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Bus systems: overview  related topics: Automation and Control, Bussystems inside the computer, Domotics, I2C-I2S bus systems, RS232, USB bus
Automatisering en bussystemen bus technologie overzicht, netwerken, topologieën, in Dutch
Automotive Bus Systems pdf file
Bus Technologie
Comparing Bus Solutions ABT, ABTE, AHC, ALVT, BTL, CAN (ISO-11898) , CDC, CompactPCI, FB+, Firewire, FlatLink, Gigabit Ethernet/10G Ethernet, GTL, GTLP, HSTL, IEEE1284, IEEE1394, LVDM, LVDS, LVT, M-LVDS, PCI, TIA/EIA-232, RS-232, TIA/EIA-422, RS-422, TIA/EIA-485, RS-485, TIA/EIA-644, TIA/EIA-899, SONET, SSTL, USB, VME, TMS320, DSP Family, pdf file
Fieldbus comparison chart Fieldbus comparison chart, DeviceNet, ProfiBus, Ethernet, InterBus,  Modbus, CAN Adapters, CAN Open, ControlNet / ASI / RIO
Fieldbus standards all kind of bus systems: CAN, profi, SDS, ISI, Modbus,....
Fieldbus foundation
Fieldbus overview Fieldbus overview
Fieldbus reference list resources for industrial networks, fieldbus & industrial network protocols
Fieldbuses for Process Control Fieldbuses for Process Control, pdf file
Bus systems: topics  related topics: Bussystems inside the computer, I2C-I2S bussystems, RS232, Domotics, USB bus
1-wire RJ-12 wiring standard
ACCESS.bus specification
AS-Interface The AS-interface (AS-i) is a network system for the lower field range of the automation level. It is appropriate for networking binary actuators and sensors.Through the use of a special IC it is possible to integrate AS-i directly to small devices in a cost-effective manner, pdf file
Eib Bus European Installation Bus, en Français
EIB/RS232 en Français
IBIS IBIS (Input/Output Buffer Information Specification) is a behavioral model in ASCII file format that describes the input/output characteristics of a device. The IBIS specification provides a way for I/V and V/T data of a device to be used in simulators for signal integrity analysis
Interbus basics pdf file
Interbus cables pdf file
Modbus en Français
Modbus the modbus protocol is a messaging structure, widely used to establish master-slave communication between intelligent devices. A modbus message sent from a master to a slave contains the address of the slave, the "command" (e.g. "read register" or "write register"), the data, and a check sum (LRC or CRC), Educypedia
Multiplexage automobile: bus VAN, CAN zip file, en Français
P-Net fieldbus for process automation the P-NETfFieldbus is designed to connect distributed process components like process computers, intelligent sensors, actuators, I/O modules, field and central controllers, PLC’s etc., via a common two wire cable
Profibus pdf file
Profibus communications between PROFIBUS and Ethernet
Profibus transmissie techniek, datacommunicatie, configuratie, PC, andere bus systemen, in Dutch
Profibus op initiatief van het Duitse ministerie van onderzoek en technologie werd eind 1987 samen met een aantal Duitse firma's het project 'Feldbus' gestart. Het doel was het vastleggen van de specificaties voor een open communicatiesysteem, in Dutch, pdf file
Profibus, AS-Interface for industrial automation fieldbus networks embedded controller, protocol converter, PROFIBUS line interface, remote I/O hardware and software with Profibus-DP, Profibus-PA and AS-INTERFACE (AS-i) compatibility
SMBus SMBus is the System Management Bus defined by Intel® Corporation in 1995. It is used in mobile and desktop personal computers for low-speed communication in the system
STD32 bus specification real-time control and data aquisition applications
Using RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers in Fieldbus Networks This article describes several fieldbus technologies, and highlights some particularly useful features of the available RS-485 transceivers, RS-485/RS-422 Fieldbus, INTERBUS network, RS-422 Transceiver, PROFIBUS DP
VAST bus the VAST bus uses a serial protocol on a 10-wire ...
VMEbus pdf file
VMEbus VME est un bus informatique. C'est un ensemble de liaisons électriques bien adaptées (réalisées par un circuit imprimé multicouche de qualité et des éléments de terminaison de lignes (terminaisons actives ou passives: ponts de résistances)) qui permettent de relier entre eux différents éléments d'un ordinateur
VXI VXI [VMEbus eXtension for Instrumentation] est une architecture matérielle ouverte proposée par différents vendeurs pour la construction modulaire d’instruments de mesure, en Français
X 10 system
X 10 system X-10 code format is the «De Facto» standard for Power Line Carrier ..., pdf file
SPI Interface  related topics:
Serial peripheral interface The SPI is essentially a three-wire serial bus for eight or sixteen bit data transfer applications. The three wires carry information between devices connected to the bus. Each device on the bus acts simultaneously as a transmitter and receiver. Two of the three lines transfer data (one line for each direction) and the third is a serial clock
Serial peripheral interface the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) circuit is a synchronous serial data link that is standard across many Motorola microprocessors and other peripheral chips, Motorola 68HC11 SPI interface
SPI Interfacing Slow Peripherals to via SPI, pdf file
SPI Interface Big 7-Seg LED
SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface serial communication with peripheral devices via SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)
SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface scroll down

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