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Micro controllers and PIC's:  related topics: AVR, Basic stamp circuits, PIC's, PIC programming software
68HC11 projects decimal counter output PORTB, flashing lights left PB0 to PB7, flashing lights right PB7 to PB0, flashing lights runs from left to right and back, ANALOG conversion, ADC to serial, PWM 3 PHASE for induction motors
8051 projects projects using the intel 8051 microcontroller, sample source code, schematics, RS232
8085 Microprocessor and Electronics projects Free 8085 Microprocessor projects, ,8052 projects, microcontroller, projects, Datasheers, circuit diagram, Microcontroller, 8051, AVR, 8085 Microprocessor, BASCOM, tutorials, codes, Libraries, interfacing examples, embedded projects, serial port, infrared remote controls, rf remote controls, home automation, ...
Build Your Own Microcontroller Projects 89C2051/4051, 8051 Family, AVR, PIC, Motorola, Intel x86, I/O Circuits, Internet uC, PC Interface, Analog Instrumentation, Power Circuit
Electronique a base de microcontroleurs PIC 16F84, radar, bargraphe, thermomètre, en Français
Eric's PIC Page Closed-Caption decoder , PIC16F628, PIC-Tock a video clock, Sona-PIC, DTMF Dialer using PWM, X-Y Monitor Tester, Remote control for Sony A/V equipment, DES-PIC-able cryptographic source code, SKIPJACK cryptographic source code, Hardware UART demo/test program
MikroBasic User Projects Playstation 2 Controller with Mikrobasic, One Wire NetWork, Accurate Extended Event Timer (48MHz) project, Manchester signals decoding project, Serial Stepper Controller project, 18F2550 USB-HID 8- 50Hz PWM SERVO CONTROLLER project, Serial LCD project, Dual PWM, Bi Directional DC motor Control project, 8 DECADE COUNTER, Time And Temperature project using Dallas DS1629
Micro-contrôleurs 16F84, 8051, 16F873, 16F876, 16F84, 12C671, lego, gameboy, en Français, a tip
Microcontroller Design Fart Intensity Detector, Dual-Channel Mobile Surface Electromyograph, Tissue Impedance Digital Biopsy GPS Data Logger with Wireless Trigger, Self-Adjusting Window Shade, Weather Canvas, Autonomous Self-parking car, Holonomic Drive Vehicle with Stochastic Evolution, Ball Picker Robot, BalanceBot, Snakearm Multiple PID motor controller (with Wiimote!), Electric Etch, POV display, POV display, Alarm clock with speech synthesis, Blackout game, ESD Foam Touch Controlled Brick Blaster, NES emulator, Laser Audio Transmitter, Voice Tuner, Wireless music player, Multisensor Data Transmission, ...
Microcontroller experiments Line Follower ROBOT Controlled by 2051, Miniature Real-Time Controller, DigiThermo V1.0, Clock Controller V1.1, Night Light Saver V5.0, Experimenting the 2051 with C Programming, Very Easy Single-Side PCB for Easy-Downloader V1.2, LCD Thermometer, Thermistor Thermometer, Digital Clock with Alarm using DS1307, Night Light Saver V3.2, Electronic Distance Meter, Solar Energy Meter, Home Automation Over Internet, ...,  a tip
Microcontrollers Schematics for free
Microcontrollers, Analog, RF, and all three mixed
Microcontroller projects Digital IC Tester, Automated multistoried car parking system, Vehicle Monitoring and Security System, Stepper motor control board, Robotic car using 8951 Microcontroller, Interfacing 7-Segment Display using lookup table, Intelligent Train Engines, 8051 Microcontroller port programming, Electronic house, Water level indicator cum controller, ...
Mondo Technology - Pic Projects Superprobe, Dirt Cheap Video, Voice Synthesizer, SD Card Reader, Home Security, Circuit Monitor, Bench Supply, Any OS Programmer, Talking Fish Hack, Remote RF Xmiter, Super Remote, Candle Simulator, Mag Card Reader, Cricket Monitor, PWM Motor Control, Color Organ, Furby Resurrection, RS-232 Xlater, Function Generator, Solar Charger, Multi NiCad Charger, Nicad Charger, Li-Ion Charger, ..., a tip
Peter Anderson PIC page PIC12C508 and 509, PIC16C84 and 16F84, PIC16C72, many exemples
PIC16F84 projects universal IR remote control unit, ...
PIC circuits gallery LED flasher, PIC16F84A, signboard, count-down timer, stepper motor controller, RF remote controller, light controller, supersonic range meter, PIC16F873, digital clock, a tip
PIC list projects usefull projects for beginners
PIC microcontroller projects  RS232 Communication Test Routine with LCD, Dual RS232 Communication Routine with LCD, RS232 Scope V1.02 Test Interface, LCD Test Programs, LCDx Test Routine, Binary to Decimal Test Routine, Debugging Routine / Bitstream Visualization, AT Keyboard Test Programs, ...
PIC microcontroller projects
PIC microcontroller projects in German
Picprojects PIC Die, 12F675 as a Flip Flop, IR Remote Control Repeater, mini F1 race track Grid Start Lights, RGB LED colour wash light, IO Controller with serial port CLI, Edge triggered timer with delayed outputs, PWM Power Controller for DC motors, LEDs and lighting, LED Strobe, 5x5x5 LED Cube, Simple RS232 to logic level converter, Voltage Programmable Logic Element, Long Delay Astable Timer
Projects with PICmicro's A PICmicro is a steering-computer, mostly called a micro-controller (µC), which can steer electronic parts dependent on the program which is in the PICmicro programmed, schematics
Reynolds electronics Basic Stamp, infra red remote control, 8051, PIC, PIC basic compilers, infra red datacommunication
Starting with PICs Starting with PICmicro controllers
What’s a Microcontroller? This text answers the question “What’s a microcontroller?” by showing students how they can design their own customized, intelligent inventions with Parallax, Inc.’s BASIC Stamp® microcontroller module, pdf file

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