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Audio tube amplifiers
Ampage tube amplifiers, schematics, parts
Amplifier classes
Amplifiers EL519 Linear FRINEAR-400PG, 400W, 4 PL/EL519 (passive-grid), GU43B (Q-1P/42) HF Amplifier FRINEAR-1500, 1500W using Russian ГУ-43Б, Heathkit SB-200 modifications, Heathkit SB-230 modification, HV Supply 1300V & 2200V, Kenwood TL-922 modifications, RM Italy HLA 300, a close survey of the amplifier, ...
Amplificateur Tubes Amplifiers single ended, push pull and output transformer less amplifiers : schematics with tubes ; RIAA curve, pre amplifiers, tone controle
Audio amplifiers Why Push-Pull? Class A Amplifier, Class B Amplifier, Cathode Bias or Fixed Bias, Triode Connected Amplifier, Cathode Loaded Output Circuit, Transformer coupling,
Audio amplifiers
Consumer audio equipment manuals, schematics about Audio Note, Berning Siegfried, Conrad-Johnson, Dynaco, EICO, Electrohome, Fisher, Leak preamp, Marantz, McIntosh, Revox, Sherwood, Stromberg-Carlson, Telewatt, Vieta, Sennheiser
Drifter amps vintage and classic tube amplifiers
Electro acoustics click on read it phono stage design and amplifier, line level preamplifier, single ended triode power amplifiers, frequency response
Fred's projects here you'll find projects using vacuum tubes valves
Kennedy tube page tube audio including SE and pushpull amplifiers, line stages and phono stages, DHT, Triode, direct heated, single ended triode, pushpull tube amplifier, tube pre-amplifier, tube line stage, tube phono stage, D.I.Y. tubes, tube, tubes, valvole, buizen, lampes, 45, 2A3, 300B
Mixed-Class & Mixed-Topology Amplifiers pdf file
OPCOM's electronics and radio page 1959, 1943, 1949 Sylvania tube manuals, tube audio amplifiers, radio transmitters, Stromberg-Carlson AP56, AP80, APH1200 and AP55 public address tube amps (also schematics), guitar related stuff, Tesla coils
Power Amplifier Designs Single Ended Triodes, A personal route of amplifier design
Pro audio manuals, schematics about Altec, Ampex, API, CBS, collins, Muzak, Neumann, Philips, RCA, Sennheiser, Studer, Telefunken / Siemens / Maihak / TAB V72
SDS labs schematics various schematics for classic audio gear, tubes, ST-70, Dynaco Mark III, Fisher SA-16
Triode audio single ended, pure class A triode amplifiers
Triode Dick's page verschillende bouwontwerpen, een tip, in Dutch
Tube amp FAQ building or rebuilding hi-fi equipment
Tube amplifier schematics Audio Tube Schematics, Here you'll find a modest collection of some interesting audio tube amplifier schematics, Audio Innovations, Audio Note, Audio Research, Beard Audio, Conrad Johnson, Copland, Dynaco, Grant Amplifiers, JoLida, Harman Kardon, Heath Kit, Magnatone, Marantz, McIntosh, QUAD, Radford
Tube amplifier schematics
Tube amplifier schematics
Tube amplifier schematics archive of some of the best built bass and guitar tube amplifier schematics. Included are some hi-fidelity stereo tube amplifier schematics
Tube Projects
Tube circuit of the month archive line stage amplifier, auto bias, voltage regulator, active crossover, tube headphone amplifier, two stage phono preamplifier, common cathode amplifier,
Vaccum Tube Amplifiers Vaccum Tube Amplifiers, The vacuum tube as amplifier
Vacuum tube projects documented projects utilising the vacuum tube in traditional ways, RA-100 high fidelity stereo amplifier schematics, tube data sheets, dht, 437a, gm70, gm100, 6s45, 6h30, ren904, ac2, rs241, 300b, 50, 45, 26, az1, kc1, ad1, kc3, vt52, lowther, oris, pm2a, pm4a, 205d, 212e, 275a, 274b, gz37, vt25, 833a, 211, 845, 83, px4, px25, re614, rgn2504, rgn4004, rgn2004, re604, single ended, re134, re304, a tip
Vintage Ampeg Amplifier Schematics
Audio tube amplifier projects
25L6 amp the Western electric 1140A amplifier is a push pull parallel 25L6GT design with out a power transformer
6336-A power triode tube This amp design features the 6336-A power triode tube, along with push-pull class A operation, no overall feedback, low distortion, approximately 20W of output power, reliability, and high-performance sound, pdf file
6L6 / 5881 Single-Ended (SE) DIY Tube Amplifier he tube amplifier replaces a solid-state amplifier which was driven by a tube preamplifier. For the tube amplifier circuit I used a cutoff pentode (6SJ7 or 6SD7) driving a beam power pentode (6L6 or 5881) in a single-ended circuit (class-A operation). The amplifier schematic is very similar to the one I used for my very first tube amplifier
100W fender tube amp
Active tube crossover schematics
Cathode Follower
Common Cathode Line Stage a line stage amplifier that has a very low input capacitance and low output impedance and does not invert the phase at the output
Direct heating Sakuma direct heat amplifier system, schematics, (Direct Heated Triode DHT)
DIY Push-Pull (PP) 6V6 Tube Amplifier Schematic This 6V6 amp was built following the push-pull (PP) EL84 / 6V6 Dynaco A-410 output transformer schematic. There are a few minor deviations from the original schematics. Instead of Dynaco transformers, Hammond 1608A audio output transformers and a Hammond 272HX power transformer were used. The EL84 / 6V6 PP Dynaco A-410 output transformer schematic showed a 1000 ohm feedback resistor which resulted in bad amplifier oscillation
ECC82 PreAmp
ECL86 SE amplifier also the 6BQ7A preamplifier, solid state amplifiers
Feedback in triodes pdf file
Feedback in triodes pdf file
Headphone driver
Modification and maintenance of tube amps construction articles and technical notes of tube amps
Phase splitters cathodyne, long tailed pair, Schmidt, cross coupled, paraphase, isodyne, transformer
Push-pull class A amp using type 5687 dual triodes
Push-Pull Amplifier Transformers Push-Pull Output Transformers
Push Pull Outputs
Randall amplifier info the Randall amplifier (Mk II) schematics in Adobe Acrobat format
RF amplifier basics
SEA-1 (triple-2A3) amplifier article and schematic the SEA-1 was the first single-ended amp built to use the one electron UBT-1 output transformers
Single Ended Paralled 6GF7A Stereo Tube Amplifier
Single Stereo Amp. With Magic Eye EL34 (6CA7)
Small ECL86-Amp
Stabilization of the Plate Current in Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Using Cathode Resistor Stabilization of the Plate Current in Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier Using Cathode Resistor, pdf file
Star Grounding in Tube Amplifiers I've built this amp, and it hums, why? What can I do to keep amps from humming, or make them never hum in the first place?
Stereo Tube Amplifier
Super Triode connection Circuit (STC) Vacuum Tube Amplifier
The Emperor's New Tube Amplifier Schematic, Design philosophy, Input stage/phase inverter, Toroidal output transformer, Bias servo and adjustment, Feedback, Class AB2 output and drivers, Power supplies, MOSFET regulators, Minimum feedback modification, Performance Sound, Additional notes: underside and circuit board diagrams, PSpice output
Top-Level OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier a tube headphone amplifier designs for driving headphones with an impedance of 200 to 600 ohms
Tube amplifier
Tube amplifier transformers production process
Williamson tube amplifier

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