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Color charts General overview Graphics Tools online Wav-midi

Webdesign tutorials and help see also HTML or Javascript-applet, Flash courses
Building a school web site
Creating a website step by step guide to creating a web site, from html, dhtml, css style sheets, usability, graphic design, using dreamweaver and submitting to search engines, a tip
De webmees HTML, XHTML, Java, ..., in Dutch, a tip
Draac.Com building a better internet 
First Web Site Design & Web Designers Directory First Web Site Design aims to serve as guidance for those taking their first steps into the exciting medium of the World Wide Web. Web design includes the design or designing of a web page, website or web application, ...
Project cool project cool is a collection of resources designed to give knowledge and inspiration to web designers
Tizag Tutorials Tizag was designed to teach beginner web programmers how to use HTML and CSS, A Beginner tutorial - For those just starting to learn to make web pages. HTML Tutorial - Begin your web designing with a solid background in HTML. CSS Tutorial - Check out the latest web design techniques available to you. PHP Tutorial - Understand what all the PHP hype is about with our tutorial. Web Host Guide - An overview of all the information you need to know about choosing and using a web host. CSS Reference - CSS Quick-Reference sheet. Each item of the reference also has an accompanying example. HTML Reference - HTML Tag Reference including attributes associated with each tag and accompanying examples.
W3 schools online web tutorials, Web tutorials and information (W3schools) design, html, SQL, ASP, cgi, perl, java, asp, XHTML, CSS, XML, javascript, Flash, VBscript, ..., free web building tutorials, from basic HTML and XHTML tutorials, to advanced XML, XSL and WAP tutorials
Web development tools & tutorials Web development tools and tutorials
Website abstracktion javascript tutorial, JavaScript1.2, dhtml, html, frontpage tutorial, web graphics, java applets, CSS tutorial
Webdiner offers simple tutorials for beginning web page builders, free graphics, specific instructions for AOL members, tips, hints, and much more
Webmaster resources interactive
Miscellaneous topics 
Character codes and encoding a tutorial on character code issues in digital processing and transfer of text data (on the Internet or otherwise). This document tries to clarify the concepts of character repertoire, character code, and character encoding
Domain search domain search allows you to search com/net/org and country domains all at once in real time
ISO 8601 standard use format like 1998-05-12 for dates, this example means the 12th of May in 1998
ISO 8601 dating, YYYY-MM-DD
Mistakes of webdesign Top Ten Web Design Mistakes
Open Source Web Design Open Source Web Design is a site to download free web design templates and share yours with others
PHP een inleiding , in Dutch
PHP information
Streaming media world: SMIL SMIL (pronounced smile) stands for synchronized multimedia integration language. It is a markup language (like HTML) and is designed to be easy to learn and deploy on web sites
W3C HTML validation service HTML validator
Adding sound to your webpage 
Adding Multimedia Elements to Web Pages Adding Multimedia to Your Web Site
Adding sound to a webpage methods of adding sound to your web page
Adding Streaming Media to Your Web Site with Windows Media Player
Adding Streaming Media (Audio and Video) to Your Web Site pdf file
HTML sound tutorial
Music-on-the-net tutorial if you are a musician that would like to showcase your music to the world, using the internet, this page is for you, MIDI, MOD, RealAudio, their pro's and con's, how to add streaming RealAudio files to your webpage
Playing sounds

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