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Motherboards: BIOS, Motherboard overview

Motherboard overview  related subject : Benchmarking - systeminfo software, Hardware related software


FCC ID number search page how to indentify a motherboard
Guide to motherboards up to 2002
Guide to PC motherboards Motherboards, CPUs & Chips, Memory, Graphics, Storage & Audio, Cases & Power, Cool & Quiet, Networking & Peripherals, Software & Drivers
Motherboard Basics
Motherboard identification identify hardware by chip, picture, manufacturer
Motherboard monitor database of motherboards, CPU temperature, CPU infocenter
Motherboards home world, covers motherboard basics, BIOS, buying secrets, how to build a PC, installation
Motherboard manuals data & more manuals, tools, software, troubleshooting, a tip
Motherboard manual page Abit Manuals Free Tech Manuals, Asus Manuals Gigabyte Manuals, A-Trend Manuals, Intel Manuals, DFI Diamond Flower) Manuals, Microstar Manuals, FIC Manuals SuperMicro Manuals
PC motherboard technology to understand general computer architecture, motherboard technology
Speedfan 4.15 SpeedFan is a freeware program that monitors fan speeds, temperatures and voltages in computers with hardware monitoring chips. SpeedFan can even access S.M.A.R.T. info for those hard disks that support this feature and show hard disk temperatures too, if supported
Motherboard topics 
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Specification ACPI, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Specification
Athlon MB reviews and information on Athlon based motherboards
ATX motherboard specification Release 2.01 of the ATX Specification
ATX2.2 specification pdf file
ATX thermal design suggestions pdf file
Award - Motherboard Identifikation
Chipset link page
Design guide for intel ATX motherboard Desktop Boards
Form factors information and specifications about Motherboard Form Factors, ATX, MicroATX, FlexATX, BTX, Power Supply Form Factors, ATX, TFX, SFX, CFX, LFX, Riser Form Factors
HyperThreading technology
Identify motherboards PC Mainboard Identification
Micro ATX Thermal Design Suggestions Thermal Design principles, General Principles, Thermal Circuit, Fans, Parallel and Series Fan Combinations, Fan Relationships, Airflow Impedance, Power Supply Characteristics, Power Supply Considerations, Advanced Thermal Management, Fan Speed Control, Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), pdf
Motherboard Form Factors The form factor determines the general layout, size, and feature placement on a motherboard, AT Form Factor, ATX, Mini-ATX, microATX, FlexATX, LPX & Mini LPX, NLX
Motherboard Form Factors
Motherboard monitor CPU temperature monitor, voltages, fans, alarms
Motherboard resources ATX and microATX motherboard user manuals
PC Mainboard Identification PC Mainboard Identification
Terms and definitions of motherboards

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