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Yagi antenna


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Antenna types: Loop antenna 
3-D folded loop antenna The 3-D Folded Loop Antenna
6 x 6 Loop Antenna It uses one, six foot square, six turn loop, and is aperiodic in nature, covering the frequency range 50KHz - 5000KHz
Active 3-30 MHz Hula-Loop Antenna for Shortwave This active antenna for the shortwave band provides surprising performance, even indoors. As the name implies, the main loop is made from a Hula-Hoop with the metallic paint stripped off and a single turn of 14AWG copper wire inserted inside the hoop
A Full Wave Loop Antenna a 160 meter band Horizontal Full Wave Loop antenna
A Magnetic Loop Antenna for Shortwave Listening (SWL) The small single turn magnetic loop (SSTML) antenna consists of a single winding inductor, about 3 feet (1 meter) in diameter, and a tuning capacitor. A second loop, which is one fifth of the diameter of the large loop, is connected to the feedline, ...
AM loop antennas what are AM loop antennas. An AM loop antenna is one of the true marvels of electronics. Requiring no power, it takes advantage of the resonant properties of an inductor and a capacitor connected in parallel to receive weak AM stations. The "loop" part of the antenna is the inductor, and the tuning capacitor makes it resonate at a desired frequency, pdf file
AM loop antennas AM loop antennas
AM Radio Loop Antenna
A Small Transmitting Loop Antenna for 14MHz and 21MHz By definition, the small transmitting loop is one which has a circumference less than one quarter of a wavelength. Because of its small size, it is possibly an attractive proposition for someone with inadequate space to erect a larger aerial. For example, an efficient loop can be constructed for the 14MHz band about one metre square. The small loop might also be attractive for operation in the field
Bow Tie Loop Antenna
Calculating the Length of a Resonant Square Quad Loop
Coax Loop Antenna
Dave's first homemade loop antennas page loop antenna, rahmenantenne, rahmen antenne, frame antenna, crystal set, crystal
radio, diode detector
How to Make the Ultimate AM Antenna
K9AY loop antenna Loop antenna
K9AY antenna pdf file
Long Loopstick Antenna to improve AM radio reception without using a long wire or ground, scroll down
Loop antennas How does a loop antenna work, pdf file
Loop antennas loop antennas, How does a loop antenna work, Educypedia
Loop antennas An antenna or aerial is an electronic component designed to transmit or receive radio signals (and other electromagnetic waves), ...
Loop antenna usual delta configuration, operating-position control box, termination box with remotely-controlled ground resistance, inverted delta configuration
Loop antenna A loop antenna is an antenna primarily for the AM broadcast and the Longwave bands. There are two different types of loop antennas, one is the ferrite bar (as in your am radio), the other is wound on an air core form, ...
Loop Antenna Basics and Regulatory Compliance for Short-Range Radio the basics of loop antenna design for Short-Range Radio using integrated PLL transmitters, pdf file
Loop antenna resonant frequency calculator
Loop antenna calculator Loop Antenna Dimensions, A square or diamond loop shape, A rectangular shape with a 2:1 ratio, (where the horizontal is longer than the vertical length by a factor of 2), A delta or triangular loop shape, A circular shape
Loop antenna theory Theory of Magnetic Loops, Sensitivity of Multi Turn Receiving Loops
Loops: receiving loop for long waves How does a loop antenna work, A Receiving Loop for Long Waves. Cancelling Out Unwanted Noise Sources
Loopstick antenna loopstick antenna, ferrite rod
Magnetic loop antenna Magnetic loop antenna
Magnetic loop antenna
Magnetic Loop Antenna Theory This page describes first the loop antenna theory, and then contains a study of the various parameters of a loop antenna
Magnetic loop antenna's this antenna is picking only the MAGNETIC part of the ELEKTRO MAGNETIC radio wave. The big advantage of this antenna is that the electric interference from the big city (streetlights, television's, cars etc...) have no influence on the received signal
Magnetic loop antennas describes a loop useable from 7 - 21 mHz, using half inch copper tube 3 feet in circumference, ...
Magnetic loop antenna's The magnetic loop antenna is an extremely efficient short wave antenna for the small size it constitutes. It consists of a loop radiator made of copper or aluminium tubing and a tuning capacitor, ..., Educypedia
Magnetic loop antennas A Magnetic loop or STL (small transmitting loop) is a large coil with a capacitor added to bring the system to resonance, ...
Mediumwave Mediumwave (MW) radio transmissions serves as the most common band for broadcasting. The standard AM broadcast band is 525 kHz to 1715 kHz in North America, but remains only up to 1615 kHz elsewhere, ...
Mini LF loop This design is for a mini HF loop of side length 42cm and is suitable for receiving on 80m and 160m bands
Octoloop antenna octoloop antenna, Sensitivity of Multi Turn Receiving Loops
Octoloop antennas octoloop is a length of 25 pair telephone wire inside an octagonal loop shield of 3/4 hard copper pipe
Omnidirectional FM antenna pdf file
Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna Described here is a simple multi-band magnetic loop antenna designed for 20, 30 and 40 metres
Portable Multi-Band Magnetic Loop Antenna
Practical Experiments with Magnetic Loop antennas
Remotely-tuned loop receiving antenna for LW and MW
Remotely-tuned loop receiving antenna for LW and MW This article describes how to build a loop antenna for low frequency (LF) and medium wave (MW) reception with remote-controlled tuning. The antenna is extremely sensitive and can be built mostly from parts from old radios and tape recorders. Like all loop antennas, it is highly directional, which allows you to null out unwanted noise sources
Shielded-Loop Receiving Antenna N5ESE's Shielded-Loop Receiving Antenna
Small LF loop antenna for indoor use This paper describes a loop antenna for receiving purposes in the frequency range 10 kHz to 150 kHz; with reduced performance it can be used up to 600 kHz, pdf file
Superloop receiving antenna for 136kHz
SW Loop Antenna The small single turn magnetic loop (SSTML) antenna consists of a single winding inductor, about 3 feet (1 meter) in diameter, and a tuning capacitor. A second loop, which is one fifth of the diameter of the large loop, is connected to the feedline and this small loop is positioned in the large loop on the opposite side of the tuning capacitor
VLF-LF and the Loop Aerial

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