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Wavs - midi - sounds  see also computer software Animal movies and sounds, Midi files, Audio samples
Amazing Sounds The place where you will find all kinds of WAV files, Music Creation, Loops, Sounds, Drums, Snares, Natural Sounds, Storm, Sea, Water, River, Animal Sounds, Dog bark, Cow, Donkey, Human Sounds, Cry, Baby, Shout, Human Generated Sounds, Places, Vehicles, Computer, War/shot, entertainment sounds
Findsounds search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples, animals, birds, nature, people, sport, instruments, insects, vehicles
Free sound effects Free Sound Effects - animals, baby sounds, vehicles, weather, special effects and more
Free Sound Effects Downloads Free Sound Effects Downloads
Frogstar .WAV (pronounced "wave") files are the standard audio format for Windows system warning sounds. You should be able to hear these files without any additional software, a tip
Joe's original wav files each file is very small and suitable for attaching to Windows events. They can replace the standard beeps and sounds that come with Windows
Meme's Midis gospel music, oldies, classical midis, kids midis, country songs, TV theme songs, Movie theme songs, Beatles midis, games, christian midis
Midi files collection
Recordist The Recordist presents a collection of free sound effects in MP3 format
Royalty free sounds offering royalty free sound effects and royalty free midi files for you to download and use in your personal or commercial multimedia project, Free Sound Effects and Royalty Free Sound Effects
Sound & noise sound effects, transportation sounds, animal sounds, human sounds, animal sounds, nature sounds
Soundbytes Sound Effects, Production Music, Samples and Loops, Vocals, Surround Sound Effects, Downloadable Dog Packs, Ringtones, a tip
Sound effects sound effects, loops, button sounds and samples for multimedia productions
SoundHunter Boiling potatoes, distant helicopter, distant plane, metal scissors, ocean wave, spaceship takeoff, menacing factory, scaredy, car alarm, phone ringing
SoundTransit SoundTransit is a collaborative, online community dedicated to field recording and phonography
Sshhtt! World Sounds alarms, animals, beeps, chimes, cartoons, humor, space, machines, ...
Standard MIDI files on the net list of sites with MIDI files, standard MIDI files are playable with MIDI plugins, MIDI players and MIDI sequencers
The Free Sound Project
Wav Sound files (Complete Archive)
Wave sound files 100 wav sound files in zip format
Wave sound files
Specific sounds and sound effects  related topc: Animal movies and sounds, Audio samples, Midi files
Airplane sounds
Animal sounds on the net
Automobile sounds, car sounds, motocross
Classical midi files 14681 classical music midi files by 1123 composers
Cajun MIDI files
Car sounds
Car sounds
Celtic music: MP3 audio files
Duck calls
Earthquake-related sounds
Glass sounds
Looneytunes Warnerbros new toons, games, looney loot, a tip, this is a part of Warner Bros favorite entertainment news, movies, TV listings, movie trailers, movie clips, showtimes, box office, animated cartoons, music
Multimedia loudspeaker test tones
Motorcycles Sound Files of Classic and Vintage Motorcycles
Motorcycle sounds Motorcycle sounds
Movie sounds central movie sounds
Movie sounds page movie sounds, event sounds
Movie wavs page movie sounds
PC sounds (wav files), multimedia/pc-sounds
People sounds
Ragtime piano MIDI files
Sounds from Edna's kitchen just for fun, see if you can identify any of these sounds
Steam sounds train steam sounds
Telephone and modem dialing sounds telephone sounds, modem sounds, dialing sounds, ringing
Train sound effects
Train sounds
Transportation sounds Motorcycle sounds, Helicopter sounds, Old Car sounds, Race Car sounds, Prop Plane sounds, Ship sounds, Train sounds, Truck sounds, Bus sounds, Submarine sounds, Rocket sounds
Transportation sounds car sounds, helicopter sounds, boat, train sounds, truck, plane, jet. horns for all vehicles
Treingeluiden in Dutch
Television and movie theme songs
TV themes - midi TV midi files
Weapon Sounds free Weapon Sound effects

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