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Basic stamp circuits: overview  related jubject: Microcontroller circuits, PIC's, Robotics, PIC programming software
Basic stamp applications programmable microcontrollers with a Basic interpreter built in, nickel-metal hydride battery charger / conditioner/ sequencer, 555 timer as an A/D converter, DTMF tone decoder with LCD display, propeller clock, Stirling prayer engine, H-bridge drives DC motors forward and backward, servo pulse to PWM converter connects an H-Bridge to radio control receivers or robotic circuits, ..., a tip
BASIC stamp applications
Basic Stamp Editor V2.4 BASIC Stamp Editor software for writing text programs in the PBASIC programming language, exe file
BASIC stamp programming manual  BASIC stamp programming manual v2.2, pdf file
BASIC Stamp Support Index The purpose of these document is to provide information about how to connect different kinds of sensors to the OWL2c data logger, or to the BASIC Stamp generally
BASIC Stamp II Application Notes pdf file
Basic stamp 2: tutorial and applications Simple Outputs, Inputs and Outputs, Control of a Stepping Motor and Use of EEPROM for Data Arrays, Generating Frequencies, PWM, Control of a DC Motor, Interfacing with the DS1624 Digital Thermometer & EEPROM, A/D Conversion using the ADC0831, Serial Communication.
Basic stamp tutorial and applications What's a Basic Stamp? Basic Stamp 1 Instruction Set, Parallax Basic Stamp 1 Applications, A/D with the pot command on a stamp
Basic stamp tutorial
Basic stamp related datasheets sensors, stepper motor controllers, ADC084 circuit
Free basic stamp projects basic stamp servo driven robot, basic stamp temperature sensor, digital clock circuit
List of basic stamp applications basic stamps are small reprogrammable single board computers (SBC) that run BASIC programs and are made by Parallax, their low cost and simplicity make the stamps perfect for many prototyping and control applications: home automation, robotics, PLC, industrial control, computer peripherals, model train hobbyists, there are 150+ applications described
Parallax a small robot based on the basic stamp2, basic stamp editor, application notes, servo control, microcontrollers, process control, light meter Gizmo with R/C time constants, digital thermometer.. (click on 'downloads')
Pound electronics Basic Stamp technical information, a tip
Reynolds electronics 8051 and PIC microcontrollers, basic stamp, examples of visual basic code to send and receive data via the RS232 port
Stamps in class educational microcontroller resources for the basic stamp, parallax, Robotics with the Boe-Bot (v2.2), IR Remote for the Boe-Bot robot (v1.1), Applied Robotics with the SumoBot, Applied Sensors 2.0, Advanced Robotics: with the Toddler
Tracy Allen's BASIC Stamp application notes double precision, meteorology, data logger , temperature, humidity, wetness, rain, electronics, sensors, irrometer, Parallax, pyranometer, Temperature & humidity with the Sensirion SHT1x, a tip
What’s a Microcontroller?
Basic stamp projects  related jubject: Microcontroller circuits, PIC's, Robotics
BASIC stamp I application notes stepping motor circuit, pdf file
BASIC stamp I application notes stepping motor circuit, pdf file
Basic compiler for the 16x84 zip file
Basic stamp lightning activity monitor Basic stamp lightning activity monitor circuit
Basic stamp lightning activity monitor pdf file
Basic stamp motor control and other applications Basic stamp motor control circuit
Basic Stamp Relay Controller
BOE-datasheet pdf file
Cricket the robot an autonomous robot that walks around by moving all six legs using three motors. He avoids objects when touched by the feelers, schematics and source code included
Control of a stepping motor stepping motor, DC motor, DS1624 control, ADC0831, PWM, ULN2803
Decoding the BASIC stamp a BASIC stamp is a preprogrammed Microchip 16C56 PIC controller and a serial EEPROM. The PIC is a loaded with a BASIC token interpreter, and the code to download BASIC tokens from the PC, schematics
Implementing IR rangefinding describes the parts, schematic, software, and some tips on using infrared for object detection
Mercury switch filter
Multitasking using the BX-24 using a BX-24 to control a servomotor
PIC16C17 microcontroller and BASIC stamp 16C57, basic stamp circuit, schematics
Radio control a two wheel robot from your PC
Remote controlled stepper IR
RF Remote Control For The BASIC Stamp
Sonar rangefinding pdf file
Stepper motor controller connection diagrams stepper motor controller connection diagrams
Thermoelectric Temp Controller BASIC Stamp Thermoelectric Temp Controller

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