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Sensors and transducers: general overview related subjects:Components, Instrumentation amplifiers, Sensor circuits
Binaire sensoren in Dutch, pdf-file
Capteurs en Français
Capteurs en Français
Capteurs et la conception instrumentale capteurs, instrumentation, technologie, traitement du signal, transmission, composants, ampli_op, conversions_NA_et_AN, microprocesseur, FPGA, biomédical, pression, humidité, température, capteurs chimiques, radioactivité, automobile, effet hall, image, fibre optique, ozone, en Français, a tip
Capteurs de vitesse et de position en Français
Capteurs et transmetteurs en Français, pdf-file
Cours de régulation et d'instrumentation en Français
Data acquisition - Detection The various types of sensor movement currently in use, pdf-file
Détecteurs Détecteurs de position et de proximité, en Français
Détecteurs en Français, pdf-file
Détecteurs en Français
Electric, magnetic and electromagnetic sensors
Elektrische meetsystemen opamp toepassingen, instrumentatie versterker, sensor metingen, in Dutch
Integrated sensor magnetic field sensor, current sensor, force sensor, photo sensor, temperature sensor
Intelligent sensor systems introduces the fundamentals of intelligent sensor systems: sensors, instrumentation and pattern analysis
Introduction to Sensors Resistive Temperature Detectors, Strain Gauges, Capacitance, Capacitive Pressure Sensor, Inductance, Inductive Displacement Sensor, Thermoelectric Effects, Temperature Measurement, Hall Effect, Electric Power Meter, Photoelectric Effect, Optical Fluxmeter, DC Substitution Bridge, Hot-Wire Anemometer, pdf-file
Machine Tool Sensors Page An Introduction to Sensors and Tranducers, Sensor Fundamentals, Sensors Used in Machine Tools
Meet systemen en sensoren binaire sensoren, resistieve sensoren, capacitieve opnemers, inductieve sensoren, opto-elektrische sensoren, Piëzo-elektrische sensoren, ultrasone sensoren, chemische sensoren, meetgrootheden, positiemeting, drukmeting, temperatuurmeting, niveaumeting, debietmeting, in Dutch, een tip
Motion sensors overview sensors available for measuring distance, rotation and velocity, Educypedia
Motor Control Sensor Feedback Circuits
Motor Control Sensor Feedback Circuits pdf-file
Proximity switches pdf-file
Remote sensing remote Sensing is defined as the science and technology by which the characteristics of objects of interest can be identified, measured or analyzed the characteristics without direct contact
Sensing principles Sensing principles, Sensor classification, Mechanical sensors, Thermal sensors, Chemical sensors, pdf-file
Sensor design Explains the principles of operation and applications of various robotics sensors: The basic function of an electronic sensor is to measure some feature of the world, such as light, sound, or pressure and convert that measurement into an electrical signal, usually a voltage or current, ...
Sensoren en actuatoren in Dutch, pdf-file
Sensor fundamentals thermocouples, RTD's and thermistors, strain measurements, displacement and motion, accelerometer, force, sound, optical sensors
Sensorics online graphical course
Sensors pdf-file
Sensors Thermocouples, RTDs, Non-Contact, Thermistors, Semiconductor, BiMetallic, Fibre Optic, Cryogenic, Paint and Stickers
Sensors basic course, Sensor pdf downloads
Sensors measurement and Sensors, Thermocouple, RTD - Resistance Temperature Detector or Resistance thermometer or Pt100, Microphone, Hydrophones, Seismometers, Photoresistor, Phototransistor, Infrared thermometer
Sensors ppt file
Sensors Continuous sensor issues; accuracy, resolution, Angular measurement; potentiometers, encoders and tachometers, Linear measurement; potentiometers, LVDTs, Moire fringes and accelerometers, Force measurement; strain gages and piezoelectric, Liquid and fluid measurement; pressure and flow, Temperature measurement; RTDs, thermocouples and thermistors pdf file
Sensors inductive proximity switch, capacitive proximity switch, photoelectric sensors, fiber optics, ultrasonic sensors, lasers
Sensors: course notes sensor performance characteristics, strain gauges, capacitive sensors and accelerometer fundamentals, piezoelectric sensors, pressure sensors, thermometers, flow sensors, radiation sensors, IR sensors, IR motion sensor, inductive and magnetic sensors, active sounding measurement techniques examples, chemical sensors, gyroscopes
Sensors and computer control for physical measurements
