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General info about PC hardware
Architecture des ordinateurs en Français, pdf file
Computer Anatomy Teaching Tool PC history, PC I/O, PC communication, PC sound and video, PC drives, PC RAM, CPU
Computer architecture Introduction to Machine Architecture, Data Storage, Gates, Circuits, The Central Processing Unit
Computer architecture and organization illustrated guide to the PC hardware, logic and architecture, PCI, ATA/66, MP3, swapfile, FAT, FAT32, FDISK, BIOS, PC133, RDRAM, Ultra DMA, IRQ, ISDN
Computer architecture Microprogramming, Pipelining control, Dynamic Scheduling, Speculation, and ILP, Caches, and Memory, IO Systems, Buses, Virtual Memory, VHDL, Multiply, Shift, Divide, Multicycle Controller Design, Input devices and Output devices. Hardware fundamentals computer keyboards, data processing, the electrical requirements of computer systems, printer management, disk management, Central Processing Units and memory, storage systems, input and output devices, data communications, networking, process control
Computer architecture Performance of computers, Instruction Set Architectures, Arithmetics for computers, Processor datapath and control, Pipelining, Memory hierarchy and distributed memory, Interfacing processors and peripherals, Parallel processing, Multiprocessor and scalable architectures, Interconnect architectures
Computer architecture Computer hardware cd-rom, floppy drives, zip drives, tape drives, DVD, mmx, pentium, scanners, sound cards, speakers, microphone, keyboard, mouse, monitor, palm pilot
Computer architecture AMD, motherboard, CPU, features, AGP, PCI, components, pnp, how to build a computer, regular, cpu, processors, overclocking, partioning, beep codes, celeron, cooling, system disk, floppy drive, formatting, IDE, EIDE, modem, BIOS, RAM, video cards, memory, SCSI, SDRAM, printers
Computer Architecture and Engineering Microprogramming, Pipelining control, Dynamic Scheduling, Speculation, and ILP, Caches, and Memory, IO Systems, Buses, Virtual Memory, VHDL, Multiply, Shift, Divide, Multicycle Controller Design, Input devices and Output devices
Computer architecture tutorial introduces undergraduate students to computer architecture concepts of caches and pipelining
Computer peripherals computer buses, USB information, hard disk drives, display systems, magnetic ta[e, Liquid Crystal Displays & plasmatron, optical disks, keyboards, mouse & trackball, laser printers, bar codes, inkjet printers, magnetic recording fundamentals, thermal printers, floppy disk drives
Facts and stories about  Antique (lonesome) Computers Memory, cache, DRAM, FPM, EDO, BEDO, SDRAM, SIMM, DIMM, RIMM, ECC
How Computers Work Processor and Main Memory, How Computers Work, Understand the basic architecture of CPUs, busses, drives, digitalizing and so on
How to "build" a computer
Introduction to Microprocessor Computers and Buses Interrupts, Direct Memory Access (DMA), Internal System Interfacing, Standard Buses
Introduction to PC hardware PCI and PCI Express, Video and Monitors, Ethernet, USB and FireWire, Hard Disks and CD Drives, The Mainboard (Motherboard), Memory and "Burst" Speed, Hyperthreading and Multi-Core, CPU, Instructions, Clocks and Cycles
PC hardware components to learn the basic composition of a PC hardware components, bus, CPU, memory, MMX, pipelining, CPU, motherboards, Graphics card, hard drive, memory, multimedia, cooling, caces, devices, processors, memory and benchmarking, buses and interfaces, mass storage devices, input output devices, power supplies, testing procedures, configuring peripheral devices
What's inside your computer ACPI (Advance Configuration and Power Interface), AGP, microprocessor, Pentium, PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification, Intel® Core™ microarchitecture, Intel® multi-core processors and platforms, Processor roadmap, Educypedia
PC hardware miscellaneous topics 
Computer generated RFI/EMI RFI Sources, RFI paths, Shielding problems
Intel chipsets HX, VX, TX, LX chipsets, chip set, AGPset, PCIset, AGP set, PCI set, 815e, 815, 820e, 820, 810, 810E, 840, 82840, 82810, 82820, controller, io controller, i/o controller, memory controller, firmware hub
Interfacing, switching, distributing and transmitting high resolution video signals high resolution computer video signals
Verifying a FCC ID number

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