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Robotics info  related jubject: Basic stamp, Motor control circuits
2 robots in achtervolging
A Technical Guide To Building Fighting Robots How can I use that really cheap motor?", "How can I build my own speed controller?", "Why do I lose radio contact when the motors start?", "How big a battery do I need?" , can I build my own circuit
AVR Robot Controller The controller is built around the powerful Atmel ATMEGA16 processor with 16kb of memory running at 8 MHz for an 8 mip processing speed
BEAM Circuits Motor drivers, Solar engines, simple contact sensors, acoustic proximity sensors, schematics
Boulette's Robotics page robotics, photodiode, photocell, BEAM,motors, servos, integrated circuits, controllers, LCD's, sensors, soldering, micromouse, telerobotics, how do I build a robot
Halloween projects
Kronos Robotics Robot Toys and Devices, Build Your First Walker Robot Workbook, Robot Forum, Weather Related Projects
Lego robots building pdf file
Lego robots course notes a tip
Robobricks project the robobricks project consists of a bunch of modules, called RoboBricks, that can be assembled together to create interesting robotic platforms
Robot building lessons, projects squirting autonomous mobile robot, autonomous six legged walking robot, serpentine robot, pipe climbing and inspection robots, reconnaissance robot
Robot Control The robot applet provides a simulation of a robot perceiving and acting under the control of a set of customizable robot controller functions
Robot Control
Robotic projects OOpic, 90S2313 robot board, IR encoder/decoder, schematics included
Robotics Basic Control Methods,  Feedback Control, Open-Loop Control, Feed-Forward Control, principles of operation and applications of various robotics sensors, Describes basic mechanics, friction, and the simple machines that comprise the building blocks of more complex machines, like robots
Robotics information and articles tips, info, links, a tip
Robot programming a programming environment that allows you to write programs to direct a robot to perform some task. The language is block structured and has basic branching, looping and procedure abstraction control structures
Robots, Androids, and Animatrons pdf file
Robots Built by Bill and Mark Sherman
Robot tutorials
Stamps in class educational microcontroller resources for the basic stamp, parallax, Robotics with the Boe-Bot (v2.2), IR Remote for the Boe-Bot robot (v1.1), Applied Robotics with the SumoBot, Applied Sensors 2.0, Advanced Robotics: with the Toddler
Robotic projects  related jubject: Basic stamp, Motor control circuits
3 robots in rij
BEAM Circuits
Build a Darning needle motor Build a Darning needle motor
Desktop Line Following Robot  line follower, photo-reflectors, vibration motors, Tracking control
Directional infrared detector module
Een gelukkige robot in Dutch
Eyebot eyeBot is a controller for mobile robots with wheels, walking robots or flying robots. It consists of a powerful 32-Bit microcontroller board with a graphics display and a digital grayscale or color camera
Electric powered Go-Cart
Floppy Disk Drive Construction and Operation takes a look at the basic components and physical operation of a floppy disk drive
Floppy disk robot "Hacking" a Mac floppy disk eject motor
Floppy drive robot Converting a floppy disk drive into a simple robot
Hard Disk Spindle Motor The spindle motor, also sometimes called the spindle shaft, is responsible for turning the hard disk platters, allowing the hard drive to operate
Het Programmeren van Lego Robots doc file, in Dutch
IR light sensors for the MiniBots
Line tracking robot pdf file
Line Following Robot Line Following Robot, AVR microcontroller, Sensor Circuit, Motor Interface and Control Circuit, pdf file
Micro-Bot Micro-Bot Main Board Schematics, Hardware, Switches & Mechanical Drawing, Basic RF Remote Control, 40KHz IR Carrier Generation Without Hardware PWM, CDS Photocell & Infrared Navigation, RF Remote Control & IR Navigation, a tip
Pitronics een licht-etende robot, idem van hierboven maar in het Nederlands, click here for the English version, vision, IR radar
Radio control and electronics The Electronic Motor Speed Controller, PPM Radio Control System
Robot als lijnvolger
Robot in doolhof
Robot in doolhof2
Solarbotics useful collection of material for beam roboticists of all experience levels and abilities
Solar bug
Solar-bugs tutorial
Solar robot tutorial
Sonar sensor for the robot
Speed and direction converter circuits
Sun eater This photovore is based on SunEater_II and uses 74HC logic to do all his "thinking." Two prototypes were built. The first one has motors which are very similar to those found in cheap servos. Number two is equipped with motors found in micro-cassette recorders
Wheel encoders for robotics rate encoders with 30 degree and 10 degree increments, quadrature encoder, 2 bit binary encoder, 4 bit Gray code encoder

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