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Programmable logic:    
AVR Resources PIC general overview Programmable logic
Basic Stamp PIC Software VHDL

Micro controllers - PIC's - general info  see also Microcontroller circuits, PIC programming software, VHDL Eprom Programmer, Flash Microcontroller Programmer, assembler/compiler for all MCS-51 microcontrollers
Doug Rice's home page timers, LCD's control and MiniDiscs
Guide to use the PIC PIC is the one-chip microprocessor, PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller) is the IC which was developed to control the peripheral device, dispersing the function of the main CPU. When comparing to the human being, the brain is the main CPU and the PIC shares the part of which is equivalent to the autonomic nervousn, a tip
Logique programmée en Français
Microchip latest information on microchip technology products, PICmicro MCUs, analog / interface devices, KEELOQ security IC's, microID RFID, non-volatile memories and our popular development tools, application notes
Micro-contrôleurs 16F84, 8051, 16F873, 16F84, 12C671, lego, gameboy, en Français, a tip
Microcontroller course how microcontrollers work and how to use them, pdf file
Microcontroller datasheets AT89C1051, AT89C2051, AT89C4051, AT89C51, AT89C52, AT89C55, AT89S8252, 80C31/80C51, 80C515/80C535, 80C517/80C537
Micro-controller learning modules a hands-on environment for learning about interfacing micro-controllers to the outside world. The modules are built around two micro-controller modules: the MicroStamp11 and the MicroCore11. Both modules are based on the popular Motorola 68HC11 micro-controller
Microcontroller tutorials 8051, 8052
Microcontrollers - chapter 1 basically, a microcontroller is a device which integrates a number of the components of a microprocessor system onto a single microchip, CPU core, Memory (both ROM and RAM), some parallel digital I/O
Motor Control Sensor Feedback Circuits PIC and sensor applications
National control devices microcontrollers, relay controllers, video switch, manuals
PIC's Eric projects, development tools, code fragments, tips, and techniques, hardware tips and tricks, PIC code security
PIC for Programmers PIC Programming Tutorial, PIC16F8X microcontroller architecture, Assembly language addressing paradigms, Pointer or indirect addressing wih PIC
PIC micro tutorial Peripheral Interface Controller, The CPU Core, Program Memory, Data Memory, Special Function Registers, General Purpose Registers (RAM), I/O Ports, Oscillators, PICmicro On-Line Tutorial
PIC microcontrollers Starting with PICmicro controllers
PIC microcontrollers Memory unit, Central processing unit, Buses, Input-output unit, Serial communication, Timer unit, Watchdog, Analog to digital converter, Program, ..., Instruction set in PIC16Cxx microcontroller, Data Transfer, Arithmetic and logic, Bit operations, Directing the program flow, Instruction execution period, ..., pdf file
PIC microcontrollers ppt file
PIC microcontrollers tutorial Peripheral Interface Controller
PIC microcontrollers tutorial Representing numbers in assembler, Assembly language elements, Writing a sample program, Control directives, Files created as a result of program translation, Writing to and reading from EEPROM, Instruction set in PIC16Cxx microcontroller family, Data Transfer, Arithmetic and logic Bit operations, Directing the program flow, Instruction execution period, Word list, Instruction list
PIC microcontroller tutorial in Dutch
PIC programmer software programs : 12C508, 16C84, 16F84, PIC 16F877, 24C16, 24C32, 93C46, 90S1200, 59C11, 89C2051, 89S53, 250x0, PIC, AVR , 80C51 PIC programming software
PIC Programming What is a microcontroller, and why do you need to know about them. How to get started with PICs. Building a programmer and programming your first PIC. Introduction to programming. Using the PIC for a range of tasks, including LCD displays, remote control, serial control of IC's, etc.
PIC programming course designed to get the BEGINNER into programming the PIC12C508A and PIC16F84 microcontrollers,,,
PIC theory PIC16F84, PIC12C508A, PIC course PIC programming course, PIC 12C508A and PIC 16F84 microcontrollers
PIC Tutorial
PIC Tutorials Introduction to PIC Microcontrollers, Baseline PIC Architecture and Assembly Language, Midrange PIC Architecture and Assembly Language, Baseline PIC C Programming, ...
