, SCR based burglar alarm circuit, Single Zone Burglar Alarm Circuits, Battery-Powered Alarm Circuits, Alarm Control Keypads, Keypad-Operated Door-Lock Release, Automobile Alarm Circuits, Motorcycle Alarm Circuits, down?
Anti-Theft Alarm for Bikes pdf file
Beat Balance Metal Detector Instead of using a search and a reference oscillator as with BFO, or Tx and Rx coils as with IB, it uses two transmitters or search oscillators with IB-style coil overlap. The frequencies of the two oscillators are then mixed in similar fashion to BFO, to produce an audible heterodyne, metal detector
Capacitive sensor capacitive sensor, useful as tip-control
Capacitive sensor Spread Spectrum Capacitive Sensor circuit
Coil Coupled Operation Metal Detector A Coil Coupled Operation Metal Detector made from readily obtainable components and using an ordinary medium receiver as a detector
Compass Sensor This electronic device is a high sensitive magnetic field sensor, magnetoresistive effect of thin-film permalloy
Electromagnetic Field Detector This circuit is sensitive to low frequency electromagnetic radiation and will detect for example hidden wiring or the field that encompasses a transformer
Electromagnetic field probe with meter to locate stray electromagnetic (EM) fields. It will easily detect both audio and RF signals up to frequencies of around 100kHz
Fastest Finger First Indicator pdf file
Fridge door alarm beeps if you leave open the door over 20 seconds 3V battery operation, simple circuitry
Humidity sensor 2322 691 90001
Inclinometer an inclinometer (tilt-measuring circuit) whose sensor (SN1) is filled with liquid electrolyte. Acting as a potentiometer, the inclinometer produces a voltage proportional to tilt on its center electrode, ...
Invisible Broken Wire Detector Invisible Broken Wire Detector, pdf file
Ionising Smoke Detector pdf file
Little Door Guard if some intruder tries to open the door of your house, this circuit sounds an alarm to alert you against the attempted intrusion, pdf file
Mercury switch filter
Metal detector Here is the metal detector with a range of a few inches. This is useful for detecting nails or screws in walls and floors, or for locating buried mains cable. The heart of the circuit is the CS209A datasheet (proximity detector) made by ON Semiconductor, pdf file
Metal detector The circuit is an oscillator and the way it keeps oscillating is due to positive feedback. This is the case with all oscillators and the component that provides the feedback is the 1n capacitor between the collector and emitter of the transistor. It may seem unusual that the transistor can be turned on via the emitter to keep it oscillating, but in fact it does not matter if the emitter or base receives a signal as the important factor is THE VOLTAGE DIFFERENCE between these two terminals
Metal detector
Metal detector A single chip metal detecor with a range of a few inches. This is useful for decting nails or screws in walls and floors, or for locating buried mains cable, CS209A, CS209AYN The CS209A is a bipolar monolithic integrated circuit for use in metal detection/proximity sensing applications, pdf file
Motor control sensor feedback circuits sensors are used to sense the current, position, speed and direction of the rotating motor, pdf file
Oxygen sensors oxygen sensors
Precision Digital Altimeter Pressure Sensor circuit, Educypedia
Pressure Sensor
RF/capacitance level instrumentation capacitance level detectors are also referred to as radio frequency (RF) or admittance level sensors. They operate in the low MHz radio frequency range, measuring admittance of an alternating current (ac) circuit that varies with level
Ridiculously sensitive charge detector
Touch plate touch plate circuit with transistors, schematics
Use your printer port as a high-current ammeter with a few inexpensive components and INT1Ch, you can turn the printer port of your PC into a high-current ammeter. This design's goal is to make remote high-current measurements, but you can use this technique to remotely measure any other similar analog electrical quantity, such as voltage and charge, Educypedia
Vibration Detector The detector will sense vibration caused by activities like drilling and switch on the connected load (bulb, piezobuzzer, etc) to alert you, Educypedia, pdf file
Voltage-Based Controller For Switches a simple circuit for controlling four switches from a distance through just a pair of wires, pdf file
Wheel encoders
Zone Alarm System This is a complete alarm system with 5 independent zones suitable for a small office or home environment. It uses just 3 CMOS IC's and features a timed entry / exit zone, 4 immediate zones and a panic button

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