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Yagi antenna


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Antenna types: Parabolic Dish Antenna
2.3GHz Dish Feed Antenna pdf file
Anatomy of an Antenna how a parabolic dish antenna works
Astra: Interactive Fleet Map
Astra Satellite List
Calculating a Parabolic Dish's Focal Point pdf file
Cassegrain Antenna Cassegrain Antenna, In telecommunication and radar use, a Cassegrain antenna is an antenna in which the feed radiator is mounted at or near the surface of a concave main reflector and is aimed at a convex subreflector
Classroom Radio Telescope Your very own radio telescope, small enough to fit in a corner of a classroom or lab can be built for $300 to $400 plus a few hours of time, How a Satellite Dish Works
Cylindrical parabolic reflecting antennas The objective of this experiment is to build and test a cylindrical parabolic reflector for the antenna of a wireless communication device
Determining the focal length of a parabolic dish Determining the focal length of a parabolic dish, pdf file
Digital Satellite Equipment Control (DiSEqC™ ) DiSEqC™ Bus Specification, pdf file
Dish Feed Systems An ideal dish feed system should pick up signals equally well from the whole surface of the dish, and no signals whatsoever outside of the dish, Helix systems, and Patch systems
Elevation Pattern of a Parabolic Dish Antenna Elevation Pattern of a Parabolic Dish Antenna
Explanation of Azimuth and Elevation
Feed design and selection for microwave antennas Feed design and selection for microwave antennas, pdf file
Instructions for Making Big Parabolic Reflectors Make Big Paraboloid Reflectors Using Plane Segments, parabolic reflectors all use a smooth surface as the reflector; but a parabolic surface can be approximated using an array of flat surfaces (small plane mirrors), ...
L'antenne parabolique en Français
MLESAT Satellite dish antennas Frequencies for Satellite Communications, Satellite Signal Encryption, Satellite Installations, Satellite Receiving Antennas, Feedhorns and LNBs, Satellite TV Receivers and IRDs, Receiving International Satellite TV Signals, Educypedia
Offset dish antenna how an offset dish antenna works, how a cassgrain dish antenna works
Parabola analytical tools necessary to understand the basic concepts of concentration of solar energy
Paraboles en Français
Parabolic Antenna - Jon Baker The basic property of a perfect parabolic reflector is that it converts a spherical wave emanating from a point source placed as the focus into a plane wave, ie the image of the source is focused at an infinite distance from the dish. Conversely, all the energy received by the dish from a distant source is reflected to a single point at the focus of the dish, pdf file
Parabolic Antenna How does a Parabolic dish antenna work, Parabolic satellite dish antenna
Parabolic Antenna How does a Parabolic dish antenna work, How Parabolic Dish Antennas work
Parabolic Antenna, audio amplifier microphone reflector
Parabolic antennas ppt file
Parabolic Antennas A parabolic antenna is used for microwave radio communications. It is often referred to as a dish antenna. It consists of a parabolic reflector which collects and concentrates an incoming parallel beam of radio waves and focuses them onto the actual antenna placed at its focal point or focus, Drawing1, Drawing2, Design Example, pdf file
Parabolic Discone Parabolic Discone antenna
Parabolic Reflector pdf file
Parabolic Reflector Antenna Offset-fed Parabolic Dishes, Parabolic Reflector Antenna, The parabolic reflector antenna, or ‘dish’ antenna, is very widely used in radar tracking systems, weather radar, radio telescopes, and even satellite TV receivers, ..., pdf file
Parabolic reflectors How does a Parabolic dish antenna work, low noise blockdown converter300000000
Parabolic dish antennas Parabolic dish antennas, How a Satellite Dish Works, pdf file
Parabolic dish antennas Parabolic dish antennas, pdf file
Parabolic dish antennas Parabolic dish antennas, pdf file
Parabolic Dish Gain & Beamwidth Parabolic Dish Gain & Beamwidth, pdf file
Parabolic Dish Focus, Zoom, and Tilt Parabolic Dish Focus, Zoom, and Tilt, pdf file
Parabolic reflectors and antennas this applet helps you understand, interactively, why the parabolic shape is important and its use as a reflector. The parabolic reflector is widely used and it is important to understand its reflecting properties
Parabolic Solar Cookers pdf file
Satellite antenna polar mount Explanation of satellite antenna polar mount
Satellite dish tutorial and how to make your own parabolic antenna
Satellite receivers satellite equipment product reviews, technical data, links to international satellite organinisations
Satellite reception LNC, Low Noise Block converter, LNB, polarization, circular polarization, prime feed focus, prime focus
Satellite Reception geo-stationary satellites, LNC (Low Noise Converter), Polarization, Prime Feed Focus Dish, Offset Dish Antenna, Flat Antenna with built-in LNC
Satellite tutorials communications satellite
Theory of operation and installation of satellite feedhorns Theory of operation and installation of satellite feedhorns, low noise block downconverters, and signal polarization devices, Offset Antenna Feeds, Low Noise Block Downconverters, Ku band LNBs

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