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Motors AC 
AC induction motor An induction motor rotor can either be a wound rotor or a squirrel cage rotor, ...,  pdf file
AC motor basics To introduce the principle of operation of an AC induction motor and discuss the basic construction.
AC Motor Calculations Calculating Mechanical Power Requirements, Torque - Speed Curves, Numerical Calculation, Sample Calculation, Thermal Calculations
AC motor fundamentals AC Induction Motors, squirrel cage motor, Synchronous speed, Speed vs. Torque, Single-phase AC Motors, Split-Phase AC Motor, Single-Phase Capacitor Motors, Shaded Pole AC Motor, pdf file
AC motors a squirrel cage ac induction motor, a permanent magnet synchronous machine, and a synchronous motor
AC motors Electrical Energy, AC Motor Construction, Magnetism, Electromagnetism, Developing a Rotating Magnetic Field, Rotor Rotation, Motor Specifications, pdf file
AC motors single phase, three phase, AC induction motors are the most common motors used in industrial motion control systems, as well as in main powered home appliances. Simple and rugged design, low-cost, low maintenance and direct connection to an AC power source are the main advantages of AC induction motors, stator, rotor, Speed of an Induction Motor, Single-phase induction motor, Three-phase induction motor, Single-Phase AC Induction Motor, Capacitor Centrifugal Switch without Start Mechanism, Split-Phase AC Induction Motor, Capacitor Start AC Induction Motor, Shaded-Pole AC Induction Motor, pdf file
AC motors synchronous motors, induction (asynchronous) motors, torque, slip and speed, rotor, motor torque characteristics, motor speed control, power factor of the motor, stepper motor
AC motor speed control AC motor speed control, what can we do to control the speed of an AC induction motor, pdf file
AC motors starting and protection systems AC motors starting and braking systems, Electrical braking of 3-phase asynchronous motors, AC motors protection devices and failure analysis, pdf file
Démarrage et freinage en Français
How a motor works the torque
Induction motor parameters extraction The parameters of equivalent circuit of Induction Machines are crucial when considering advanced control techniques (i.e. Vector Control). Accidentally these are also uncertain parameters when the machine is released from production. The most common ways, to manually determine induction motor parameters, are to test motor under no-load and locked rotor conditions, pdf file
Moteurs électriques synchrones et asynchrones
Moteurs triphasés en Français
Motor Guide The Motor Guide- basic technical information about low voltage standard motors, pdf file
Polyphase electric motors pdf file
Variation de vitesse des machines à courant alternatif en Français, pdf file
Windings of electric machines The operation principle of electric machines is based on the interaction between the magnetic fields and the currents flowing in the windings of the machine. The winding constructions and connections as well as the currents and voltages fed into the windings determine the operating modes and the type of the electric machine, pdf file
Wound rotor induction motor characteristics Wound rotor induction motor characteristics, pdf file
Asynchronous motors 
Asynchrone motor squirrel cage rotor and slip ring rotor, pdf file
Asynchrone motor in Dutch
Asynchrone motor in Dutch, pdf file
Champ tournant dans un moteur synchrone et asynchrone en Français
Construction moteur asynchrone en Français
Couplage des moteurs asynchrones en Français, doc file
Dahlander motor Dahlander winding, lower rotational speed, higher speed, pdf file
Démarrage des moteurs asynchrones en Français, doc file
Démarrage des moteurs asynchrones en Français, pdf file
Freinage des machines asynchrones en Français
Inductie machines in Dutch, pdf file
Inductie machines in Dutch, pdf file
Inductie machines 2 in Dutch, pdf file
Inductie machines constructie in Dutch, pdf file
Inductie machines constructie en gebruik in Dutch, pdf file
Induction Motors
Machines asynchrone en Français
Machines asynchrone en Français, pdf file
Machine asynchrone triphasée en Français
Machine asynchrone en Français, pdf file
Moteur asynchrone en Français
Moteur asynchrone en Français, pdf file
Moteur asynchrone triphasé en Français, pdf file
Moteur asynchrone triphasé en Français, pdf file
Moteur asynchrone triphasé en Français, pdf file
Moteurs asynchrones triphasés - procédés de démarrage en Français
Moteurs asynchrone triphasé
Moteur asynchrones en Français
Phase Converters The phase converter will artificially generate the third leg of a three phase system from the two poles of a single phase system
Réglage de vitesse des moteurs asynchrones triphasés en Français, , Modulation de largeur d'impulsion en Français, pdf file
Squirrel cage induction motor characteristics squirrel cage induction motor characteristics, pdf file
Squirrel cage motors Squirrel cage motors get their name from the appearance of early rotors. They are the most common type of industrial AC electric motor, being rugged and requiring neither a separate DC power source nor slip-rings
Sleepring motor in Dutch, pdf file
Slip ring motors slip ring motors, wound rotor motors
Speed Control of Induction Machines Speed control by changing applied voltage, Rotor resistance control, Cascade control, Stator frequency control, pdf file
Speed control using variable frequency/variable voltage supply speed control characteristics of a squirrel cage induction motor, pdf file
Technologie du moteur asynchrone triphasé à cage swf file
Three phase induction motor pdf file
Three phase induction motor 3-Phase AC Induction Motor, The AC induction motor is a rotating electric machine designed to operate from a three-phase source of alternating voltage. The stator is a classic three phase stator with the winding displaced by 120°
Three-phase squirrel cage AC induction motor This experiment demonstrates the performance of squirrel-cage induction motors and the method for deriving electrical equivalent circuits from test data, pdf file

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