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Optical sensors  related subjects: Optics, Photodiode, LED, Fibers
Barcode Sensors
Capteurs optiques pdf file, en Français
CdS Photocell Series Construction and Characteristics of CdS Cells, pdf file
Color Sensor Color Sensor circuit
Digital optical encoder a digital optical encoder is a device that converts motion into a sequence of digital pulses. By counting a single bit or by decoding a set of bits, the pulses can be converted to relative or absolute position measurements. Encoders have both linear and rotary configurations, but the most common type is rotary, Gray code
Fiber Optic Detector detectors perform the opposite function of light emitters. They convert optical signals back into electrical impulses that are used by the receiving end of the fiber optic data, pdf file
LDR LIGHT/DARK ACTIVATED RELAY SWITCH using an LDR to turn on a relay, pdf file
LDR sensor Light Dependent Resistors (LDR)
LDR sensors Light sensor circuits
Light dependent resistors pdf file
Light detectors and emittors optical communication, light theory, laser, LED, photo diode, photo transistor, avalanche photo diode, photo multiplier tube, optical heterodyning, future detectors, detector noise
Optical Detectors Basic Information on Light Detectors, Role of an optical detector, Types of optical detectors, Detector characteristics, Noise considerations, Types of Detectors, Photon detectors, Thermal detectors, Calibration, Response of detector, Techniques to limit beam power, Electrical calibration, Circuitry for Optical Detectors, Basic circuit for a photovoltaic detector, Basic circuit for a photoconductive detector, Human Vision, The eye as an optical detector, Structure of the eye, Color
Light Pollution Meter Light Pollution Meter, Notes on the design and construction of a visual comparison photometer for measuring sky brightness and light pollution
Light Sensor The Light Sensor is a high sensitivity sensor to measure light intensities in the range of 0 to 10 lux, pdf file
Optical microsensors pdf file
Optics and mechanics Opto-Mechanical Components
Opto electrische sensoren in Dutch, pdf file
Opto sensors opto sensor consists of a light emitting element which transforms an electrical signal to an optical signal, and a light receiving element which transforms the optical signal to an electrical signal. Both of these elements are housed in one package, making the opto sensor essentially a non- contact switch
Photo-conductive Cell Photocells are thin film devices made by depositing a layer of a photoconductive material on a ceramic substrate. Metal contacts are evaporated over the surface of the photoconductor and external electrical connection is made to these contacts, pdf file
Photo-Detection The method that will be used to measure the light source is a photoresistor (also termed a photocell), see above, doc file
Photodiode A photodiode is a p-n junction or p-i-n structure. When light of sufficient photon energy strikes the diode, it excites an electron thereby creating a mobile electron and a positively charged electron hole, ...
Photodiode-Phototransistor technology pdf file
Photoelectric and ultrasonic tutorial photoelectric and ultrasonic sensing
Photoelectric Sensor Terminology pdf file
Photocells photoresistors (photocells) are simply variable resistors in many ways similar to potentiometers, except that the resistance change in light level rather than by turning a knob. Photoresistors can be used as light sensors, which can enable robot behaviors such as hiding in the dark, moving toward a beacon, etc.
Photodetectors Photomultiplier, Photomultiplier operation, Sensitivity, pdf file
Photonic detectors
Photoresistor A photoresistor is an electronic component whose resistance decreases with increasing incident light intensity. It can also be referred to as a light-dependent resistor (LDR), or photoconductor, ...
Position Sensing Detectors Position Sensing Detectors, photodiode, pdf file
RGB Color Sensors Understanding RGB Color Sensors, pdf file
Thick-film photosensors Thick-film photosensors, Ink formulation, Screen printed photoresistors, Photoconductive position sensors
Thick-film photo sensor Screen printed photoresistors, Photoconductive position sensors, Ink formulation
Typical Applications for Phototransistors and IREDs

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