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Telephony: Telephony overview Telephony signaling Telephony topics

Telephony overview  related topic: Digital audio, GSM, Modems, VoIP - internet, Speech technology, Telephone technology circuits
Alexander Graham Bell's path to the telephone
Basic Telephones The Transmitter and Receiver, The EE-8 Telephone, The Switchboard
Caller ID FAQ the service provided by many telephone companies that allows one to see the number of the person who is ringing you
Caractéristiques d'une ligne téléphonique en Français
Cordless phone frequencies old 10 channel cordless phone frequencies, 46/49MHz Cordless Phone frequencies, 900MHz Cordless Phone Frequencies, 2.4GHz Cordless Phone Frequencies
Cordless phone frequencies Cordless phone frequencies, Cordless Phone Information
Cordless Telephone Frequencies 46MHz Cordless Phone Frequencies, 900 MHz Cordless Phones
Cordless Telephone Frequencies 30MHz Cordless Phone Frequencies, 46MHz Cordless Phone Frequencies, 900 MHz Cordless Phones
Cyclopedia of Telephony & Telegraphy
Digital switching the analog Telephone Set, Introduction to digital logic and its uses in telecommunications systems
Home phone wiring Add a Jack, Wire 2nd Line, Wire DSL, Wire Colors, Wiring Block Techniques and Tips, Safety Cautions, Color Codes, Network Interface, Jacks/Adapters, 2 Line Jacks, Cable Routing, Tools, DSL Splitter, DSL Splitter at the Router, DSL Splitter and Alarm Systems
How cordless phone works How cordless phone works, A cordless telephone or portable telephone is a telephone with a wireless handset which communicates with a base station connected to a fixed telephone landline (POTS) via radio waves and can only be operated close to (typically less than 100 meters of) its base station, such as in and around the house, ...
How DSL works Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) provides high-speed digital modem technology via a conventional telephone line
How DSL works How DSL works, DSL is a technology for bringing high-bandwidth information to homes and small businesses over ordinary telephone lines. There are numerous different variations of DSL, such as ADSL, HDSL, IDSL, VDSL and RADSL, ...
ISDN ISDN is an abbreviation for Integrated Services Digital Network
ISDN Access Interfaces, ISDN Reference Configurations, Your house's network (S/T reference points), Talking to the phone company (U reference point), Signaling, Switching, Bearer Services, Rate Adaption, Inverse Multiplexing
ISDN tutorial ISDN, which stands for Integrated Services Digital Network, is a system of digital phone connections which has been available for over a decade. This system allows voice and data to be transmitted simultaneously across the world using end-to-end digital connectivity
Phone dialing pulse, loop disconnect, or rotary, Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) or Multi-Frequency (MF) in Europe. In the U.S. MF means single tones used for system control
Playing audio through a phone line
Radio interference to telephones
Rotary dial Rotary dial system, The rotary dial is a device mounted on or in a telephone or switchboard that is designed to send interrupted electrical pulses, known as pulse dialing, corresponding to the number dialed, ..., Educypedia
Rotary dial switch Theory of Electromechanical Switching, Rotary dial switch
Signals and Circuit Conditions of USA and Canadian Telephone Systems
Step-by-Step Telephone Switching Systems Rotary dial system, ringing current, Telephone History, Telephone Sounds, Telephone Pictures, Pay Telephones, The Telephone Network, Telephone Switching Systems
Strowger Telecomms Page Manual Telephone Switching, Automatic Telephone Switching, Numbering Schemes, Automatic Exchanges, Michael's Working Strowger Unit, Recordings of Strowger Sounds
Telephone how telephone works
Telephone Basic Telephone System, Telephone Dialing System, Polytonic Tone Sweep
Telephone pulse dialing, DTMF dialing, part of Telecom corner
Telephone en Français, pdf file
Telephone exchanges
Telephone: how it works when you pick up the phone, the switch senses the completion of your loop and it plays a dial tone sound so you know the switch and your phone is working. The dial tone sound is simply a combination of 350 hertz tone and a 440 hertz tone, busy signal, ringing current
Telephone line audio interface circuits How telephone works, Network Interface in telephone, Telecom hybrid circuits for other equipments than telephones, Audio interfaces to telephone lines, ...
Telephone plug types by country
Telephone phone wiring conventions in the United States, Pin-outs for telephone wiring
Telephones how telephone works, Voice communication Rotary dialing, Dual tone multi-frequency, DTMF, Out Band Signaling, Separate channel for system control data, Signaling System, telephone exchange
Telephone System ppt file
The Splitter in DSL Applications The Splitter in DSL Applications, pdf file
Timeline of Telecommunications
Transatlantic telephone cable A transatlantic telephone cable is a submarine communications cable that carries telephone traffic under the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe, ...
UK telephone wiring
Understanding telephones The phone line, The speech network, The Dial, pulse, loop disconnect, or rotary, DTMF dials, The ringing cadence
Understanding telephony basics pulse dialing, DTMF dialing, rotary dialing, dual tone multifrequency, pushbutton telephones, tone dial, ringing current, Rotary dial system
Why is the keypad arrangement different for a telephone and a calculator
World telephone guide
Switching Networks 
ATM SWITCHING OPERATIONS The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the ATM technology and to describe its switching functions, architecture, and techniques, pdf file
Circuit switching circuit switching is a process that establishes connections on demand and permits exclusive use of those connections until they are released, ppt file
Switching Networks Nodes
Telephone circuits 
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