Sensors and transducers a sensor / transducer is a device that converts energy from some other form e.g. heat, light, sound, pressure, motion, flow), into electrical energy for the purposes of measurement or control, pdf file
Sensors overview sensors and transducers to measure acceleration, angle, flow, displacement, load, pressure, proximity, shock, speed, temperature, strain gauges, torque, vibration, calibration, weighing, sensors, data acquisition and analysis, tutorials
Sensors overview Origins of Biopotentials, Circuits and Electronics, Integrated Electronics, Biopotential Measurements, Sensors, Electrodes, Therapeutic Cardiovascular Devices, Neural Devices and Systems, MEMS, Cellular Instrumentation, Molecular Instrumentation
Sensors overview Resistance, Resistive Temperature Detectors, Strain Gauges, Capacitance, Capacitive Pressure Sensor, Inductance, Inductive Displacement Sensor, Thermoelectric Effects, Temperature Measurement, Hall Effect, Electric Power Meter, Photoelectric Effect, Optical Fluxmeter, DC Substitution Bridge, Hot-Wire Anemometer, an introduction to some of the physical principles that underly sensors in instrument systems
Sensors overview Thermal sensors, Electromagnetic sensors, Mechanical sensors, Chemical sensors, Optical and radiation sensors, Ionising radiation, Acoustic sensors, Sensor resolution
Sensors: technical reference temperature, humidity, power, pressure, pressure transducer, flow, gases, liquid level measurement using the Bubbler system
Transducers pdf-file
Transmission électrique à distance en Français
Workshop Sensoren und Steuerungstechnik im Medienbereich in German
Manufacturer info about sensors 
Allegro Hall effect sensor applications, Bipolar Hall-Effect Digital Switches, BLDC Motor Drivers with Integrated Hall for Commutation Current Sensors, Dual Element Speed and Direction Sensors for Ring Magnets, Gear-Tooth Hall-Effect Speed Sensors, Hall-Effect Digital Latches, Highly Accurate, Analog Speed Sensors with Digital Outputs, Linear Hall-Effect Sensors, Omnipolar Hall-Effect Digital Switches, Unipolar Hall-Effect Digital Switches
Balluf sensors capacitive sensors, optical electronic sensors, inductive electronic sensors
Banner engineering photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, measurement sensors
List of sensors displacement sensors, lvdt, rvdt, fotonic, Eddy current, laser doppler, tachometers, gyroscopes, stress strain, stain gages, photo elasticity, moiré, holographs, pressure, U tubes, Bourdon tubes, diaphragm gages, McLeod gages, fluid flow, Pitot tubes, hot wires, laser doppler, pressure probes, temperature, thermocouples, rtd, resistance, thermistors, pyrometers
Honeywell magnetic sensors, pressure sensors, high temperature electronics, thin film resistor networks or take this way accelerometer, wheel speed sensors, and position sensors, current sensors, optoelectronic components, force sensors, relative humidity/temperature and relative humidity sensors, infrared emitting diodes (IREDs), liquid level sensors, airflow sensors, absolute, differential, gage, and vacuum gage pressure sensors, cylindrical, canister, and limit switch style proximity sensors, railwheel proximity sensors, Platinum and silicon based thin film RTD’s (Resistance Temperature Devices)
Infeneon sensors (Siemens) magnetic, Hall sensor, pressure, motion, temperature
Maxim sensors
Multiprox inductive sensors, capacitive sensors
National instruments: sensors Sensor Terminology, Taking Thermocouple Temperature Measurements, Measuring Temperature with an RTD or Thermistor, Measuring Strain with Strain Gauges, Measuring Pressure with Pressure Sensors, Accelerometer Principles pressure, strain and force related, flow and level, pH measurement & conductivity measurement / environment, data acquisition, electric heater related, - temperature, Educypedia
Omron Electronics, Inc.
Schneider Electric Sensor Competency Center
TetraTec flow measurements, PDP sensor, pressure measurements, temperature sensor Pt 100
Texas Instruments: sensors and controls Airflow Sensors, Analytical Sensors, Automotive Sensors, Gas Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Vision Sensors
Turck sensors inductive proximity sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, Turck sensors in Dutch
Sensor application notes Sensor application notes, Pressure Applications, Vibration Applications, Piezo Film Applications,

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