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Power control circuits  related subject: Power electronics
4 to 20 mA current-loop signals to control a PWM signal useful when you use 4- to 20-mA current-loop signals to control a PWM signal
AUTOMATIC LINE VOLTAGE SWITCHING CIRCUIT The voltages found in line sockets around the world vary widely. Power supply designers have, most often, overcome this problem by the use of a doubler/bridge switch that can double the 120V nominal line and simply rectify the 240V nominal voltage, pdf file
Capacitance multiplier supply for class A Amplifiers, extremely low ripple power supply with much less power dissipation than a regulator, a tip
Current sense auto power switch switch on one unit, and everything else you need turns on automatically
DC-AC converter DC-AC converter
DC-AC inverter DC-AC inverter
Electric power controller with TRIAC circuit
Enhanced temperature controller is both fast and precise today's industrial applications demand both speed and precision in temperature control. An improved temperature controller meets those demands by adding features you don't find in traditional PID controllers
Gradateur (variateur) pour ampoule 100 W en Franšais
HV generator using a TV-flyback transformer
High resolution digital powercontrol triac, 555 circuit
High voltage page various experiments involving voltages up to 100 kV, the components used were mostly salvaged from old TVs, microwaves or other devices and are all (more or less) easily obtainable and (more or less) inexpensive, a tip
High voltage page
LED dimmer (can be used for DC motor control) uses only two lines, MAX 5160 circuit
Low Voltage DC Supply Dimmable Ballast for 1 x 36W T8 Lamp pdf file
LX-800 power control MOC 3020, BT139 circuit
MOC 3011 MOC 3011
MOC 3011 MOC 3011, applications of non zero crossing triac driver
Optically isolated phase controlling circuit solution MOC3023, MOC3162, triac, Phase Controlling a Power Triac Using MOC3023
Power controlling application notes from LSI computer systems neon desklamp, LS7535, LS7260, ... battery charging and power conversion, LM2651, LM2661, motion control power conversion LM628, LMD18200, Power supply design, switching regulator design and application, LM267x, LM2675, LM2577, pdf file
Pulse Width Modulator for 12 and 24 Volt Applications pdf file
Signal detecting auto power on unit
Single transistor flyback driver fully illustrated and schematised plans for a high performance, easy to build transistorised high voltage flyback driver
Soft start circuit for power amps - toroidal transformers
Soft-start controller of TRIAC pdf file
Software for stepper motor control turbo pascal : single coil excitation, two coil excitation, interleaved single- and two coil excitation - half stepping, MS-Visual C/C++: single coil excitation, educypedia, MS Qbasic: single coil excitation
Solar charger charging a 12v battery, using the cheapest set of solar cells and the cheapest inverter
Temperature Controlled Ovens
Thermostat temperature regulator which use a thermistor for the temperature sensor circuit
Three-phase power control pdf file
Thyristors used as AC static switches and relays pdf file
Triac controller for an inductive load, transformers WORKS EXCELLENT!!!
Variable regulated current (~25-400mA) from a 4-6 Volt source
Velleman K8003 DC controlled dimmer TEA 1007 circuit
Voltage to pulse width circuit
Zero voltage switching temperature controller pdf file

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