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Yagi antenna


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Antennas: general overview related subject: Cables, Decibels, Electro magnetic waves, RF transformers, Transmission lines
1GHZ microwave antenna handbook antenna basics, practical antennas, electromagnetic horn antennas, metal-plate lens antennas, parabolic dish antennas, dipole and wire feeds, circular waveguide feeds, horn feeds
Amateur radio a lot of practical notes about antennas, a tip
Antenna and radar handbook Free Space Loss, FSL, Fresnel Zone, Receiver Sensitivity, Antenna Gain, Transmit Power, Effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP), System Operating Margin, Multipath Interference, Line of Sight, Fresnel boundaries, Clearance, Refraction, Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), pdf file, Educypedia, The educational encyclopedia,
Antenna basics gain, isotropic antenna, parabolic antenna, antenna gain, aperture, beam factor, circular antenna gain, pdf file
Antenna basics gain, isotropic antenna, parabolic antenna, antenna gain, aperture, beam factor, circular antenna gain, pdf file
Antenna basicsEWhat IS A Wavelength? How Long Should An Antenna Be? How Does A 1/4-wave Antenna Work? How Do I Know When An Antenna Is Useless?
Antenna basics How an Antenna radiates, Radiation from an antenna, Near and Far Field Regions, Field regions around an antenna, Far field radiation from wires, Spherical co-ordinate system for a Hertzian dipole, Radiation Pattern, what are Antenna Performance Parameters, Radiation pattern of a generic directional antenna, what is Directivity of an antenna, radiation intensity of the antenna, input impedance of an antenna, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), Return Loss (RL) parameter, antenna efficiency, Antenna gain parameter, Polarization of a radiated wave, bandwidth of an antenna, Half Wave Dipole, Radiation pattern for Half wave dipole, monopole antenna, Radiation pattern for the Monopole Antenna, Loop Antennas, Radiation Pattern of Small and Large Loop Antenna, helical antenna or helix, Radiation Pattern of Helix Antenna, Horn antennas, pdf file
Antenna design Antenna design
Antenna Fundamentals
Antenna Handbook Radio Waves, Frequency, Frequency Calculation, Frequency Bands, Radio Communication Circuit, Propagation Fundamentals, Earth’s Atmosphere, Radio Wave Propagation, Other Factors Affecting Propagation, Path Loss, Reflected Waves, Diffraction, Tropospheric Refraction, Ducting and Scattering, ..., pdf file
Antennas wavelength, 1/4-wave antenna, 1/2-wave antenna, BALUN, coaxial cable
Antennas wavelength, 1/4-wave antenna, 1/2-wave antenna, BALUN, coaxial cable, radio waves, antenna patterns, pdf file
Antennas antennas, propagation, characteristic impedance, and transmission lines, Electrical Characteristics, Interactions with the Medium, Dipole Antennas, Reflections and SWR, Ground Wave Propagation, Vertical Antennas, Half and Quarter Wave Lines, Space Wave Propagation, Loop Antennas, The Smith Chart, Sky Wave Propagation, Antenna Arrays
Antennas Antenna basics, Choosing a mounting site, How big should the antenna be? Common TV antenna types
Antennas Antennas are transducers that transfer electromagnetic energy between a transmission line and free space, ...
Antennas An antenna or aerial is an electronic component designed to transmit or receive radio signals (and other electromagnetic waves), ...
