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Control systems:
Automation and Control Domotics PID Control Systems PLC

Automation and Control systems related subjects: Bus systems, Hydraulics, Motor speed control, Pneumatics, Power control, Sensors
Automatic process control automatic process control, Automation and Control
Automation and Control Modeling and Simulation, Modeling of Semiconductors, System Control, Nonlinear Control Systems
Automatique en Français
Automatique to explore the main concepts of the control field by the study of continuous time systems
Automatique linéaire en Français
Bode servo analysis a Java applet for control systems. Drag open-loop corner frequencies with the mouse to improve tracking performance and reject sensor noise in a unity-feedback system
Bode servo analysis (time delay) Java applet
Control systems
Control systems control of temperature, flow and filling level, PI controller, PD controller, PID controller, open-loop and closed-loop control, Pt100 temperature sensors, pdf file
Control tutorials matlab PID, frequency respons, digital control, motor speed, ...
Correcteurs proportionnel intégral et proportionnel dérivé en Français
Current loop application notes the basics of current loop, full-duplex 20 mA circuit, simplex 20 mA circuit, current regulation in current loops, constant current generator, transmitter current limiter, receiver current limiter, interconnection of 2 current loop converters, 4 to 20 mA analog current loop
Current loop application note pdf file
Current loop 4 - 20 mA full-duplex 20 mA current loop circuit, simplex 20 mA current loop circuit, The Basics of Current Loop, Full-duplex 20 mA Circuit, The Simplex 20 mA Circuit, Problems with 20 mA Current Loop, Current Regulation in Current Loops, Constant Current Generator Current Source, Transmitter Current Limiter, Receiver Current Limiter, Current Loop Interface Connections
Current loop 4-20mA current loop primer, pdf file
Current loop Current loop, The main components of a current loop include a DC power supply, transducer, a data acquisition device, and wires connecting them together in a series
DC Motor Speed PID Control With The Infineon C167 Family
DC motor speed control Motor speed should be independent of load. PWM circuit, H-Bridge motor driver circuit, Open loop control systems, Closed loop control systems, PID Closed loop control system, proportional coefficient Kp, Integral coefficient Ki, Derivative coefficient Kd, pdf file
Feedback Systems
Regeltechniek analoge regeltechniek, niet-lineaire regeltechniek, in Dutch
Regeltechniek eerste en tweede orde systemen, PI regelaar, ... , in Dutch
Sense and sensitivities illustrates the utility of the sensitivity and complementary sensitivity functions for linear control system design, Java applet
Sensor Pictures
Signals systems control discrete-time signals on the screen, Fourier series, continuous-time phasors, rotating vectors, discrete - time Fourier series, signal sampling at various sampling frequencies, and signal reconstruction from samples using various low-pass filter cutoff frequencies, Java applet for control systems
Temperature control Control Loops Explained, temperatur control, ON/OFF Control Action, Proportional (P) Control action, Integral I or Reset Control Action, Derivative (D) or Rate Control Action, PID Control Action, Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple, Resistance Thermosensors, Thermistor, pdf file
Terminology and symbols in control engineering pdf file
Fuzzy logic  related subjects:
FisPro (Fuzzy Inference System Professional) allows to create fuzzy inference systems and to use them for reasoning purposes, especially for simulating a physical or biological system, FisPro
Fuzzy logic Getting Started with Fuzzy Logic. This site is meant to be a tool for undergraduate students to learn about fuzzy logic; to learn what fuzzy logic is, where it came from, and its uses in real life
Fuzzy logic pdf file
Fuzzy logic Fussy is a paradigm for an alternative design methodology which can be applied in developing both linear and non-linear systems for embedded control, Educypedia
Fuzzy logic controller design Fuzzy logic controller, pdf file
Fuzzy logic controller Fuzzy logic controller, pdf file
Fuzzy Logic Control System
Fuzzy logic tutorial Fuzzy logic
Fuzzy Sets and Operations Fuzzy Rules & Fuzzy Control
fuzzyTECH This web server comprises a complete repository for Fuzzy Logic applications. It contains free simulation software, case studies, and product information
Maximum power point tracking using adaptive fuzzy logic control pdf file
Xfuzzy 3.0 Xfuzzy 3.0 is a development environment for fuzzy-inference-based systems

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