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Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp circuits  related subject: Backlight liquid crystal displays, Optics, Infrared sensors, Infra red remote control protocols
12V Fluoro Inverter Build this 20 watt Fluoro Inverter, it drives two 20-watt tubes or a 40-watt tube
12 Volt Fluorescent Lamp Drivers A typical fluorescent lamp is basically a glass tube, filled with low pressure mercury vapor and a mix of additional gases, and having a filament at each end. The glass tube is internally coated with fluorescent salts. In use, an arc forms in the tube, the mercury emits ultraviolet light, this excites the fluorescent substances, which in turn produce visible light. The exact color of the light depends on the mix of different fluorescent substances used
12V Fluorescent Tube Inverters Very Easy Fluorescent Tube Inverter Circuit 12 DC to 220 AC 6 -20 W
4-Channel Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Controller a 4-channel controller for cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) used to backlight liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in TV and PC monitor applications, pdf file
8 Watt Fluorescent Lamp Inverter The circuit shown has been designed to drive an 8W fluorescent lamp from a 12V source, using an inexpensive inverter based on the ZTX652 transistor. The inverter will operate from supplies in the range of 10V to 16.5V, DC to AC Inversion for Efficient Lighting Systems, pdf file
Ballast circuit types In all fluorescent lighting systems, the ballast performs two basic tasks: 1. Provides the proper voltage to establish an arc between the two electrodes. Regulates the electric current flowing through the lamp to stabilize light output, pdf file
BiCMOS Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Driver Controller Design goals for a Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) converter used in a notebook computer or portable application include small size, high efficiency, and low cost, pdf file
BALLAST CONTROL IC The IR2156 incorporates a high voltage half-bridge gate driver with a programmable oscillator and state diagram to form a complete ballast control IC, pdf file
Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp circuits Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp circuits
Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Electrical construction, Lamp start, Normal operation, Failures, Repair of electronic, Mechanical construction, Reviewing, Links, Schematics and photos, circuits, schematics
Compact Fluorescent Lamp Electronic Ballast Compact Fluorescent Lamp Electronic Ballast, MJE13005, pdf file
Compact Fluorescent Lamp Starter Compact Fluorescent Lamp Starter, pdf file
Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Voltage Fed Half Bridge Circuit, CFL Driver IC, Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL)
Compact Low Cost Energy Saving Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp CCFL inverter Transformers Compact Low Cost Energy Saving Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp CCFL inverter Transformers, CCFL converting circuit schematic drawing
Driving a fluorescent tube
Efficient Safety Circuit for Electronic Ballast self−oscillating circuit, Standard Half Bridge Electronic Ballast Schematic Diagram, Diac, Transistor, pdf file
Electronic Fluorescent Lamp Ballast Driving a fluorescent tube, Simple conventional lamp ballast, The starter triggers the tube when it is first turned on. It consists of two contact strips, one normal and one bimetallic, which are normally open, enclosed in a glass envelope filled with inert gas, Electronic ballasts, Voltage fed half-bridge quasi-resonant lamp ballast, Start-up of the voltage fed ballast, Steady state waveforms of the voltage source ballast, pdf file
Electronic transformer for a 12 Volt Halogen Lamp Electronic transformer for 12V Halogen Lamp, full-bridge rectifier, diac, oscillation frequency would be around 35kHz, pdf file
Emergency Lighting Systems and Battery Powered Fluorescent Lighting pdf file
Emergency Lighting Fluorescent Lamp 8W emergency lighting converter circuit, pdf file
Fluorescent Lamp Control pdf file
Fluro-tube driver Low voltage fluorescent tube driver, schematics
IGBTs for Lighting based on the HALF BRIDGE topology, operating from the 230 V line, Self Oscillant CFL, Switching Characteristics of a Bipolar Power Transistor, IGBT technology, pdf file
Lamp Ballast Circuit In this paper, the simulation environment for electronic lamp ballasts including macromodeling capabilities is presented. The simulated performance of an electronic lamp ballast circuit realized with DMOS transistors is compared to the measured and simulated performance of the conventional bipolar version, pdf file
Power a 6 inch 4 watt fluorescent tube off a 12 volt supply, consuming 300 mA
Self Oscillating 25W CFL Lamp Circuit A description is given of a self oscillating CFL circuit (demo board PR39922), which is able to drive a standard Osram Dulux T/E GX24q-3 lamp or similar lamp types with a nominal lamp power of 26 W. However, the lamp power is fixed at about 22 W so that the total power drawn from the mains is about 25 W or less. The circuit is based on a Voltage Fed Half Bridge Inverter topology. It is designed for a nominal mains voltage of 230 Vrms where instant-start is applied for instant light output. The Half Bridge switching devices are the bipolar power switching transistors of type BUJ101AU, pdf file
UCC3972 BiCMOS Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Driver Controller a DC/AC inverter module used to drive a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) typically used as the back-light source for the LCD panel in a notebook computer, Dimming the Lamp, pdf file

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