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General overview
1964 Philips Gas-Discharge Tubes book Construction : The gas filling, The cathode, The anode, Other electrodes,The envelope, Electronic Emission, Ignition and extinction, The Discharge plasma, Types of discharges, Hot-Cathode rectifier tubes : Low-voltage tubes, High voltage tubes, Thyratrons : Triodes, Tetrodes, Cold-Cathode tubes : Diodes, Surge arresters, Ionisation tubes, radiation counter tubes, geiger tubes, tuning tubes (tuneon), counting tubes (dekatrons), indicator tubes (nixies), Mercury cathode tubes : Ignitron, Excitron, sendytron
AM Transmitter Circuits tube-based low power AM transmitters
Antique glass stuff tubes, Tesla coils, miscellaneous electric and science stuff
Antique Wireless Association
Audio electronics general schematic of an Hi-Fi installation, conventional power supplies, regulated power supplies, discharging circuit, phase splitters, moving-coils preamps, RIAA preamps, line preamps, headphone amps, solid state MC preamps
Buizen in Dutch
Characteristic curves of electron tubes (diode, triode) Characteristic curves of electron tubes (diode, triode), pdf file
Designing Phase Shift Oscillators Designing Phase Shift Oscillators with tubes
Elektronenbuis in Dutch
Electron tubes How Electron tubes work, Early tube history, The triode, The tetrode, Beam power tubes, The pentode, Combination tubes, Tube parameters, Ionization (gas-filled) tubes, Display tubes, Microwave tubes, Tubes versus Semiconductors
Electron tubes This site is dedicated to Electron Tubes of all kinds. Here you will find information about the construction of tubes and what some of them were used for, a tip
Fun With Tubes Electronic emission, tubes, and power introduction to electron tubes, the diode tube, grid bias operating, classifications of tube amplifiers, the pentode, beam power and power pentode tues, power amplifier, planar tubes, gas-filled tubes, the cathode-ray tube (CRT), electrostatic deflection, power supplies, rectifiers, full wave rectifier, bridge rectifier, filters, half-wave rectifier with an LC choke-input filter, voltage regulation, basic VR tube regulator circuit, VR tubes Connected in parallel, current regulation
How a vacuum tube works basics, inside a tube, why tubes are used, using tubes, How a vacuum tube works
How a vacuum tube works
Jogis Roehrenbude - Roehrenradios, Roehrenverstaerker und vieles mehr
Kilokat's antique light bulb antique light bulbs, antique radio tubes, tube bulb box art, Crookes tubes, Geissler tubes, view classic vacuum tube and incandescent lamp packaging
LC Oscillators with tubes The LC Oscillator, Armstrong Oscillator, Hartley Oscillator, Colpitts Oscillator, Crystal Oscillator, Electron-coupled Oscillator (ECO)
Nostalgia air schematics, manuals, RMA color codes, a tip
Plasma globes information about home-made plasma globes and power supplies
Power Supplies with tubes  The Diode, Half-wave rectifying, Full-wave rectifying, The Filter, The Voltage Divider, The Voltage Regulator, The Voltage Doubler, AC/DC Power Supplies, Vibrator Power Supplies
Push-pull transformers transformer test pages
Quad ESL pages a lot of schematics, click also on misc audio
Regulated power supplies with discrete componets and tubes
Radau5's Vacuum Tube Site
Schematics of tube based equipment E88CC, ECC81, ECC82, ECC83, EL34, EL84, 6SN7, KT66, KT88, 6550, VT52, push pull, single ended, pre amp, guitar
Steve Bench's tube pages everything about tubes, a tip a tip
Technical books online a tip
Thermionic website electronic valves, hartley transmitter, regenerative, genny, sansui, 1000A, 12AT7, 3-500, 4-125, 807, 811, 811A, 812, 812A, 813, 203A, 6C4, 6BH6, 6L6, 6SN7GT, 7591A, GM100, thermionic, regenerodyne, M0BXT, sweep tubes, 6kd6, 6js6c, el509, pl509, pl519, 6jm6, 6jb6
Triode en Franšais
Tube Amp Calculators
Tube Aplication notes Triodes, Tetrodes, Pentodes, how a tube works
Tube cad journal the tube CAD journal is a monthly webzine devoted to vacuum tube circuit design and understanding, SRPP, RIAA EQ, crossover, solid state high voltage, electrostatic headphone, tube amplifiers, cathode follower, plate follower, tube microphone preamp, ultra linear, line stage, para feed, cascode, OTL, shunt regulator, balanced, a tip
Tube driver only schematics
Tubes for newbies diodes, triodes, tetrodes, beam tubes, pentodes, biasing, basic schematics, interstage coupling, supply decoupling cells, power stages, amplification classes, phase splitters, producing wound components, output transformes impedance
Tube projects a tip
Tubes versus transistors is there an audible difference?
Vacuum Triodes The tri part of triode means 3. There are three elements in a triode, the cathode, grid, and plate or anode, ..., part of Fun with tubes a tip
Vacuum tube
Vacuum tube
Vacuum tube biasing methods This article describes the most common methods of obtaining negative bias voltages in vaccum tube circuits
Vacuum tube site schematics about amplifiers, tube theory, datasheets, parameters
Vacuum tube page vacuum tubes still have some applications as high power pulse switches, high end audio and guitar amplifiers, some high power R.F. applications, and in microwave ovens
Vacuum tubes for beginners Filament type diode used as a rectifier, Construction of vacuum diodes, Forward and reverse connection of a vacuum diode, Cold Cathodes, Hot Cathodes
Vacuum tubes Vacuum tubes
Vacuum tubes vacuum tubes, or thermionic valves are arrangements of electrodes in a vacuum within an insulating, temperature-resistant envelope
Vacuum tubes a tip
Valve museum A collection of pictures and information of old, unusual and unique vacuum tubes, diodes, triodes, tetrodes/beam tetrodes, pentodes, hexodes, heptodes, octodes, nonodes, multiples, Rectifiers, stabilisers, glow modulators, voltage references, current regulators, surge arresters, Thyratrons, Spark gaps/Trigger tubes, Silica valves
Valve museum
What do the terms "Push-Pull" and "Single-Ended" mean?

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