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Stepper motor applications - drivers  related topic: Motor control circuits
2-2 Phase 12-Volt 90 ohm unipolar stepper motor ULN2803, pdf file
4 Phase 12-Volt unipolar stepper motor ULN2803, pdf file
5-phase stepper motor controller
5.25" floppy-disk type stepper circuit
5804 unipolar steppermotor driver 5804 unipolar steppermotor driver, pdf file
Allegro UDN2544B pdf file
Basic stepping motor drive methods pdf file
Bipolar stepper motor control circuit in this circuit, a potentiometer controls both the speed and direction of a small bipolar stepping motor like those found in many 5 1/4" floppy disk drives. Note that the bipolar motors are distinguished from "unipolar" types, in that bipolar units have two coils instead of four, and four wires instead of five
Bipolar stepper motor controller Bipolar stepper motor controller, pdf file
Bi-polar stepper motor driver pdf file
Bi-polar stepper motor IC EDE1204, pdf file
Controlling Stepper Motor with a Parallel Port
Controlling stepper motors with a PIC microcontroller PIC 16F84, 4050, NPN darlington
Dual axis stepper motor controller describes a dual axis stepper motor controller design and printed circuit board for an equatorial mount
Electronic control of a unipolar stepper motor, Computer control of a unipolar stepper motor direct connection to the parallel port BASIC program
Everything you need to know to drive a stepper motor pdf file
L297 stepper motor controller pdf file
L297 stepper motor controller pdf file
LM18298: dual full-bridge driver (National Semiconductor) pdf file
LMD18245 3A, 55V DMOS full-bridge motor driver pdf file
MC3479 stepper motor driver pdf file
Pacman UCN5804, pdf file
Remote control operated stepper motor controller with LCD display
Robot Billy printer port, a small cable controlled robot that is programmed to find it own way along a path formed by 18cm white wooden squares, placed on a flat black surface. The Bilby is controlled by a personal computer via the printer port
SAA1042 the SAA1042 drives a two–phase stepper motor in the bipolar mode, pdf file
Software for stepper motor control turbo pascal : single coil excitation, two coil excitation, interleaved single- and two coil excitation - half stepping, MS-Visual C/C++: single coil excitation, MS Qbasic: single coil excitation
Stappenmotor sturing pdf file
Step motor drive technology pdf file
Stepper motor circuits
Stepper motor control to control the motion of a stepper motor, PIC 16C84
Stepper motor control stepper motor control, using the parallel port, TIP120, Hallf Step, part of Cstep
Stepper motor control - computer stepper motor control using the computer, using the parallel port, 74LS193, pdf file
Stepper motor control using the basic stamp, MOSFET, Buz 10
Stepper motor control 68HC11
Stepper motor controller unipolar stepper motor controller, 4070 CMOS XOR integrated ircuit, 4027 CMOS flip flop
Stepper motor controller 74LS194 4 bit bi-directional universal shift register, UDN2543B to drive the unipolar stepper motor
Stepper motor control, circuit with Zilog Z80 unipolar stepper motor drive, pdf file, a tip
Stepper motor control using the PIC16F684 this application note will describe how to drive a bipolar stepping motor with the PIC16F684. pdf file
Stepper motor driver N MOSFET, parallel port driver, 74LS193, 74LS139, 7408, IRLZ24, unipolar stepper motor, pdf file, a tip
Stepper motor driver (74194) based on the SN74LS194 - Bidirectional Universal Shift Register the circuit is designed to drive UNIPOLAR type stepper motors and provides only basic control functions - Forward, Reverse, Stop and Speed adjustment
Stepper motor driver RS232, pdf file
Stepper motor driver using L298 and L297 This Step motor controller uses the L297 and L298N driver combination; it can be used as stand alone or controlled by microcontroller. It is designed to accept step pulses at up to 25,000 per second
Stepper Motor Drives pdf file
Stepper Motor Experiment
Stepper motor microstepping with PIC18C452 pdf file
Stepper-Moter Mounted Camera for Tele-operation of a Mobile Robot via the Internet Control of the robot and stepper motor via the internet was performed using Microsoft's WinSock ActiveX componenet. WinSock provides a relatively simple method of developing client/server applications in Visual Basic, Materials, Stepper Motor Control, TurboC Code, Cye Robot, Control Device, Live Video, Internet Controls, Complete Setup
Two Wire Stepper Motor Positioner A simple and inexpensive way to remotely rotate a display or object is with a positioner that uses a stepper motor to rotate it. The motor is driven by a circuit mounted near the motor and by a control circuit at a remote location. Power for the motor and its driver circuit and for the signals that control the speed and direction of the motor are all carried over a single two conductor cable, pdf file
UDN2916B dual Full-Bridge PWM motor driver, designed to drive both windings of a bipolar stepper motor or bidirectionally control two dc motors
Unipolar stepper motor driver L293, picaxe, pdf file
Unipolar stepper motor control circuit unipolar stepper motor control circuit, this circuit controls a small, four-phase, five-wire, unipolar stepper motor
Webcam driver UCN5804 stepper motor driver, pdf file

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