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General overview about datacommunication and networking related topics: Bluetooth (part of electronics), Internet topics, WIFI - WLAN, WIFI-WLAN antenna applications
ANSDIT American National Standard Dictionary of Information Technology
Basic communications and networks The conversion of analogue and digital signals, The transmission of information, The relationship between information, bandwidth and noise, The description and types of communication channels, Digital transmission and switching Standards,  Communication Techniques, Time, frequency and bandwidth, Digital modulation, ASK, FSK and PSK, Spread spectrum techniques Digital demodulation, DPSK and MSK, Noise in communication systems; probability and random signals, Errors in digital communication
Broadband Access Networks pdf file
Cisco technology Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Availability, Broadband Cable, Content Networking, Dial and Access, IBM, Technologies, IP, LAN Switching, Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) and Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL), Mixed Technologies, Multiprotocol Label, Switching (MPLS), Network Management, Optical, Quality of Service (QoS), Security and VPN, Storage Networking, Voice, WAN, Wireless / Mobility, a tip
Computer Communications Application Layer, WWW, HTTP, Electronic Mail, Domain Name System, P2P, TCP, FTP, SMTP, DNS, P2P Tutorial, UDP, Transmission Control Protocol, Network Layer Addressing, NIC addressing, IP addressing, IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, Routing algorithms, Routing in the Internet, Multicast, Local Area Networks, Error detection and correction, Multiple Access Protocols, Link layer addressing, Ethernet, Hubs and switches, Point-to-Point Protocol, Wireless and Mobile Networks, Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs, Cellular Internet Access
Datacommunicatie in Dutch
Datacommunicatie en netwerken in Dutch
Datacommunicatie en netwerken in Dutch
Data communications complete list of online tutorials, a tip
Data communication (hardware fundamentals) channel, Baud rate, bits per second, bandwidth, synchronous transmission, asynchronous serial transmission, parallel interface timing, data transmission protocols, packet switched circuits, leased lines, ISDN, multiplexer, Time Division Multiplexing, TDM, modems, network protocols
Introduction to digital communications pdf file
Introduction to digital communications Data and multimedia sources and transmission requirements. Fourier series and transforms, channel bandwidth. Transmission media. Sampling, analog to digital conversion. Digital modulation schemes, synchronization, modems. Information content of binary sources, entropy. Source coding for compression. Noise and channel capacity. Block and convolutional codes, ARQ schemes, Educypedia
Introduction to digital communications power spectral density, intersymbol interference, matched filters, Bit error rate of matched filters, Amplitude Shift Keying, Binary Frequency Shift Keying, Quatenary Phase Shift Keying
Introduction to networking and data communication By Eugene Blanchard, networking, voice channels, data channels, ISO, LAN, MAN, WAN, modems, twisted pair, coaxial cable, optical fibre, RF propagation, ground waves, transmission media, RS232, asynchronous transmission, line encoding, synchronous transmission, manchester line encoding, EBCDIC, ASCII, telephone networks, propagation delay, crosstalk, distortion, jitter, AM, FM, PM, FSK, TDM, STDM, FDM, ISO ,OSI , IEEE 802.3, IEE 802.2, networking, repeaters, hubs, bridges, routers, gateway, token ring, ISDN, ADSL, TCP/IP, X25, UDP, frame relay
Mathematical theory of communication by Claude E. Shannon
Mobile Computing Cellular networks overview, GSM-Air Interface, GSM-Network Architecture, GPRS, CDMA, Mobile Applications, WAP, Wireless TCP/IP, 802.11 WLANS, 802.11 QoS,  Mobile IP, TCP over Wireless,  TCP and Mobility, RFID Networks, Mobile Data Management
Nextgen datacommunication tutorials, click left on tutorials, scroll down, a tip
Protocols Directory Protocols for WAN, LAN, and ATM. HDLC, UDP, FTP, HTTP, GSM, SIP, GPRS - data communications and telecommunications, hdlc protocol, cdma, technology, wireless, gsm, iso, standards, communication, icmp, tcp/ip, udp, ftp, voip, sip, gprs, umts
RFC editor Contains technical and organizational documents about the Internet, including the technical specifications and policy documents produced by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
RFC Sourcebook
RFC-Zone : Requests for Comments (RFC) RFC-Zone provides the RFC database in HTML format, The Requests for Comments (RFC) document series is a set of technical and organizational notes about the Internet (originally the ARPANET), beginning in 1969. Memos in the RFC series discuss many aspects of computer networking, including protocols, procedures, programs, and concepts, as well as meeting notes, opinions, and sometimes humor
Technical information on networking and communications good and useful links, modems, pinout and wiring diagrams, USOC codes
Windmill data acquisition software, RS232, RS485, ethernet, USB, Wan, modbus

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