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Yagi antenna


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Antenna types: Dipole antenna 
1/4 wave sloper
Broadband Dipole Antennas The broadband dipole antenna provides excellent performance for short to medium range circuits, ...
Build a hanging dipole for two metres
Determining proper length for the open half-wave dipole antenna
Coaxial Cable Dipole for 10MHz
Dipole antenna dipole antenna radiation, pdf file
Dipole antenna How does a dipole antenna work
Dipole antenna How does a dipole antenna work. A dipole antenna, is a radio antenna that can be made by a simple wire, with a center-fed driven element. These antennas are the simplest practical antennas from a theoretical point of view; the current amplitude on such an antenna decreases uniformly from maximum at the center to zero at the ends
Dipole antenna How does a dipole antenna work
Dipole antenna pdf file
Dipole Antenna Calculator construction details included
Dipole antenna radiation pattern dipole antenna radiation pattern measurement, pdf file
Dipole antenna radiation pattern Radiation Pattern of a Dipole Antenna as a Function of Dipole Length
Dipole Antennas A dipole can be any length, but it most commonly is just under 1/2 wavelength long. A dipole with this length, known as a resonant or half wave dipole, has an input impedance that is purely resistive and lies between 30 and 80 ohms, ...
Dipole: folded dipole a folded dipole antenna input impedance calculator
Dipole: folded dipole How does a folded dipole antenna work
Dipole: folded dipole A folded dipole antenna is a center-fed half wave dipole with another half-wave element close to it
Dipole: folded dipole a dipole antenna works the best if its length is about 5% shorter than the wavelength of the signal is designed to receive
Dipole for 88-108 MHz used for improved reception of FM broadcast signals
Dipole: satellite omni antenna
Dipool eindgevoede halve golf dipool, impedantie, bandbreedte, aanpassing, in Dutch, pdf file
FM Dipole for 88-108 MHz A simple dipole antenna can be used for improved reception of FM broadcast signals
Folded dipole antenna folded dipole antenna, pdf file
Folded dipole antenna A two wire folded dipole can increase the characteristic feed impedance of a dipole and offer a good match to 300 Ohm balanced feed line, ...
Hairpin Monopole Antenna Hairpin Monopole Antenna
Halve Golf Dipool in Dutch, pdf file
Half-Wave Dipole A Center-Fed Half-Wave Dipole is probably the simplest of antennas to construct and use, recommended height for a dipole is 1/2 wavelength above ground
Horizontal Dipole Antennas A center-fed half-wave dipole consists of a straight wire, one-half wavelength long and fed in the center, ...
How to make a Simple Dipole Antenna
How to make an FM antenna is a simple, homemade antenna that can pull-in your favorite station
Inverted-V Dipole A multi-band inverted-V dipole for portable operation, pdf file
Inverted-V Dipole 2 A multi-band inverted-V dipole for portable operation, pdf file
Inverted-V Antenna Inverted-V Antenna, a dipole with the center raised on a mast and the endpoints near ground
Inverted V feedpoint impedance
Short Dipole Antenna Short Dipole Antenna design
Short Off-Center-Loaded Dipoles diagram of a lumped-constant loaded dipole antenna that is intended to fit in available space, ...
Twin lead dipole a folded dipole is an efficient TV antenna that is easy to construct. It will not compete with a good high-gain directional antenna, but it sure beats rabbit ears
Verkorte dipool spin antenna, in Dutch, pdf file

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