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DMX512 Keyboard Parallel Port RS232-485
Firewire Overview PC mouse USB

Computer ports - interfaces see also Bussystems, Computer cabling, Data acquisition
Computer buses pdf file
Direct cable connect to connect 2 computers using windows
PC Game Adapter pdf file
Serial and Parallel Pin-Out Assignments Serial and Parallel Pin-Out Assignments
Computer ports - IrDA
IrDA: Background and Overview IrDA is a standard defined by the IrDA consortium (Infrared Data Association). It specifies a way to wirelessly transfer data via infrared radiation
IrDA pinouts IrDA pinouts
IrDA standards IrDA standards
IrDA with the BASIC Stamp & the MAX3100 This document contains information about IrDA and how to obtain it on the Stamp using the MAX3100 UART
IrDA IrDA is a standard defined by the IrDA consortium (Infrared Data Association). It specifies a way to wirelessly transfer data via infrared radiation, pdf file
Computer mouse disassembling - repair
Change LEDs on Logitech's wheel mouse (optical)
How to "fix" your Logitech wheel mouse Mouse Modding - How to "fix" your Logitech wheel mouse
How-to make a blue LED mouse
Integrated Logitech V500 2.4GHz wireless dongle
Logitech G5 Laser Mouse how to disassemble a laser mouse
Logitech iFeel Mouseman Mouse Clicking Troubles- DIY Repair
Optical Mouse LED Replacement Guide You can change the LED's to any color of your choice
Computer mouse info related topics: Laser technology, Optics
10 Tips for Using a Computer Mouse
3 Button Serial Mouse pdf file
3D Wireless Mouse 3-dimensional, handheld computer mouse, pdf file
ADNS-3080 High Performance Optical Mouse Sensor The ADNS-3080 is a high performance optical mouse sensor for optimum precision navigation in mice applications. This sensor provides a non-mechanical tracking engine for implementing a computer-pointing device. It is based on optical navigation technology which measures changes in position by optically acquiring sequential surface images up to 6400 times per second and mathematically determining the direction and magnitude of movement at the maximum of 1600 counts per inch, ..., pdf file
ADNS-6000 Laser Mouse Sensor pdf file
Bluetooth Optical Mouse, Proof of Concept Design pdf file
Communication protocol of 3 button mouse standard serial interface RS232
Interface to Optical Mouse Sensor The heart of the mouse is the ADNS-2610 Optical Mouse Sensor, pdf file
Laser Mouse how a Laser Mouse work, How Computer Mice Work
Mice: How do they work?
Microsoft 2-button serial mouse Serial data parameters, Data packet format, 3 Button Logitech extension, 5 byte Mouse Systems packet
Optical Mouse Hack
Optical Mice and how they Work Optical Mice and how they Work, pdf file
Optical Mouse Mechanical mice, Optical mice, Laser mice, Optical versus mechanical mice, Inertial mice, 3D mice
Optical Mouse The Avago Technologies ADNB-6011-EV and ADNB-6012-EV laser mouse bundles are the world’s first laser-illuminated systems enabled for high performance navigation, pdf file
Optical Mouse Design ADNB-6011 laser mouse, pdf file
Optical Mouse technology Optical Movement Sensing Methods, Slit-wheel sensing (ball-mouses), optical mouses, Resolution, Refresh rate
PC mouse PC mouse application note, Optical Mice and how they Work: The Optical Mouse is a complete imaging system in a tiny package, White Paper, A typical mouse consists of a microcontroller and its associated circuitry, which are a few capacitors, resistors and transistors. Accompanying the electronics are the mechanical parts, consisting of buttons, roller ball and two disks with slots. Together they perform several major functions: motion detection, host communication, power supply, and button status detection, pdf file
PIC - PS/2 mouse interfacing and communication On this page a circuit is described, making it possible to interface a PIC and a PS/2 mouse
PS2 keyboard and mouse protocol Data transmissions to and from the auxiliary device connector consist of an 11-bit data stream sent serially over the 'data' line, ...
PS2 mouse the PS/2 mouse uses the same protocol as the PS/2 (AT) keyboard, The PS/2 Mouse Interface, Movement Data Packet
PS2 mouse/keyboard protocol descibes the interface used by the PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard, and AT keyboard, the physical and electrical interface, as well as the protocol, The PS/2 (AT) Keyboard Interface, The PS/2 Mouse Interface
Serial mouse Serial mouse protocol of transmission, What protocol do mice use? Decoding data from the MicroSoft Serial Mouse
Ultra-Low-Power 27-MHz Wireless Mouse Reference Design wireless mouse design, pdf file
TouchPad Technology related topic: Capacitive sensors
Capacitive Position Sensing transparent capacitive position sensing technology, TouchPad devices, Touch screen applications
Capacitance Sensors for Human Interfaces to Electronic Equipment How does capacitance sensing work?
Capacitive Touch Sensor 1-Channel Capacitive Sensor, Projects a 'touch button' through any dielectric, pdf file
Programmable Controller for Capacitance Touch Sensors The AD7142 and AD7142-1 are integrated capacitance-to-digital converters (CDCs) with on-chip environmental calibration for use in systems requiring a novel user input method. The AD7142 and AD7142-1 can interface to external capacitance sensors implementing functions such as capacitive buttons, scroll bars, or wheels, pdf file
Synaptics TouchPad Interfacing Guide
Synaptics TouchPad Interfacing Guide This guide describes how computers and other hosts interface to the Synaptics TouchPad, pdf file
Touchpad A touchpad is an input device commonly used in laptop computers. They are used to move the cursor, using motions of the user’s finger. They are a substitute for a computer mouse
Linear finger-touch capacitive slider control The QT411 QSlide™ IC is a new type of linear capacitive touch ‘slider’ sensor IC based on Quantum’s patented charge-transfer (‘QT’) methods, GlideSensor SPI Interface
The Physics of VersaPad

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