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Motor speed control circuits: general overview  related topic: Motor speed control, Robotics, Stepper motor control
Circuits for robots Circuits for fighting robots, Servo Reverser, Steering Mixer, RC On/Off Switch, Mercury switch filter, Battery Monitor, A True Failsafe, A Stroboscope, A high power servo
Microchip automotive design center
Motor controlling application notes
Robotics projects circuits for robots
Robot links Robotic Control & Automation, The Robots at LAMI, Robots at Taygeta Scientific Inc., Robots Wanted Dead or Alive, RobotWorx, Inc low cost robotic systems new and used buy and sell, Sarcos: High Performance Robots ( this is really neat! ), SnakeRobots, Spot- a seeing robot
Simple electric motors Reed Switch Motor, Transistor Based Motor, Hall Effect Motor, Optointerrupter Motor
AC Motor control circuits - projects 
230V AC motor controller using U208 and TIC 236M, PCB included, pdf file
Ceiling Fan Speed Control Ceiling Fan Speed Control, Single-Phase Motor Speed Control, pdf file
Determining MOSFET driver needs for motor drive applications pdf file
Dimmer/Motor Speed Control
Dual 2 H-bridge circuit DC motors: 10 to 40 volts, up to 10 Amps, 74HCT139, H11A817C 1-channel opto coupler circuit
Dual channel servo pulse to H-Bridge interface with PIC 16F876 as controller circuit
Motor speed control motor speed control, control the speed of an AC motor, pdf file
Motor speed control Controlling the speed of 3 phase induction motors. The speed of a normal 3-phase induction motor is a function of the frequency of the supply voltage, microcontroller, MOSFET
Motor speed controllers The purpose of a motor speed controller is to take a signal representing the demanded speed, and to drive a motor at that speed. The controller may or may not actually measure the speed of the motor
Motor controller project with MOSFET bridge H MOSFET bridge construction, complete with print layout, using hip4081 driver
Phase Control Using Thyristors, triacs pdf file
Phase Control Using Thyristors, triacs pdf file
Speed control of 3-phase induction motor
Speed control of single-phase AC motors pdf file
Spindle Motor Hard Drive Spindle Motor, 74164, L293D
Three phase power regulator a three-phase linear power regulator circuit, can control resistive loads or induction motors. Drive outputs are optoisolated and regulation from zero to full load is via a single potentiometer so interfacing to a PC should be easy, assuming all mains isolation is properly implemented, pdf file
Universal motor control TDA1085C: Universal Motor Speed Controller, TRIAC
Universal motor control TRIAC
Universal Motor with Chopper Control pdf file
Using a light dimmer IC for AC motor speed control LS7231, An electronic speed control for an AC Motor can be designed with a Light Dimmer IC by limiting the minimum firing angle of the triac so that the motor won’t stall, pdf file
Washing machine motor controller single phase AC motor circuit
DC Motor control circuits-projects 
Alimentations traction en Français
Bidirectional DC motor speed controller pdf file
Bidirectional DC motor speed controller pdf file
Bidirectional DC motor speed controller Bidirectional H-Bridge DC-Motor Motion Controller circuit
Brushless DC motor controller LS7362, pdf file
Build your own 12 VDC engine/generator electronic magnetic field controller schematic included, pdf file
Cadmium sulfide solar tracker
Class-D motor-speed control MAX 4295
DC motors control circuit H-bridge circuit
DC motors control circuit H-bridge, DC motor controllers with PWM circuit
DC Motor Control Using A Single Switch this simple circuit lets you run a DC motor in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction and stop it using a single switch, pdf file
DC motor-driver H-bridge circuit the motor can be driven forward or backward at any speed, TC4424
DC motors forward and backward this circuit drives small DC motors up to about 100 watts or 5 amps or 40 volts, H-bridge
DC motor PWM controller DC motor PWM controller
DC motor reversing circuit DC motor reversing circuit, A DC motor reversing circuit using non latching push button switches. Relays control forward, stop and reverse action, and the motor cannot be switched from forward to reverse unless the stop switch is pressed first
DC motor speed control DC motor speed controller, pdf file
DC motor speed control using Pulse Width Modulation DC motor speed control using Pulse Width Modulation, MAX620 device, H bridge control
DC Motor Speed Control with CMOS ICs H bridge control, pdf file
DC motor speed controller pdf file
Digital speed control PWM, Digital speed control
Dual Motor Bidirectional Electronic Speed Control pdf file
Fan controller adapts to system temperature a fan switching between two speeds, MOSFET, LM56
Fan speed control this document discusses the operation of the MAX6650 and MAX6651, two fan controllers with linear closed-loop fan speed control
H-Bridge control HIP4081 circuit
H-Bridge control H bridge control circuit
H-Bridge motor controller This circuit drives small DC motors up to about 100 watts or 5 amps or 40 volts, educypedia
H Bridge Motor Control Circuits This page features H-Bridge circuits used for controlling direct current motors. Several designs are shown using both CMOS and Bi-Polar power devices
H-Bridge motor drive pdf file
H-bridge using P and N channel FETs
H Bridge Schematic H Bridge Schematic, TC4424
Line-following car
Microcontroller based motor speed control
Mosfets in DC motor control a H-bridge is used to control a DC motor. It allows the motor to start and stop and most importantly to reverse direction, P-ch & N-ch MOSFET H-bridge, N-ch MOSFET H-bridge using a single supply; N-ch MOSFET switch , P-ch & N-ch MOSFET switch using a dual supply
PCB drill controller
PIC based speed controller PWM, transistors, With Fet's
Pulse Width Modulator pdf file
PWM DC motor drive Digital PWM-drivers and PI-regulator software for electric DC motors
PWM fan controller PWM control Pulse-width modulation control works by switching the power supplied to the motor on and off very rapidly. The DC voltage is converted to a square-wave signal, alternating between fully on (nearly 12v) and zero
PWM motor speed control uses AC tachometer feedback power transistor circuit
PWM Circuit Based on the 555 Timer 555, MOSFET
PWM motor and light controller pulse width modulator for 12 and 24 volt applications, IRFZ34N FET
PWM circuit for 0% to 100% speed control or light dimming
PWM drivers for electric DC motors
PWM fan controller 555, puls width modulation circuit
PWM fan controller 555, puls width modulation circuit, Simple PWM controller
PWM fan controller
PWM generators
PWM speed control pulse with modulated speed control of a DC motor
PWM Speed Controller
Reed switch motor
RF wireless PWM DC motor speed control
Servo motor control doc file
Servo pulse to PWM for radio-controlled cars, boats, airplanes, etc.
Single-Phase Brushless DC Motor Controller Using LS7262 Single-Phase Brushless DC Motor Controller Using LS7262, pdf file
Speed controllers (DC motor)
Temperature-controlled fan gradually increases speed as temperature increases, widely adjustable temperature range
Thermal Fan Controller 741, transistor, thermistor
Three and Four Phase Brushless DC Motor Controllers Using Pulse-Width Modulation LS7260, LS7262, LS7362 pdf file
Two-quadrant DC motor drive circuit with current limit two-quadrant DC motor drive circuit with current limit, pdf file
Wiper circuit pdf file
Wiper circuit wash wiper control IC U642B, pdf file
Wiper Speed Controller Wiper Speed Controller circuit, 555, 4017, pdf file
Wireless RF PWM dual motor controller The transmitter circuit consists of WZ-X01 RF module, Holtek HT-640 encoder and 8-bit A/D converter
Zonnebot een klein robotje dat op zonne-energie kan rijden, een leuk ideetje, in Dutch

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