Antennas, dB, dBi, and dBd antenna power gain
Antennas an electronic component designed to transmit or receive radio waves
Antennas an isotropic radiator is an antenna which sends signals equally in all directions (including up and down). An antenna which does this has an 0dBi gain, ..., whip antenna, dipole antenna, pdf file
Antennas pdf file
Antennas design, application, performance, pdf file
Antennas how an antenna works, the dipole, common TV and FM antenna types, environmental factors, Balun loss, building a TV or FM antenna, twin lead antenna, characteristic impedance, Wavelength, Dipole as fundamental Antenna, Dipole Pattern, Twin Lead, Yagi, Log Periodic, Typical TV-FM VHF Only Home Antenna, Typical UHF Only Home Antenna, Balun Loss
Antennas demystified ppt file
Antennas for communicationsEducypedia, The educational encyclopedia,
Antennas from the ground up a transducer that converts RF electrical energy into electro- magnetic radiation or fields and which converts intercepted electro- magnetic radiation into RF electrical energy
Antennas: service and education antennas, antenna modeling, and related subjects, such as antenna tuners and impedance matching
Antennas 11 meter antennas
Antennas antenna balun, beverage antenna, broadside array, cfa antenna, mobile antenna, loading coil, low band dx, eh antenna, endfire array, electromagnetic field, k9ay loop, magnetic receiving loop antenna, low band, noise QRN, radiation resistance, vertical antenna arrays
Antennas What is Antenna gain, Directivity, Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP), Efficiency,  Q-factor (or Quality factor), bandwidth of a small antenna, Reciprocity, Polarisation, Electric and magnetic antennas, Resonant antennas, Design equations for small antennas, Short whip or monopole, Helical dipole, Helical monopole, free space wavelength, Feeding and ground plane interaction, Polarisation and radiation pattern, Quarter wave monopole (whip) antenna, 5/8-wavelength monopole antenna, pdf file
Antennas pdf file
Antennas Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines, and Antennas, pdf file
Antennas Directivity, classification of antennas, Directivity and Gain, return loss, Input Impedance, bandwidth of an antenna, Polarization Mismatch Loss, antenna's beamwidth, Radiation Pattern, 1/4 Wavelength Ground Plane, Parabolic Dish, horn antenna derives, Yagi antenna, Panel or Patch antennas, BiQuad antenna, pdf file
Antennas ppt file
Antennas ppt file
Antennas Design, Application, and Performance, pdf file
Antennas-and-Feeders ppt file
Antennas for 136kHz Vertical monopole antenna, short vertical monopole, Vertical antenna with capacitive toploading, Umbrella antenna Capacitive toploading of single-tower antennas, Spiral toploaded antenna, Vertical antenna with inductive toploading, Vertical antenna with capacitive and inductive toploading, Vertical antenna with tuned counterpoise, Meander antenna, Antenna with multiple vertical elements, Using a non isolated antenna-tower as LF-antenna, Antennas with a long horizontal section, Helical antenna, Short vertical dipole
Antenna terms Omnidirectional Antenna, Directional Antenna, Antennas with special custom-made directional characteristics, Quarter-wave Antennas, Colinear Antennas, Marine Antennas, Quarter-wave Antennas, Half-wave Antennas, Air Craft Antennas, SWR = Standing wave ratio, Directivity D, Bandwidth, Measuring SWR, pdf file
Antennas for low power applications 433.9 and 916 MHz, pdf file
Antennes in Dutch
Antennen und Antennensysteme
Coherent antennas an antenna is a device which allows us to collect or radiate electromagnetic fields, general properties of antennas, dipole, Antenna power pattern
Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas Transmission lines and antennas wave propagation, sound waves, light waves, electric field, speed of light, polarization, sky wave, ionosphere, refraction, transmission lines, tropospheric, reflection, terminating, standing waves, characteristic impedance, radiations, folded dipole, radiation resistance, gain, isotropic antenna, parabolic antenna, antenna gain, aperture, beam factor, ...
Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas the electronic textbook of electromagnetic waves and microwave techniques
Functions of an Antenna part of Radar Principles
How antennas work antenna, dipole, transmission line, impedance, radiation pattern, rhombic, log periodic, array, array factor, element factor, rf, ground, polarization, scan, current, phase
Informal survey of the relative performance of various FM receiving antennae
Introduction to antennas pdf file, Introduction to antennas ppt file
K1TTT technical reference
L'antenne en Français, a tip
Radio and antennas The antenna, Cabling, The receiver, A dual antenna system, Converting a 35MHz radio set, Radio channels, Positioning the antenna, Radio transmission formats, Servo encoding, PPM, PCM, The maths of signals, AM and FM, Comparison of AM and FM, Single and dual conversion, Radio information transmission, Radio control ICs
The W1GHZ Online Microwave Antenna Book Antenna Basics, Electromagnetic Horn Antennas, Metal-plate Lens Antennas, Parabolic Dish Antennas, Offset-fed Parabolic Dishes, Common Offset Dishes, Circular Waveguide Feeds
Virtual antennas online course and movies
Wireless communications and networks ppt file

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