Reynolds electronics Basic Stamp, infra red remote control, 8051, PIC basic compilers, infra red datacommunication (see examples below)
Micro controllers - PIC's  see also Basic stamp circuits, Microcontroller circuits, VHDL
3 robots in rij
68HC11 en Français
8051 en Français
8051 microcontroller family
8051 Programming the LCD Module
8051 microcontrollers 80C552 (and 8051) simulator, includes Pascal source, I2C declaration file, Pascal source, I2C drivers, I2C drivers for Phillips I2C board, 8051 send/recieve, polled routines, assembler source, 8051 send/recieve plus echo, 80C552 test timer0 code, micro controller primer, interrupts, 8051 addressing modes, 8051 instruction set, Boolean processing, prallel ports, serial ports, timer/counters, KSC 8051 Pascal compiler documentation, 80C552 features, HLL constructs, I2C bus interface with 80C552
8052 standard 8051 tutorial, 8052 tutorial, Dallas DS80C320 tutorial, introduction to LCD programming with 8051, Dallas 87C550, 8052 instruction set
BASIC for PIC microcontrollers on-line learn how to write your own program, correct mistakes and use it to start a microcontroller, temperature sensors, AD and DA converters LCD and LED displays, relays. Every example is commented in details with detailed connection scheme, Elements of BASIC Language, Operators, Control Structures, Built-in and Library Routines, Examples with PIC Integrated Peripherals, Examples with Displaying Data, Examples with Memory and Storage Media, Communications Examples
BASIC for PIC microprocessors pdf file
C Applications in PIC Designs CCS PCM Compiler Sample Code, PIC16F628, PIC16F84, CCS PCB Compiler Sample Code, Hi-Tech PIC C Compiler Sample Code, Interfacing with the PIC-n-LCD Serial Display, Initial Input and Output Routines, Working with the PIC16F84 EEPROM, Interfacing with a Dallas DS1867 Dual Pot
HC12 microcontroller dedicated to users of HC12 and HCS12 microcontrollers made by Freescale - formerly known as Motorola Semiconductor, HC12 development tools, software, sample projects and technical resources, good startpage
HD44780 based character LCD industry standard character LCD code examples for Intel 8051 family, HD44780, LCD, Liquid Crystal Display, Character LCD, Hitachi, Optrex, 8051, 16C84
Hitachi 44780 LCD controller specifications The most common type of LCD controller is the Hitatchi 44780 which provides a relatively simple interface between a processor and an LCD
How to control HD44780-based Character-LCD
OOPIC The OOPic uses a PICmicro, an 8-bit family of microcontrollers made by MicroChip
PIC12F675 12F675 Flashing an LED
PIC16C7X A/D Converter The Analog-to-Digital converter (A/D) is the primary tool that allows analog signals to be quantized into the world of digital electronics. Once the signal is digitally represented, it can be stored, analyzed and manipulated by a variety of logic devices. The PIC16C7X microcontrollers have an A/D integrated onto the PIC16CXX core processor, pdf file
PIC16F84 PIC16F84A datasheet, pdf file
PIC16F84 et PIC16F628 applications en Français
PIC16F84 and PIC16F877 applications  6 ways for a reliable PIC to RS232 connection, Cheap PIC16F676/12F675 module, Serial receiver from PC, Digital cuckoo clock and WEB clock collection, Automation for a gas flame hardening machine, Interfacing 2 IO lines of PIC with 4 buttons and 7 different functions, PIC16F84, LCD 6wires , and serial interface experiment
PIC16F84A instruction-set
PIC16F873 A/D Converter module of PIC16F873, The function of A/D converter is to change the measurement result of the voltage of the analog input signal into the digital information. PIC16F873 changes into the 10-bit digital information
PIC 16F877 tutorial pdf file
USB and PIC Microprocessors 16C745 and 18F2455 USB and PIC Microprocessors 16C745 and 18F2455

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