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PC hardware:    
Bus systems inside the computer General overview  
Computer building PC heatsinks and CPU cooling PC power supply

Bus systems inside the computer: overview  see also Datacommunication: bussystems, Domotics, I2C-I2S bussystems, RS232, Parallel port, USB bus
Bus systems PCI and PCI-Express
Bus Technologies - Overview Bus Technologies - Overview, CardBus controllers, ExpressCard, IEEE 1394 controllers and devices, PCI and PCI Express, USB, Ultra-Wideband - UWB
Computer buses the system bus, the local bus, the SCSI bus, the ISA bus, the PCI bus, the VL-bus, the USB bus, pdf file, down?
Computer buses Different types of buses, m ISA (Industry Standard Architecture), m EISA (Extended ISA), m VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association, VL Bus), m PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect), m USB (Universal Serial Bus), m AGP (Advanced Graphics Port)
Computer buses
Computer bus system
Computer bus system pdf file
I/O Buses and Interfacing to CPU Buses, Interfacing I/O with processor and memory, Control Lines, Data Lines, Processor-Memory Bus, I/O Bus (or peripheral bus), Synchronous Bus, Asynchronous Bus, Bus Bandwidth
Microcomputers and busses the internal structure of computers involve several parallel communication paths, called busses
PC buses a bus is basically a collection of wires which is responsible for interconnecting the various components of a microcomputer together in order to allow the exchange of data between these components and to provide power to them
T10 technical committee information about I/O Interfaces, especially SCSI, SCSI-2, and SCSI-3 including SPI-2 (Fast-40 or Ultra2 SCSI), Low Voltage Differential (LVD), SPI-3 (Ultra3 SCSI or Ultra160), SPI-4 (Ultra320), SPI-5 (Ultra640), Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), and much more
Bus systems inside the computer: topics 
Advanced Technology Attachment ATA bus
AGP bus Accelerated Graphics Port AGP, Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) technology provides a dedicated, high-speed port for the movement of large blocks of 3D texture data between the PC's graphics controller and system memory
Compact PCI tutorial Compact peripheral component interconnect (CPCI) is an adaptation of the peripheral component interconnect (PCI) specification for industrial computer applications requiring a smaller, more robust mechanical form factor than the one defined for the desktop, PXI bus, Pci eXtension for Instruments, Educypedia
EISA bus technical information EISA is an acronym for Extended Industry Standard Architecture. It is an extension of the ISA architecture, which is a standardized version of the bus originally developed by IBM for their PC computers
EISA bus technical summary
Fast ATA and fast ATA-2
Front side bus Processor speed = FSB clock speed x multiplier, Front side bus, CPU data bus
High Speed Serial Interface a DTE/DCE interface that was developed by Cisco Systems and T3plus Networking to address the need for high-speed communication over WAN links
ISA bus technical information often referred to as the XT or AT bus
ISA bus technical summary the Industry Standard Architecture, or ISA, bus originated in the early 1980s
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect, PCI bus
PCI and PCI Express PCI and PCI Express, Architecture and Driver Support
PCI and PCI Express
PCI bus Peripheral Component Interconnect, 32 bit or 64 bit wide
PCI bus technical information
PCI express PCI Express architecture provides a high performance I/O infrastructure for Desktop Platforms with transfer rates starting at 2.5 Giga transfers per second over a x1 PCI Express lane for Gigabit Ethernet, TV Tuners, 1394a/b controllers, and general purpose I/O
PCI express bus system review PCI express bus system, pdf file
PCI Express Technology Bandwidth of PCI, PCI-X, and AGP Buses, PCI Express Technology, PCI Versus PCI Express, Comparison of PCI Express and PCI Low-Profile Cards
PCI local bus technical summary The PCI Local Bus is a high performance bus for interconnecting chips, expansion boards, and processor/memory subsystems
PCMCIA home page PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association)
RAID basics RAID basics, Redundant Array of Independent Disks
SCSI architecture SCSI Standards Architecture
SCSI user's guide
Serial ATA
Serial ATA SATA uses a 4 conductor cable with two differential pairs [Tx/Rx], plus an additional three grounds pins and a separate power pin. Data runs at 150MBps [1.5GHz] using 8B/10B encoding and 250mV signal swings, with a maximum bus length of 1 meter . Later enhancements move the data transfer speed to; 300MBps [3.0Gbps], then 600MBps [6.0Gbps]
Serial ATA an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA physical storage interface, SATA
Serial ATA The purpose of this document is to educate the reader on the technical differences between Ultra ATA and Serial ATA technology, and to provide explanation for the transition from a parallel to serial bus architecture, no more master/slave or ribbon cables, Serial ATA A Comparison with Ultra ATA Technology, pdf file
Serial ATA II Concentrator, FPDMA Data Phase, HBA (Host Bus Adapter), PRD (Physical Region Descriptor), Command Block Registers, DMA Setup, HDD Activity Indication, pdf file
Smart battery data set specification SMBus is the System Management Bus defined by Intel® Corporation in 1995. It is used in personal computers and servers for low-speed system management communications
ST-506 hard drive interface
STD 32 home page
System management bus (SMBus) specification used in mobile and desktop personal computers for low-speed communication in the system
Ultra160 SCSI Technology This paper discusses the elements and benefits of Ultra160 technology, pdf file
Ultra2 SCSI it delivers two times the speed of Ultra2 SCSI and four times that of earlier Wide Ultra SCSI technology, pdf file
Ultra2 SCSI Ultra2 SCSI or Low Voltage Differential (LVD) is a highly compatible computer disk drive interface that is faster and more reliable than previous SCSI standards
Ultra320 SCSI whitepaper
Ultra ATA/66
Ultra ATA interface Ultra ATA/100 is the latest generation Ultra ATA interface that increases the current burst data transfer rate to 100 MB/s, ATA/33, ATA/66
VESA local bus technical information basic functional overview of the Vesa Local Bus
VMEbus VME est un bus informatique. C'est un ensemble de liaisons électriques bien adaptées (réalisées par un circuit imprimé multicouche de qualité et des éléments de terminaison de lignes (terminaisons actives ou passives: ponts de résistances)) qui permettent de relier entre eux différents éléments d'un ordinateur, en Français

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