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HTML: CSS, HTML overview, DHTML, HTML tools

HTML overview see also Webdesign
Cursus HTML (C. Daniels) xHTML, hyperlinks, frames, forms, in Dutch
De webmees HTML, XHTML, Java, ..., in Dutch
Draac.Com What Is HTML ? HTML Structure Tags, RGB & Color Names, RGB Color Chart, ...
Examware HTML online course
Handleiding html HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is de taal waarmee je webpagina's maakt. In deze handleiding worden de mogelijkheden van HTML uitgebreid toegelicht en van voorbeelden voorzien. Daarnaast is een beschrijving opgenomen van de HTML-elementen, waarbij ook de ondersteuning door browsers is aangegeven. Met CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) heb je een groot aantal mogelijkheden om de presentatie van HTML-documenten te be´nvloeden. Naast een algemene toelichting is in deze handleiding een beschrijving opgenomen van de CSS-eigenschappen, voorzien van vele voorbeelden en informatie over de ondersteuning door browsers
HTML 4.01 specificatie a tip, in Dutch
HTML 4.01 Specification
HTML basics HTML Tags, Formatting, Large Text, Italics, Page Title, Horizontal Rule, Images, Hyper-Links, Text Color, Face and Size, Background Images, Background Sounds, Images as Hyper-Links, Video Files, Reserved Characters, Embedding Objects
HTML code tutorial helpful guide to creating web pages anywhere
HTML help center a tip
HTML goodies earthweb tutorials, references and general information
HTML op het net nederlandstalige html naslagwerk, java, applets, javaScript, shtml, html-cursus, frames, animaties, afbeeldingen, formulieren, lijsten, maps, symbolen, tabellen, teksten, layout, opmaak, uitleg, tags, stylesheets, SSI, in Dutch
HTML meta tag dictionary
HTML reference library download HTML library
HTML Tag reference Compact Index of HTML Tags, HTML Tag reference
HTML tips Pop-up windows (with a little help from JavaScript), Keeping robots, spiders and wanderers away from your site using robots.txt, meta tags and other methods, How to describe your links using pop-up hints windows, Creating links without underlines, When you can't find a calculator, How to create a form and make it email its content to your mailbox, Make browsing your site a smoother experience by building a mini cache for your web pages, Why shouldn't you wrap your pages with tables? Back and forward, Let your visitors choose colors for your pages, Compile your first Java applet in minutes, Make it easier to read source code, How to translate web pages into other languages, ..., a tip
HTML tutorial You can use this tutorial either as a complete introduction or as an A-Z reference to HTML. The pages are packed with: Easy to understand explanations, massive examples, tips, smart workarounds and useful quick references
HTML tutorials HTML Tutorials for Students is a primary HTML site with new tutorials and resources for formatting text on a Web page, creating tables, how to add an image to a Web page, hexidecimal color values, FTP tutorial, PDF File tutorial, free images, and more...
HTML Tutorials and Web Design Guides html basics, software and publishing, introduction to tables, layout with tables, layout with frames all about forms, introduction to Dynamic HTML, how to use fonts, how to use meta tags, special characters, custom error messages, system speed tips, software download guide, Headline news
Introduction to frames
Introduction to HTML
Introduction to HTML HTML Elements, HTML Document Structure, HTML Document Naming Scheme, Version and history of HTML, XHTML and the differences from HTML, CSS and HTML/XHTML, HEAD of an HTML Document, What is HTML? Browsers, HTML Editors, Make Your First Web Page, More HTML Tutorials, Table Tutorials, Color Code Reference, Hexadecimal Color Tutorial, Increase Web Traffic, Web Page Promotion, Web Hosting Portals
Learning HTML 3.2 by examples
Page tutorial here you'll find free html tutorials, tables, frames and forms tutorials
W3 schools HTML tutorials, XML tutorials, browser scripting, server scripting
W3C HTML 4.01 specification in Dutch
WEB design tutorial, software, HTML, schrijven, graphics, publiceren en promotie, in Dutch
XHTML Web Design for Beginners: Introduction XHTML Building Blocks, Text That Says Something, Advanced XHTML Building Blocks, Text That Says Something 2

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