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Yagi antenna


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Antenna topics  related topics: Decibels, Electro magnetic waves, RF transformers, Transmission lines
11 meter CB antennas 11 meters yagi cubical quad antennas
AM Band Antennas AM Band antenna, A good AM Band antenna can be a simple long-wire strung between two trees or across the top of the roof
Antenna and Receiver Noise noise power, Boltzmann's constant, background noise temperature, Sky Noise, Antenna Noise Temperature, background noise, Atmospheric noise, pdf file
Antenna filter impedance antenna filter impedance
Antenna calculations impedance antenna matching, antenna impedances
Antenna characteristics antenna characteristics, doc file
Antenna coil design pdf file
Antenna Design Calculating of the antenna input circuit, Ferrite material, Practical antenna design
Antenna formulas Antenna Basics, Antenna Polarization, Radiation Patterns, Frequency-Phase
Antenna gain and beamwidth antenna gain and beamwidth, Antenna Gain: The relative increase in radiation at the maximum point expressed as a value in dB above a standard, in this case the basic antenna, a ˝-wavelength dipole, ...
Antenna Gain Explained Antenna Gain Explained, the explanation of antenna gain, what is antenna gain
Antenna Gain, S-Meter, Radio/Signal report
Antenna Height and Communications Effectiveness The purpose of this paper is to provide general information about communications
effectiveness as related to the physical height of antennas, pdf file
Antenna matching Delta match, Quarter-wave transformer, LC network match, transformer match
Antenna Near Field Free Space Loss, FSL, Fresnel Zone, Receiver Sensitivity, Antenna Gain, Transmit Power, Effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP), System Operating Margin, Multipath Interference, Line of Sight, Fresnel boundaries, Clearance, Refraction, Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
Antenna radiation patterns understanding and using antenna radiation patterns, antenna radiations patterns, discone antenna, dual polarized sinuous, guide fed slot, helix antenna, normal mode helix, axial mode, horn antenna, linear dipole array, log periodic, loop antenna, circular antenna, loop, alfred, loop, square, luneberg lens, microstrip patch, monopole
Antenna radiation patterns the radiation pattern is a graphical depiction of the relative field strength transmitted from or received by the antenna
Antenna radiation patterns pdf file
Antenna scatterers analysis program general purpose thin-wire antenna analysis software program
Cellular phone antennas and human health
dBi Why I use dBi - Mostly
Electromagnetic Waves what are Electromagnetic Waves, Electromagnetic Waves explained, the description of an oscillating electric dipole, Energy and Momentum in EM Waves
Ferrite Rods, Bars, Plates and Tubes Ferrite rods, bars, plates and tubes are primarily used in radio antennas and chokes. They are available in materials from permeability of 20 to 10, 000
Field Intensity Units What is the difference between dBu, dBm, dBuV, and other units?
Free Space Field and Loss Calculations
Gain of Directional Antennas Polarization of antennas, Directive Gain from a Hypothetical Antenna, Antenna Efficiency, Aperture, Type Antennas, Directive Gain and Beamwidth, Antenna Gain and Polarization, pdf file
Impedance Matching of Open–Ended Waveguide Radiating Elements Impedance matching of open–ended waveguide radiators in a planar phased–array environment
Isolation between antenna network and TV/radio equipment a ground loop in your AV system caused by antenna connection or TV cable is very common if you have your computer connected to the same system. This type of ground loop problem can be solved by using suitable isolation between your AV system and the antenna cable
Isotropic antenna isotropic antenna: an ideal antenna that radiates power with unit gain uniformly in all directions
Isotropic antenna isotropic antenna calculations, dBi, or decibels relative to isotropic
Linear arrays Definition of Antenna Pattern, Relative pattern, Two-Isotropic-element Array, Array of two isotropic sources, Three-dimensional pattern, Parallel dipole two-element array, Geometrical positioning of pattern for two dipoles, Multi-element Uniform Linear Arrays, Broadside Linear Arrays, Beamwidth and Gain of Broadside Linear Arrays, doc file
Power splitters a 0° splitter is a passive device which accepts an input signal and delivers multiple output signals with specific phase and amplitude characteristics, pdf file
Putting a balun and a tuner together A two wire transmission line as a three terminal Device, The W2DU and W7EL models of a choke balun, Baluns on the input and output of unbalanced tuners, The effectiveness of a balun
Radar technology the physical basics of radar technology, radar principle
Radar technology provides an introduction to radar concepts and terminology
Radar: the origins of radar
Radiation patterns The radiation pattern is a graphical depiction of the relative field strength transmitted from or received by the antenna
Radiation patterns Antenna Radiation Patterns, pdf file
Radiation resistance What is radiation rsistance
RF amplifier for ferrite bar antennas RF amplifier for ferrite bar antennas
Smith chart spectral simulation, the Smith chart can help us translate the reflection coefficient into impedance
Smith chart What is a Smith chart
Smith chart Excel Graph
Smith Chart Tutorial This Smith Chart Tutorial Consists of 5 Flash programs with embedded audio. These programs will allow you to learn the Smith Chart through interactive flash programs
Tower and Antenna Wind Loading as a Function of Height pdf file
Understanding electromagnetic fields and antenna radiation pdf file
Understanding Standing Wave Ratios Understanding Standing Wave Ratios
Why an antenna radiates the basic principles of radiation, Why an Antenna Radiates
Why an antenna radiates How an Antenna radiates, Radiation from an antenna, Near and Far Field Regions, Field regions around an antenna, Far field radiation from wires, Spherical co-ordinate system for a Hertzian dipole, Radiation Pattern, what are Antenna Performance Parameters, Radiation pattern of a generic directional antenna, what is Directivity of an antenna, radiation intensity of the antenna, input impedance of an antenna, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), Return Loss (RL) parameter, antenna efficiency, Antenna gain parameter, Polarization of a radiated wave, bandwidth of an antenna, Half Wave Dipole, Radiation pattern for Half wave dipole, monopole antenna, Radiation pattern for the Monopole Antenna, Loop Antennas, Radiation Pattern of Small and Large Loop Antenna, helical antenna or helix, Radiation Pattern of Helix Antenna, Horn antennas, pdf file

dBi: = Gain of antenna with respect to isotropic antenna given in dB = 10 log (power max / power isotropic)
dBd = Gain of antenna with respect to a dipole antenna given in dB = 10 log (power max/ power max of half-wave dipole antenna)

dBi = dBd + 2.15 dB


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