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Bimetal Thermostats


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Temperature sensors: types  related subjects: IR sensors, Temperature circuits, Thermoelectric devices, Resistors
Bourdon gauge a hollow spiral metal tube, based on the Bourdon pressure gauge
Bulb thermometers common glass thermometer
CMOS-based Thermal Sensors pdf file
Cryogenic temperature measurements pdf file
DS1620 digital thermometer and thermostat
Glass laboratory thermometers Glass laboratory thermometers
Glass Thermometer Selection Guide
Glass Thermometers Glass Thermometers, mercury filling, pdf file
Liquid-in-glass thermometers Liquid-in-Glass Thermometry, Liquid-in-glass thermometers, pdf file
RdF Surface Temperature Sensors
Vapour Pressure Thermometry pdf file
Bandgap temperature sensor  related subjects: Temperature circuits, Thermoelectric devices
Bandgap temperature sensor Silicon bandgap temperature sensor, diode
Bandgap temperature sensor Measuring temperatures on computer chips with speed and accuracy A new approach using silicon sensors and offchip processing, pdf file
Diode Thermometers pdf file
Germanium Resistance Thermometers Germanium Resistance Thermometers, pdf file
LM35 Integrated Circuit Temperature Sensor
LM34/LM35 Precision Monolithic Temperature Sensors Silicon bandgap temperature sensor, diode, pdf file
LM75 digital temperature sensor and thermal watchdog with two wire interface. The LM75 is a temperature sensor, Delta-Sigma analog-to-digital converter, and digital over-temperature detector with I2C interface
Bimetallic strip sensor  related subjects: Temperature circuits, Electrical safety
Bimetaal in Dutch
Bimetallic Temperature Sensors The Bimetallic strip is a mechanical temperature sensor element. It converts temperature to a mechanical displacement.
Bimetallic Strip Animation Bimetallic Strip Animation, Bimetallic switch
Bi-metallic strip A bi-metallic strip is used to convert a temperature change into mechanical displacement. The strip consists of two strips of different metals which expand at different rates as they are heated, ..., Educypedia
Bimetallic Strips Bimetallic Strip Applications
Bimetallic strip thermometer Bimetallic strip thermometers are mechanical thermometers., ...
Bimetal Strips Bimetal strips or thermostat metals comprise two (or more) layers of dissimilar metals bonded together. When subjected to a change in temperature, the strip will bend by virtue of the difference in thermal coefficients of expansion of the metals. Basically, therefore, thermostat metals are simple transducers, converting thermal energy into mechanical energy
How Does a Thermostat Work?
Linear Expansion Thermometer Bimetallic Strips
Overload Relays Bimetal Overload Relays
Thermal-magnetic circuit breaker Thermal-magnetic circuit breaker, animation
Thermistors  related subjects: Temperature circuits, Thermoelectric devices, Resistors
Measuring Temperature with RTDs This tutorial introduces and explains the concepts and techniques of measuring temperature with an RTD or Thermistor
Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistors Technical Notes, Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistors, pdf file
NTC Thermistor Theory
NTC thermistors Thermistors are temperature sensitive passive semiconductors which exhibit a large change in electrical resistance when subjected to a relatively minute change in body temperature. Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistors decrease in resistance when subjected to an increase in body temperature
NTC thermistors NTC thermistor, A thermistor is an electronic component that exhibits a large change in resistance with a change in its body temperature, ..., pdf file
PTC thermistors Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) thermistors are thermally sensitive semiconductor resistors which exhibit an increase in resistance at a specified temperature. Change in the resistance of a PTC thermistor can be brought about either by a change in the ambient temperature or internally by self heating resulting from current flowing through the device
PTC thermistors PTC thermistor, pdf file
Resistance - Temperature Table NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) is the negative percent resistance change per degree C. To determine the resistance tolerance of a precision thermistor at any temperature point multiply the temperature tolerance times the NTC, pdf file
Thermistor pdf file
Thermistor A thermistor is a thermo-sensitive element which resistance value changes to the temperature. It has negative temperature coefficient (NTC), meaning its resistance decreases exponentially with increasing temperature. As the other type of thermistor with positive temperature coefficient (PTC), meaning its resistance increases exponentially with increasing temperature
Thermistor Thermistors are temperature sensitive resistors. All resistors vary with temperature, but thermistors are constructed of semiconductor material with a resistivity that is especially sensitive to temperature, ...
Thermistor resistance table Resistance values for two standard thermistors, pdf file
Thermistors pdf file
Thermistors and RTDs A platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD) is a device with a typical resistance of 100 W at 0C, RTD Overview, Measuring Temperature with RTDs, Which NI Products Can I Use with RTDs?, Programming Considerations for RTDs, Thermistor Overview, Measuring Temperature with Thermistors, RTD/Thermistor Measurement Systems, RTD Overview, Educypedia
Thermistor temperature transducer-to-ADC application TLV2472

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