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Cables & connectors: physical connections related subjects: Grounding and shielding techniques
Audio and computer cables commercial site, photos and specifications, audio cabling, computer cabling
Audio, video & computer cabling
Cable College Technical Papers/Brochures
Cable installation guide
Cabling hardware book Video to TV SCART, Ethernet 10/100/1000Base, T Straight, Nullmodem, Ethernet 10/100/1000Base, T and 100Base-T4 Crossover, S-Video to SCART, S-Video to Composite, Cisco Console (9), 9 to 15 pin VGA, LapLink/InterLink Parallel, Parallel Port Loopback, PS/2 to Serial Mouse, DIN to Mini-DIN Keyboard, Serial to PS/2 Mouse, Mini-DIN to DIN Keyboard, 9 to 25 Serial, GameCube, Memory Card to SD, Macintosh Video to VGA, PS/2 Keyboard Y (Gateway), Nullmodem, S/PDIF to AES3, ATX Power Supply, Universal Serial Bus (USB), SCART, VGA (15), VGA (VESA DDC), S-Video, ATX v2.2 Power Supply, Serial (PC 9), ATX 12V Power Supply, Mouse (PS/2)
Cabling standards overview of cabling standards, twisted pair (balanced) cabling, technical specifications for 100 W screened twisted pair cabling, propagation delay and delay skew
Coax cable stripping coax cable stripping: how to, part of Structured wiring how to wire your own home network, video and telephone
Connectivity info connectivity provider: here you will find everything about LAN, WAN, serial, parallel and telecom cables
Connector & cable wiring standards connector wiring details, cable wiring standards, IP ratings, Ingress Protection, electricity at work, XLR, DIN, DMX channels
Connector attachment a crimp type connection allows for quick and simple installation while still maintaining a mechanical and electrical connection fairly close to a solder type termination
Connectors and Accessories Headshell Wire connecting Clips, RCA type Connectors, RCA type Panel Sockets, RCA to BNC Adapter Plugs, Tone Arm Connector (TAC), Bus type Universal Speaker Connectors, DIY Screw-On Speaker Connectors, Banana Connectors, Spade and Ring Connectors, Neutrik XLR Connectors, Neutrik Bantam (TT) Connectors, Neutrik 1/4" (6.3 mm.), Jack/Phone Connectors, BNC type Connectors, BNC to RCA Adapter Plugs, HDMI to DVI Adapter, S-VHS Video Connector, SCART Connector, SCART Adapter
FCC Regulations
Good crimps and how to recognize them Crimp Height is Too Small, Crimp Height Too Large, Insulation Crimp Too Small or Too Large, Loose Wire Strands, Too Short Strip Length, Wire Inserted Too Far, "Banana" (Excessive Bending) Terminal, Crimp Too Far Forward, Undersized Bellmouth, Oversized Bellmouth, Carrier Cut-off Too Long, Bent Lock Tangs
Hardware Book Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions, Connectors, Pinouts for connectors, buses etc. , Cables, How to build serial cables and many other cables, Adapters, How to build adapters, Hardware Book
Kabels de kabels in twee grote families ingedeeld worden: zij die dienen voor het transport van de energie en zij die dienen voor de overdracht van informaties, onder de vorm van elektrische of optisch-elektrische signalen, in Dutch, doc file
Kabel-, Stecker- und Buchsenbelegungen audio, video, computer
Techfest cable glossary UTP, STP, fiber optics, structured cabling, coax
Telephone plug types by country
World telephone guide a table of telephone plugs used worldwide, ways to deal with hard wired phone systems, and how to handle special situations like digital phones and tax impulses


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