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General overview  related subject: Instrumentation, Sensors
Basic Concepts of Measurement Methods Basic Concepts of Measurement Methods, pdf file
Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Bridge Circuits and Their Applications, Summary of AC Bridge, Electronic Instruments for Measuring Basic Parameters: Review of Electronic Devices, Electronic Instruments for Measuring Basic Parameters: Analog Meter, Electronic Instruments for Measuring Basic Parameters: Digital Meter, Electronic Instruments for Measuring Basic Parameter: LC Meter, Frequency and Time Interval Measurements, Transducers
Electrical Measurement and Instruments Bridge Circuits (DC and AC), Electronic Instruments (Analog & Digital), Signal Generators, Frequency and Time Interval Measurements, Introduction to Transducers, pdf file
Electrical measurements Electronic measurement and instrumentation
High Frequency Measurements Web Page
Instruments de mesure en Français, pdf file
Instruments de mesure en Français, pdf file
Lab measurements familiarizes the student with signals, oscilloscopes, oscilloscope probes, calibration, digital multimeters and decibels
Les appareils de mesure en Français
Lecroy free poduct literature, application notes, technical data & demos, App Notes, Lab Briefs, Product Manuals, Release Notes, Videos, White Papers
Measurement AC voltmeters and ammeters, Frequency and phase measurement, Power measurement, AC bridge circuits, AC instrumentation transducers
Measurements Basic Measurements, Introduction to Electrical Measurements, Voltage, Using a Voltmeter, The Digital Voltmeter, Using an Oscilloscope, Frequency, IEEE-488/GPIB Measurements, ...
Meetsystemen in Dutch, pdf file
Meetsystemen Spanning meten, Stroom meten, Vermogen meten, Momentele waarden, Gemiddelde waarden, RMS waarden, Termen en definities, in Dutch
Meet techniek in Dutch
Physical measurements uncertainties, standards, calibration, data aquisition, Digital-to-analog conversion, signals and noise, labview, displacement sensors, proximity detectors, level measurements, velocity measurement, acceleration measurement, acceleration, vibration, shock measurement, time and frequency measurement
Techniques de mesures en Français, pdf file
Miscellaneous measurement instruments 
AC metering circuits volt meters, ampere meters, wheatstone bridge, oscilloscopes, transducers, a tip
Characteristic impedance of balanced cables how to measure the characteristic impedance of balanced cables by using the open/short method which is useful for cable manufacturers and cable users (telecommunications, telephone, TV, computer and instrument manufacturers)
Crest factor the crest factor is the ratio of peak value to RMS value of a waveform
Current measurement applications Current measurement circuits, Resistive DC current measurement, Magnetic AC and DC current measurement, pdf file
Current-Sense Measurement: Circuits and Principles High-Side Current-Sense Measurement: Circuits and Principles, This application note describes the use of current sense amplifiers, differential amplifiers and instrumentation amplifiers to measure battery charge and discharge currents in portable equipment, computer notebooks and USB accessories
Electrochemical measurement techniques using opamps
Flow measurement pdf file
Fundamentals of the electronic counters the fundamentals of the conventional counter, the types of measurements it can perform, and the important considerations that can have significant impact in measurement accuracy and performance, pdf file
Ground system testing pdf file
Light measurement handbook light measurement
Measurements: loading when making a measurement with a volt-meter, an oscilloscope, or any type of electronic measurement equipment, it is important to understand the concept of loading if you want to be sure your readings are accurate
Measuring high voltages using sparks, high voltages measurement
Measuring high voltages pdf file
Measuring inductance inductance measurement
Measuring input and output impedance measuring input and output impedance
Measuring internal resistance of sources and meters Measuring internal resistance of sources and meters
Mesure de puissance électrique en Français
Mechanical measurements pdf file
Practical temperature measurement The purpose of this application note is to explore the more common temperature measurement techniques, and introduce procedures for improving their accuracy, pdf file
Sampling and digitizing most real life signals are continuous analog voltages. These voltages might be from an electronic circuit or could be the output of a transducer and be proportional to current, power, pressure, temperature. Modern data acquisition and analysis requires digitized samples of the input for subsequent digital recording spectrum analysis or other computations, pdf file
Sampling rate Sampling rate, Sampling rate determines the sound frequency range (corresponding to pitch) which can be represented in the digital waveform, Sample Resolution
Spectrogram reading speech sounds are created by vibratory activity in the human vocal tract. Speech is normally transmitted to a listener's ears or to a microphone through the air
Tektronix video measurement tutorials TDS video trigger option allows capture of video signals
Temperature Measurement System
Temperature Measurement System pdf file
Testing diodes and transistors testing diodes and transistors
Transistor Test Procedure pdf file
Using electronics to make measurements pdf file
Velocity measurement ppt file
Web thermometer a simple on-line thermometer
Water measurement manual pdf file
Electrostatic voltmeters  related subject: ESD
Electric field strength meusurement circuit electrostatic measurements
Electrostatic multidimensional sensors and force actuators pdf file
Electrostatic voltmeter electrostatic voltmeters, pdf file
Electrostatic voltmeter pdf file

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