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Power supply circuits  related topics: Power supplies, Power supply topics
0 - 300V adjustable power supply a simple circuit which can provide an adjustable voltage source of 0 to 330 Volt. The supply is short-ciruit proof: the current is limited to about 100mA
0-30 volt laboratory power supply using a discrete transistor regulator with op-amp feedback to control the output voltage. The supply was constructed in 1975 and has a constant current mode that is used to recharge batteries
+12V -12V power supply unit ERA22FWA
+/-12V -> +/-5V power unit LM317, LM337 circuit
10 Amp, 13.8 Volt Power Supply this circuit uses the LM723 IC, 3x 3055, 2N3055
12 Volt 30 amp supply TIP2955, LM7812 circuit
12 Volt 30 Amp Power Supply pdf file
13.8 V / 15 A from a PC Power Supply
13.8 Volt, 20 Ampere linear power supply 13.8 Volt, 20 Ampere linear power supply
48 Volt phantom power supply a simple 48 V regulated linear power supply design that will provide up to 60 mA of current. This circuit is based on the Texas Instruments TL783C high voltage adjustable linear regulator IC, because this device will provide short circuit protection for an input to output differential voltage of up to 125 V
Alimentation stabilisée en Français
Alimentation symétrique en Français
Bicycle Regulator a regulator for a 6V/3W bicycle generator system
Blown Fuse Indicator Blown Fuse Indicator circuit with alarm
Boosting three terminal voltage regulator increasing current with PNP transistor circuit
Desktop Power Supply from a PC
Discrete LDO regulator LDO (low drop-out regulator), 5V
Dual polarity power supply LM317, LM337 circuit, Dual polarity power supply
Dual Power Supply LM317, LM337, 78xx, 79xx
Fast Electronic Fuse A fast electronic fuse designed to operate on 230V AC with an adjustable trip current circuit
Fuse monitor alarm
High voltage circuits
L200 regulator circuit power supply with voltage and current regulation built around the L200C regulator
L200 pdf file
LCD monitor power supply LCD monitor power supply, pdf file
LM317T variable voltage regulator the LM317T is a adjustable 3 terminal positive voltage regulator capable of supplying in excess of 1.5 amps over an output range of 1.25 to 37 volts. The device also has built in current limiting and thermal shutdown
LM117/LM317A/LM317 3-Terminal Adjustable Regulator The LM117 series of adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulators is capable of supplying in excess of 1.5A over a 1.2V to 37V output range, pdf file appnotes
Power electronics resources battery charging, control techniques, invertors, magnetics design, power control IC, power device drivers, power supplies, converters, UPS, a tip
Power supplies provides PFC controllers, ac-dc and dc-dc controllers, regulators, MOSFETs, and rectifiers for power supply applications
Power supplies power supplies
Power supply +20V/15A and +12V/3A LM338
Power-Supply Failure Alarm Power-Supply Failure Alarm circuit
Power supply for preamps
Power supply circuits Power supply circuits
Power supply cookbook
Réaliser une alimentation en Français
Regulated power supplies with discrete componets and tubes
Simple circuit measures battery drain measuring battery life for a portable system
Small Variable Power Supply Features: 1.3-12.2 V, 1 A, over-current protection. This is a simple but reliable device based one of the oldest integrated voltage regulators of them all - the LM723, Educypedia
Soft Start power Supply LM317, L200
Three terminal positive voltage regulators 7800 series, pdf file
Three-terminal regulators 7805, 2N6109
Three-terminal adjustable regulators 7805, MJ2955
Three-Terminal Adjustable Output Positive Voltage Regulator LM317 pdf file
TL1431 The TL1431 is a precision programmable reference with specified thermal stability
Ultra simple split DC supply
Valve power supply
Valved regulated high voltage power supply
Variable dual lab power supply based on the LM317 and LM337 variable 3-terminal regulator, 25V circuit
Variable Power Supply L200
Variable voltage supply LM317 voltage supply circuit
Voedingen in Dutch
Constant Current Sources  related topics: Power supplies, Power supply topics
40V current source operates from -40 to +85°C LM317
7805 as a Voltage and Current Source
Constant Current Buck Regulator for High Power LED Drivers LM3404HV - 1.0A Constant Current Buck Regulator for High Power LED Drivers
Constant Current LED Driver SP7615 Four Channel Constant Current LED Driver, pdf file
Constant Current Source and Temperature Sensor LM134
Constant current source with LM317 constant current source driving LEDs
Current source this circuit provides continuously variable regulated current (~25-400mA) from a 4-6 Volt source, driving a LED array
Current source based on a JFET
Stroombron pdf file
Voltage and Current Sources LM317T
Voltage multipliers  related topics: Power supplies, Power supply topics
Dual capacitance multiplier
Multiplier circuits basic multiplier circuits
Multiplier circuits Using Rectifiers In Voltage Multiplier Circuits, Full-wave Voltage Doubler, pdf file
Voltage doubler 555 circuit
Voltage doubler circuit voltage doubler circuit, ICL7660 circuit
Voltage inverters 555
Voltage inverters 555
Voltage multiplier The multiplier uses two diodes and two capacitors to rectify and double the alternating current input from the charging circuit
Voltage multiplier the Cockroft-Walton voltage doubler circuit for generating high voltages from a low voltage AC source
Voltage Multiplier (100kV)
Voltage multipliers

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