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Modems: ADSL-VDSL, Cable modem technology, General modem information

General modem info  related topics: Digital modulation techniques, Telephony
Asynchronous Modem Communication This paper covers the basic RS-232 signaling, error correction, compression, and modulation standards, pdf file
AT command list The PC Card modem will respond to the commands detailed below. Parameters applicable to each command are listed with the command description
Broadband First-Mile Technologies This paper discusses various technologies used to deliver high-speed residential Internet and role played by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) in delivering those services
DPSK mode describes the sixteen-tone differential phase-shift keying (DPSK) mode
FAX Modem Transmission Modulation Systems Constellation Points, QAM, TCM, DAMQAM, DPSK, Modulation techniques
FAQ dated but still useful
How Analog Modems Work How Analog Modems Work
How Modems Work How Modems Work, Analog communications, Modems, Modulation-demodulation methods, Baud rate Vs. Bits Per Second, Digital serial communications, Simplex, half-duplex and full-duplex, Synchronous serial transmission, Asynchronous serial transmission, The RS-232C standard, Mechanical and electrical specs, Control lines, Handshaking, Null modem, pdf file
ICT Regulation Toolkit
Modem AT command set 2 a complete summary and explanation of the AT command set for Hayes compatible dial-up modems
Modem Block Diagram V90 Modem Block Diagram, pdf file
Modem Block Diagram V92 Modem Block Diagram, pdf file
Modem: list of modem command sets
Modem-HOWTO Serial Port and Modem Basics, AT Commands, dialing, ISDN modem, ...
Modem operation Operating states, Switching to command mode, Data format, Entering AT commands, Errors in command lines, A/ Repeat last command,  V.42 and V.42bis, MNP 2-5 and MNP 10, Selecting the error correction method, Selecting the data compression method, Error correction and data compression messages, Error correction & data compression
Modem Reference Index Data/FAX Modem Transmission Modulation Systems, Data/FAX Modem Transmission Reliability and Compression Protocols, ITU/CCITT/EIA/Bell RS-232 Connector Pin Assignments
Modems a modem converts digital signals from your computer into audible tones which can be transmitted over ordinary analog phone lines. This process is called modulation. On the receiving end, a modem demodulates the analog signals arriving over the phone line into electrical signals which are then fed to the computer. MOdulation and DEModulation accurately describe what modems do
Modems pdf file
Modems Range, Short Haul, Voice Grade (VG), Wideband, Line Type, Dial-up, Leased, Private, Operation Mode, Half Duplex, Full Duplex, Simplex, Synchronization, Asynchronous, Synchronous, Modulation, AM, FM/FSK, PM, TCM
Modem Speeds, Baud Rate, Modulation Method, Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Phase Modulation
Modulation and demodulation modems for datatransmission over analog lines, pdf file
Modulation modems Half Duplex, simplex, Full Duplex, modulation, en Franšais, pdf file
Nullmodem.Com Connector pinout and cable reference, 10Base-T crossover, serial, parallel, USB, serial port, connector  pinout, DB-25, DB25, DB-9, DB9, RJ-45, RJ45, ethernet, null-modem cable
Practical guide to analog modems Data Communication Equipment and Data Terminal Equipment, Hardware Flow control and other Out of Band signaling, Carrier Detect, CD, Ready To Send, Clear to Send, CTS, Ring indicator, RI, RTS, DCE serial Interface and the DTE Serial Interface, Hardware Flow Control Commands, Baud vs. Bits Per Second, Error Correction, Line Equalization, Problems in Handshaking, Retraining, Fall Forward and Fall Back

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