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Ultrasonic sensors  related topic: Piezo sensors
40KHz ultrasonic transducer , piezo transducers, acoustic sensing
Acoustic wave sensors piezo transducers, acoustic sensing
Capteurs ultrasoniques en Français
Equivalent Circuit of Piezo Ceramic Ultrasonic Transducers The equivalent circuit of piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic transducer is similar as the well-known crystal, which is composed of a series branch of Ls, Cs and Rs and a parallel branch of Cd, pdf file
Implementing Ultrasonic Ranging This application note describes a method of interfacing PIC16CXXX microcontrollers to the Polaroid 6500 Ranging Module, pdf file
Introduction to Ultrasonic Testing Piezoelectric Transducers, Characteristics of PT, Radiated Fields, Transducer Beam Spread, Transducer Types, Wave Propagation, Modes of Sound Waves, Properties of Plane Waves, Wavelength/Flaw Detection, Elastic Properties of Solids, Attenuation, Acoustic Impedance, Reflection/Transmission, Refraction & Snell's Law, Mode Conversion, Signal-to-noise Ratio, Wave Interference
Piezoelectric Effect, Theory, Design and Usage Piezoelectric Effect, Theory, Design and Usage
Photoelectric and ultrasonic tutorial photoelectric and ultrasonic sensing
SAW sensor basics surface acoustic waves is the general name for the waves that propagate at the surface of solids, similar to the ones that propagate on the water surface. The SAW industry uses mainly Rayleigh waves, which are named after Lord Rayleigh
Selection and use of Ultrasonic Ceramic Transducers The purpose of this application note is to aid the user in the selection and application of the Ultrasonic ceramic transducers. The general transducer design features a piezo ceramic disc bender that is resonant at a nominal frequency of 20 – 60 KHz and radiates or receives ultrasonic energy, pdf file
Sonar sensor for the robot
Surface acoustic wave TV manual pdf file
Surface acoustic wave sensor (SAW) articles highlighting the use of a variety of SAW devices for mobile and wireless circuits
Thick-film acoustic wave sensor thick-film acoustic wave sensor
Ultrasonic Acoustic Sensing sonar or ultrasonic sensors
Ultrasonic Flowmeter Transit Time Meter Basic Theory, Doppler Flowmeter Basic Theory, Doppler ultrasonic flowmeters, Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Educypedia
Ultrasone sensoren in Dutch, pdf file
Ultrasonic acoustic sensing ultrasonic acoustic sensing
Ultrasonic Ceramic Transducers Ultrasonic Ceramic Transducers, pdf file
Ultrasonic sensor ultrasonic sensor application note, measure distance in liquids using the pulse echo method, pdf file
Ultrasonic sensor brief specification of the ultrasonic sensor, Ultrasonic sensors
Ultrasonic Sensor Performance An understanding of the variables that affect the performance of an ultrasonic distance sensor application is important to maximize reliability. The following discussion covers the major influences that can affect the over all performance of an ultrasonic distance measurement system, pdf file
Ultrasonic testing ultrasonic testing uses sound waves to detect imperfections in material and to measure material properties
Ultrasonic transducers Ultrasonics is the production of sound waves above the frequency of human hearing and can be used in a variety of applications such as, sonic rulers, proximity detectors, movement detectors, liquid level measurement
Ultrasonic transducers ultrasonic transducers technical notes, pdf file
Ultrasonic transducers - technical information Selection and use of Ultrasonic Ceramic Transducers The purpose of this application note is to aid the user in the selection and application of the Ultrasonic ceramic transducers, piezo ceramic disc bender, pdf file
Ultrasonic transducers pdf file
Ultrasonic transceivers & sensors Ultrasonic Positioning Systems, Ultrasonic Ranging Systems, Ultrasonic Signal Conditioners, Ultrasonic Sensors
Ultrasound motion sensor The Doppler-Effect-based ultrasound motion detection sensor is proposed. The sensor is primarily intended to be used in security systems for detection of moving objects, but can be effectively involved in intelligent children’s toys, automatic door opening devices, pdf file

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