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Encoders and resolvers 
Absolute Encoders A rotary encoder, also called a shaft encoder, is an electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position of a shaft or axle to an analog or digital code, making it an angle transducer
Absolute Encoders
Capteurs de vitesse et de position en Franšais
Codeurs rotatifs en Franšais
Continuous sensors
Digital Encoders A digital optical encoder is a device that converts motion into a sequence of digital pulses, Absolute encoder, Incremental encoder, Gray code
Digital optical encoder a digital optical encoder is a device that converts motion into a sequence of digital pulses. By counting a single bit or by decoding a set of bits, the pulses can be converted to relative or absolute position measurements. Encoders have both linear and rotary configurations, but the most common type is rotary, Gray code
Digital position encoder (absolute) with 0.5 deg resolution
Digital to Synchro/Resolver Conversion Digital to Synchro/Resolver converters are used to interface digital systems to Synchro or Resolver angular control systems, ..., pdf file
Encoder handbook Encoders are sensors that generate digital signals in response to movement. Both shaft encoders, which respond to rotation, and linear encoders, which respond to motion in a line, are available. When used in conjunction with mechanical conversion devices, such as rack-and-pinions, measuring wheels, or spindles, shaft encoders can also be used to measure linear movement, speed, and position, pdf file
Encoders an encoder is a rotary device that outputs digital pulses in response to incremental angular motion. Encoders have many uses in positioning applications. For example, a rotary encoder attached to a DC motor can be used to keep track of the number of revolutions the motor has rotated from its initial position, pdf file
Encoder vs. Resolver-Based Servo Systems describes the basic operation of resolver and encoder transducers, their related specifications, and issues to consider when applying systems based on either technology, pdf file
Incremental Encoders
Linear and rotary encoders an encoder is an electrical mechanical device that can monitor motion or position. A typical encoder uses optical sensors to provide a series of pulses that can be translated into motion, position, or direction, encoder transducer technology, Linear and Rotary Encoders, Incremental Rotary Encoder, Absolute Encoders
Magnetic Encoder, 10 or 12 bit Angular Detection Device Motion Control Encoder
Motors and control ppt file
Optical Encoder Fundamentals The most popular type of encoder is the optical encoder, which consists of a rotating disk, a light source, and a photodetector (light sensor), ...
Phase Encoder Counter
Reading an encoder Clockwise direction, Counter-clockwise, 74HC14 Schmitt Trigger circuit, pdf file
Resolver or Rotary Encoder?
Resolvers A resolver is a rotary transformer where the magnitude of the energy through the resolver windings varies sinusoidally as the shaft rotates, ...
Resolvers pdf-file
Resolvers as Velocity and Position Encoding Devices the coefficient of coupling between rotor and stator varies with the shaft angle, ...
Rotary encoder A resolver is a type of rotary electrical transformer used for measuring degrees of rotation
Rotary encoders optical encoders, pdf file
Rotary encoders computer mouse, Rotary encoders
Rotary encoders pdf file
Rotary encoders rotary encoders: an encoder is an electrical mechanical device that can monitor motion or position. A typical encoder uses optical sensors to provide a series of pulses that can be translated into motion, position, or direction
Rotary Optical Encoders and Resolvers in Brushless Servo Motors Rotary Optical Encoders and Resolvers, This paper discusses the application issues associated with the use of resolvers and optical encoders as the primary feedback element on a BLDC Servo motor
Rotational measurements using a resolver The resolver operates on the principle of a rotary transformer. In a rotary transformer the rotor consists of a coil (winding) which, together with the stator winding, constitutes a transformer, ...
Shaft Encoders
Synchro and Resolver Engineering Handbook pdf file
Synchros All About Synchros, Resolvers, and Data Acquisition, Converting angular rotation to an electrical signal is the job of an AC transducer. Types of transducers include synchros, resolvers, and linear/rotary variable differential transformers (LVDTs/RVDTs), ...
Synchros Synchros are special a-c motors employed for transmitting angular position and rotation over a distance to far for mechanical shafting to do the job
Synchros and Resolvers Torque synchros, Control synchros, Resolvers, Feedback resolvers, Sweep resolvers, Brushless synchros and resolvers, Optical encoders, Absolute encoders, Multiturn optical encoders, Brush or contact encoders, pdf file
Transfo de Scott en Franšais
Wheel encoders for robotics Wheel encoders, rate encoders with 30 degree and 10 degree increments, quadrature encoder, 2 bit binary encoder, 4 bit Gray code encoder

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