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Yagi antenna


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Antenna types overview 
AM antenna indoor AM antennas, outdoor AM antennas
Amateur radio Antenna Modeling Software Notes, Practical Antenna Notes: Lower HF (Mainly) Vertical Antennas, Lower HF (Mainly) Horizontal Antennas, Upper HF (Mainly): Yagis and Relatives, VHF/UHF, Yagis for 420-450 MHz, Transmission Lines, Impedance Coupling, and Construction,
Antenna Construction pdf file, 50 Mbyte
Antenna design curves Dipoles in front of a Reflector Plane, Cavity Backed Dipole Antenna, Yagi Antenna, Disk Yagi Antenna, Patch Driven Yagi Antenna, Log Periodic Dipole Array, Dual Band LPDA, Loaded Broadband Skeletal Antenna, Inverted F Antenna, Helical Antenna
Antenna pictures fed dish satellite antenna, cassegrain antenna, marconi antenna, zagi-antenna, waveguide-horns, crossed-field-antenna, helix antenna, yagi antenna, ideband UHF antenna, broadband UHF TV antenna, polyrod antenna, mobile phone mast
Antennas for low power applications pdf file
Antenna typesEducypedia, The educational encyclopedia
Antenna types Antenna materials and fabrication methods, Antenna efficiency, Antenna Gain, Focal Length to Diameter ratio, Antenna beamwidth and sidelobe performance, Pointing accuracy
Antenna types isotropic radiator, directional antenna, omnidirectional antenna, Antenna Gain, antenna directivity, relative antenna gain, Antenna Bandwidth, Antenna Polarization, Input Impedance, Antenna Types, Whip (vertical) antenna, dipole antenna, Yagi-Uda antenna, Helical antenna, Helical Antenna Construction
Antenna types pdf file
Antenna types and antenna patterns pdf file
Antennas ppt file
Antennas pdf file
Antennes Les antennes pour très hautes fréquences, en Français
Antennes en Français
Antennas Yagi antenna, magnetic loopantenna for VHF, ground plane antenna
Antennas EMC Antenna Fundamentals, Antenna Pattern and Beamwidth, Loop and Magnetic Field Coil, Rod or Monopole Antennas, Dipole Antennas, Biconical Antennas, Calculable Biconical Antenna, Log Periodic Dipole Arrays, Bicon/Log Hybrid, Conical Log-Spiral Antenna, Broadband Ridged Waveguide Horn
Antennas for low power applications Basic Full-size Whip, Printed Open Stub, Radiation Pattern of Open Stub Antenna, Short Whip, Loaded Whip Antenna, Short PCB Stub, Spiral Antenna, Helical (Coil) Antenna, “Chip” Antenna, Loop Antenna, Folded Dipole Antenna, Half Open Slot Antenna, pdf file
Antenna selection tips
Common TV antenna types radiation diagram for a 9-element Yagi antenna
Common TV and FM antenna Types Common TV and FM antenna Types
FM, TV & STL antennas
Microwave antennas microwave antennas, pdf file
Microwave antennas microwave antennas
ON6MU's Radioamateur Homebrew Electronics radioamateur schematics, electronics, modem, hamradio, transceiver, antennas, transmitter, amplifier, transistor, receiver, home-brew diagrams, 50 mhz converter
Radiation patternsEducypedia, The educational encyclopedia
Radio frequency antenna types
TV and FM antennas anything that conducts electricity is an antenna, (usually a wire, but it could be your body) but the basic unit from which we build antennas is a wire, 1/2 wave length long having a connection in the middle to equipment. Called a dipole, it is an efficient radiator of alternating current electrical energy and is a standard of reference for other antennas
Types of antennas halfwave dipole, single dipole, Yagi antenna, feed horn, ferrite rod antenna
VE2ZAZ amateur radio website
VHF/UHF antenna design pdf file

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