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Measurement: Bridges, Electricity measurements - multimeters, General overview, Oscilloscope, Spectrum analysis, TDR

Electricity measurements - multimeters 
AC Current Measurement AC Current Measurement On High Voltage Systems, pdf file
AC metering circuits AC metering circuits
AC voltage measurement errors in digital multimeters Crest factor, RMS, True RMS, TRMS, pdf file
AC voltage measurement crest factor, RMS, True RMS, TRMS, pdf file
AC voltmeters and ammeters AC electromechanical meter movements come in two basic arrangements: those based on DC movement designs, and those engineered specifically for AC use. Permanent-magnet moving coil (PMMC) meter movements will not work correctly if directly connected to alternating current, because the direction of needle movement will change with each half-cycle of the AC
Analog meter in order to use a DC-style meter movement, such as the D'Arsonval design pictured in the applet below, the alternating current must be "rectified" into DC
Appareils analogiques et numériques appareils analogiques et numériques, pdf file
Appareils de mesures en Français
D'Arsonval galvanometer D'Arsonval galvanometer
DC METERING CIRCUITS pdf file, scroll down
Digitale multimeter in Dutch, pdf file
Digital multimeter
Electrical measurements electrical measurements
Electric meters and motors
Electric meters moving coil meters, design of a voltmeter, ammeter or ohmmeter
Galvanometer the torque on a current loop in a uniform magnetic field is used to measure electrical magnetic field is used to measure electrical currents. This current measuring device is called a moving coil galvanometer
Galvanometer a galvanometer is an electromechanical transducer. It produces a rotary motion, through a limited arc, in response to electric current flowing through its coil. The name galvanometer has been applied to devices used in measuring, recording, and positioning equipment
Galvanometer galvanometer
Galvanometer the galvanometer is an electromagnetic device capable of detecting very small electrical currents. In this experiment, the characteristics of a galvanometer and the basic construction of the ammeter and voltmeter will be investigated
Galvanometer Galvanometer as voltmeter and ammeter, ppt file
Galvanometer as voltmeter and ammeter Galvanometer as voltmeter and ammeter
Galvanometers a galvanometer is an instrument for detecting small currents. It consists essentially of a coil of fine wire mounted so that it can rotate in the field of a permanent magnet. When current flows through the coil, the resulting magnetic force on the coil windings creates a torque on the coil that makes it rotate until equilibrium is established between the torque on the coil and that exerted by a restoring spring, pdf file
Moving coil meters moving coil meters, voltmeter, ammeter, Ohmmeter
Multimeter multimeters, A multimeter is used to make various electrical measurements, such as AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, and resistance. It is called a multimeter because it combines the functions of a voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter. Multimeters may also have other functions, such as diode and continuity tests
Multimeter measurements instruments
Multimeter Tutorial How to tell if two points are electrically connected, How to measure resistance - resistors, potentiometers and sensors, How to measure voltage - battery testing, wall-wart adaptor testing, and the terror of mixed AC/DC measurements
Multimètre en Français
Multimètres - Instrumentation numérique en Français, doc file
Multimètre construction, en Français
Techniques de mesures en Français
Techniques de mesures en Français, pdf file
The digital multimeter Digital Multimeter Layout, Function Switch, Function Switch - Voltage, Function Switch - Ohms/Amps, how to do Voltage measurements, how to do Current measurements, how to do Resistance measurements
The digital multimeter how to do Voltage measurements, how to do Current measurements, how to do Resistance measurements
Thyristor and diode measurement with a multi-meter pdf file
True RMS measurements measurements with a true RMS voltmeter, crest factor, pdf file
Using a multimeter an ammeter measures current, a voltmeter measures the potential difference (voltage) between two points, and an ohmmeter measures resistance. A multimeter combines these functions
Using a multimeter Using a multimeter, What do meters measure? Analogue multimeters, Digital multimeters, Making measurements
Using a Multimeter you to using a multimeter to make measurements from circuits
Using a Multimeter (or you, too, can have fun with electricity) ppt file
Using a Volt & Ohm meter Volt & Ohm meter
Voltage and current meters pdf file
Voltmeter design
Power and energy measurements 
Compteur d'énergie en Français
Measurement of total power in a balanced three-phase system incorporates what is known as the two-wattmeter method
Measurement of three-phase power with the 2-wattmeter method Measurement of three-phase power with the 2-wattmeter method
Measure power in a 3-phase circuit To measure power in a 3-phase circuit with a balanced load by one-wattmeter and two-wattmeter methods and to estimate the power from the results, pdf file
Mesures de puissances électrique en Français
Mesures de puissances en régime sinusoïdal en Français, doc file
Mesures de puissances en régime triphasé équilibré en Français, doc file
Power and Energy measurements
Three phase power pdf file
Two-wattmeter method why the two-wattmeter method works on a three-phase, three-wire sourced load regardless of how the load is internally connected, pdf file
Two-wattmeter method pdf file
Watt-hour meter maintenance and testing, Watt-hour meter operating principles and construction pdf file
Wattmeter the Wattmeter explained, The wattmeter is an electrodynamic instrument for measuring the electric power or the supply rate of electrical energy of any given circuit, Wattmeter, current coil, electrodynamic wattmeter circuit, voltage coil

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