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Magic eye tubes 
6AF6G The 6AF6 G Magic Eye Tube could be used as a level indicator in stereo tape recorders
6U5 Magic Eye tuning indicator The 6U5 is an American Magic Eye tuning indicator and its construction follows the normal pattern. The electrode assembly is mounted centrally in the envelope
EM84 tuning indicator The EM84 tuning indicator, or magic eye, was used to display the optimum tuning point of a receiver, or the recording level of a tape recorder
Magic Eye
Magic eye
Magic eye
Magic eye tubes How magic eye tubes work
Magic eye tubes How magic eye tubes work, Tuning Eye Tubes in 1930's Radio
Magic eye tubes
Magic eye tubes
Magic eye tubes Electron-ray Tuning Indicator Tube
Magic eye tubes Magic eye tubes in action, EZ-6E5, 12Z-E8,  6Z-E1, 12Z-E9, EZ-6E5D, 6CD7, 6R-E13
Magic eye tubes Officially dubbed as the “electron-ray indicator” it was invented in 1930, ..., pdf file
Magic eye tubes Magic eye tubes, Tuning indicators
Magic Eye Tubes and Tuning Indicators eye tubes such as 6E5 and 6U5
Peak Reading Level Meter Using Indicator Tubes The "magic eye," so characteristic in old time radios, has virtually disappeared, despite the renaissance of other tube equipment, ...
RCA's Magic Eye
Tuning eye tubes the eye tube gives a visual indication of when the receiver is properly tuned to the signal being received, Educypedia
Tuning eye tubes-basic construction of tuning eye tubes tuning eye tubes
Special Tubes
Decatron Clock Project
Dekatrons Dekatron Spinner
Decatron Circuits
Dekatron counters The Dekatron counter is used for counting pulses and displaying the total. Suitable pulses may be produced from the closure of contacts, interruption of a light beam, a tachometer generator, or from a Geiger-Muller type of tube, pdf file
Dekatron Counter Tube
Dekatron Spinner The simple circuit will make a GC10B or GC12/4B dekatron light up and spin round when connected to the mains supply, pdf file
Dekatron Spinner Dekatron Spinner
Dekatron Spinner 1
Dekatron Spinner
Dekatron Spinner Dekatron Spinner, Double-pulse dekatron counters, pdf file
Dekatron Spinner Dekatrons are basically the predecessor of the 4017 decade counter. Dekatrons are filled with neon gas and has 30 cathodes and guides between each cathode that are all arranged in a circle
Dekatron Spinner A Dekatron spinner displays a spinning dot by using a vintage 'Dekatron' style glow-transfer counting tube. The colour of the dot depends to the gas the tube is filled. Neon filled tubes display a red-orange dot. Argon filled tubes display a purple dot
Dekatron Spinner circuit Dekatron Spinner circuit, Dekatron Spinner schematic, pdf file
Display and counting tubes
Klystron tube How a Klystron tube work
Photomultiplier tube
Photomultiplier tubes Using Photomultipliers in Two-Wire Probe Configurations
Photomultiplier tubes Photomultiplier tubes, pdf file
Vacuum Diodes

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