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Decibels: audio and RF related topics  related topics: Acoustics, Antennas, Logarithms and exponentials part of mathematics
Bels, decibels en dB pdf file, in Dutch
Characteristics of Sound and the Decibel Scale
Characteristics of Sound and the Decibel Scale
Common-mode rejection ratio Common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) is a measure of the capability of an instrument, such as an operational amplifier, to reject a signal that is common to both input leads
Decibel: définition et usage en Français
Decibel pdf file
Decibel the Decibel Scale, acoustics, sound intensity
Decibel calculator excel file
Decibel Handout Bel, dB, dBmV, dBm, dBµV, dBµW, dBµWatt, pdf file
Decibel in communications the dB value is calculated with respect to a standard or specified reference
Decibels decibels, dB, what are Decibels, Decibels explained, pdf file
Decibels decibels, dB, what are Decibels, Decibels explained
Decibels what is a Decibel
Decibels what is a Decibel
Decibels The decibel (dB) is a measure of the ratio between two quantities, and is used in a wide variety of measurements in acoustics, physics and electronics, ...
Decibels what are the different types of decibel measurement: dB, dBA, dBC, dBV, dBm and dBi?
Decibels dBi, dBd, dBm, dBmV, Decibels related to dipole antenna, ..., pdf file
Decibels decibels, dB, dBF, decibels referred to 1 femtowatt, dBk the signal level in DECIBELS referred to 1,000 watts, dBm decibels referred to 1 milliwatt, dBm signal level in DECIBELS referred to 1 microwatt, dBV decibels referred to 1 volt RMS, dBW decibels referred to 1 WATT, Signal-to-Noise ratio, dynamic range of a sound, sound pressure, sound pressure level
Decibels and power The sensitivity tells you how loud a sound you'll get out of the speaker when you put a given amount of electrical power in, Hi-Fi power amplifiers, loudspeakers
Decibels and their use in radio systems understanding Decibels and their use in radio systems, dBi, dBd, EIRP, This article discusses the basic unit of measurement used in radio signals: the decibel or dB. It is named after Alexander Graham Bell - that is why the “B” is capitalized, pdf file
Decibels in radio systems dB (Decibel), dBm (dB milliWatt), dBd (dB dipole), dBi (dB isotropic), EIRP (Effective Isotopic Radiated Power), FSL (Free Space Loss)
Decibel Scales: Sound Pressure Level and Sound Intensity Level The most physically understandable quantity used in determining the size of a sound signal is the Pressure Amplitude. Pressure amplitude is a measure of the size of the variation in air pressure caused by a sound wave, ...
Decibels demystified
Decibel levels chart Decibel levels chart
Decibel levels chart Decibel (Loudness) Comparison Chart
Decibels: what is the difference between dB, dBi, dBu, dBm, dBuV, and other units? dBi = dBd + 2.15, i: isotropic antenna, d: half-wavelength dipole
Equal loudness tester This site allows you to measure equal loudness curves--the frequency response of your own ears, loudness
Geluid en decibel in Dutch
Intensity and the decibel scale Sound Properties and Their Perception Intensity and the Decibel Scale
Linear and Logarithmic Amplitude Scales Linear Amplitude Scaling, Logarithmic Amplitude Scaling, The Decibel, dB Values vs. Amplitude, Level Ratios, Unit Conversions, VdB Levels vs. Vibration Levels in ips
Power Conversions Power Conversions chart, pdf file
Pressure Amplitude: Quantitative Measurement of Sound
RF Calculator Radio and RF units conversion/JavaScript application, Conversion calculator from Watt to dBm and from dBm to Watt, ..., a tip
The dB in Communications The dB in Communications systems, The db (decibel) is a relative unit of measurement commonly used in communications for providing a reference for input and output levels
The Decibel Unit of Measurement Voltage, power, [or current] gain can be expressed as a pure ratio or as a decibel value. The original unit was the Bel, named after Alexander Graham Bell, and was used in telephone work, ..., pdf file
UNDERSTANDING AND USING THE DECIBEL The decibel, or dB, is a means of expressing the gain of an active device (such as an amplifier) or the loss in a passive device (such as an attenuator or length of cable), ...
Understanding dB dB is an abbreviation for "decibel". One decibel is one tenth of a Bel, named for Alexander Graham Bell, ..., dBFS - dB Full Scale, dB SPL, sound pressure level, A-Weighting dB(A), Relationship between Frequency and Level,
Understanding dB scale ppt file
What is a Decibel And what are the different types of decibel measurement: dB, dBA, dBC, dBV, dBm and dBi? How are they related to loudness?
What is a decibel the dB is a logarithmic unit used to describe a ratio. The ratio may be power, sound pressure, voltage or intensity
Working with decibels - a tutorial

Unit General electronics
CMRR (dB) CMRR = 20 log Ad/As
dBu or dBv  voltage referenced to 0.775 volt, RMS value, not related to any impedance, u stands for unterminated, audio equipment: input level is +4 dBu, which corresponds to 1.23 volts RMS value
dBm or dBmW power measurement relative to 1 milliwatt, dBm = 10 log P/PO; when impedances are equal
dBm(75) power measurement relative to 1 milliwatt, measured with respect to a 75Ω load, RF systems, cable television
dBm(600) power measurement relative to 1 milliwatt, measured with respect to a 600Ω load, telephony line impedance, 0 dBm corresponds to 0.775 volt, RMS value
dBm(50) power measurement relative to 1 milliwatt, measured with respect to a 50 ohm load
dBV RMS voltage of a signal in a wire, relative to 1 volt, not related to any impedance
dBmV relative to 1 mV across a given impedance, RMS voltage
dBW power amplification relative to 1 watt,  50Ω load, RF power amplifiers
dB(SPL) sound pressure level, relative to 20 micropascals (PO) or 20 mN/m2, 1kHz, the quietest sound a human can hear, dB(SPL) = 20 log P/PO
IdB sound intensity relative to a standard threshold of hearing intensity Io:  Io = 10-12 watts/m2; IdB = 10 log I/IO
  RF Communications
dBc power of one signal referenced to a carrier signal
dBd gain of an antenna compared to a dipole antenna
dBf referred to 1 femtowatt, signal levels at the RF inputs of FM tuners
dBk (dB) referred to 1000 watts, used in radio and television transmitting stations
dBi gain of an antenna compared to an isotropic antenna, mostly used for antennas above 1 GHz, dBi = dBd + 2.15
dBu (dBµV/m) electric field intensity: microvolt/meter
dBmV RF level relative to 1 mV


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