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Computer architecture: animations and java applets 
4 Bit Demo Computer simulates the hardware components of a simple 4-bit computer
8 bit Shift Register
ALU Simulator swf file
Arithmetc operators adders, multipliers, ...
CD focusing mechanism CD focusing mechanism, The objective lens is mounted much like the core of a loudspeaked, allowing rapid position corrections, animation
CD-R(Recordable) simulation Compact Disc-Recordable: also referred to as Compact Disc-Write Once (CD-WO). A type of disk drive that can create CD-ROMs and audio CDs, allowing users to 'master' discs for subsequent publishing, java applet
CD-ROM and CD-RW Readhead CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW readhead
CD-ROM en lecture java applet, en Français
CD enregistrable CDR, java applet, en Français
CD réinscriptible CDRW, java applet, en Français
CD rewritable simulation CD-RW's characteristics. CD-R works as a Write/Read Many storage. When data is written, physical marks are made on the media surface by a high-powered laser. Then, it can be read out many times just like the usual CD-ROM disks with a normal low read power. When is heated with the middle-powered laser, the recording layer can be converted back to the initial state. So, it's erasable too, java applet
Compact disc this tutorial explores how a laser beam is focused onto the surface of a spinning compact disc, and how variations between pits and lands on the disc surface affect how light is either scattered by the disc surface or reflected back into a detector, Educypedia : java applet
Computer Architecture Tools
Computer Simulator simulation of a computer, how a computer works
Cookies Applet This applet simulates what happens on the internet when cookies are enabled in your browser
CPU animation The heart of a computer is the central processing unit or CPU. This device contains all the circuitry that the computer needs to manipulate data and execute instructions, ..., CPU animation
CPU animation Introduction to Computer Architecture, CPU animation
CPU animation This shows how processors instructions are fetched from RAM
CPU animation
Data Storage
Demos related to multimedia systems Lossless Compression, the Squeeze page, JPEG Image Compression Examples, Interactive JPEG Image Compression, Wavelet Image Compression Examples, Wavelet Decomposition Programs
Digital Signatures Applet This applet serves to demonstrate how digital signatures work. It is not intended to be correct in every detail, but to give you an idea of the basic concepts involved
DRAM The animation shows how a single DRAM Storage Cell works
DRAM Cell DRAM Cell explained
Fat File System the Fat File System explained
How to Make a Flat-Panel Display Display Active Matrix, Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display, controlled by an array of thin-film transistors called the active matrix
IBM System 360 Basic Assembler Language and Simulator This graphically simulates a simple 100 memory cell computer. It demonstrates the fundamentals of computer execution such as machine language and the fetch execute cycle
Laptop pixel
Memory cache simulation demonstrates cache associativity, Memory cache simulation
Memory cache simulation a simple cache memory simulator applet
Memory cache simulation Memory cache simulation
Microarchitecture MicroProcessor architecture
MOS memory simulation of MOS memory operation
Multitask Cache Demonstrator This simulator provides the capability to model a small sized cache on a system that supports multitasking. In most of the modern processors today it is often the case that multiple processes will need to share the resources of the system
Pentium III and Pentium Pro microprocessor bus-signal animation animates the hardware signal timing used in various bus operations by Pentium III and Pentium Pro microprocessors
Pipeline Simulator This applet demonstrates the Femtojava Low-Power Processor (Pipeline) from Sashimi Project
Prima processor The applets in this chapter demonstrate a simple 8-bit microprocessor, called PRIMA, built from the Hades register-transfer-level simulation components. The processor is used as a first example of the von-Neumann architecture in our introductory lectures on computer architecture
Project: Computer simulates a simple computer consisting of 32 8 bit memory words. The computer operates by fetching a word in memory pointed to by the Program Counter (PC) into the Instruction Register (IR)and then executing this instruction
Pulse amplitude modulation PAM, this type of modulation is used as the first step in converting an analog signal to a discrete signal or in cases where it may be difficult to change the frequency or phase of the carrier, Educypedia
Row decoder simulation The Row Decoder of proivded in this applet is one of the decoders in the memory architecture. It's function is to provide the word line address when a word address is given by the address generator
Simple Computer Emulator for demonstrating the fundamentals of computer execution
Super Simple CPU
Tracing a Line Of Code Through The Processor (The Fetch - Decode - Execute Cycle)
Turing Machine Applet animates a Turing Machine that can add or multiply numbers
Virtual Memory Simulator
Windows XP Boot Process
xComputer the xComputer applet, which simulates a simple model computer

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