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Laser Diode


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LED's and laser diodes  related topic: Diodes, Diode types, LED circuits, Photo diodes
About Characteristics of LED products
Diode and LEDs FAQ
Blue laser diode and LED book blue GaN lasers and blue light emitting diodes, gallium, indium, aluminium, aluminum, nitride, GaN, InGaN, GaInN, blue led
Chromaticity Diagram Light Emitting Diode(LED)
Controlling Luminous intensity of LEDs Controlling Luminous intensity of LEDs, white LED applications, pdf file
Diode lasers diode lasers use nearly microscopic chips of Gallium-Arsenide or other exotic semiconductors to generate coherent light in a very small package
Fiber Optic LED Driver for TTL links up to 155 Mbps
Instruction Manual for LED Luminous Intensity Measurements This instruction manual describes operation and alignment procedures for luminous intensity measurements of standard light-emitting diodes (LEDs), pdf file
Laser diode in Dutch
Laser diode optics Laser diode optics
LED les diodes électroluminescentes (D.E.L.), en Français
LED Color Chart Relative Luminous Intensity vs Forward Current, Forward Current vs Forward Voltage, Maximum Tolerable Peak Current vs Pulse Duration, Backlighting Surfaces Using LEDs, Educypedia
LED information and technical data
LED museum a site devoted to testing of LEDs in all common chemistries. Includes test target illumination photos of many LED samples, LED museum, and LED flashlight testing, UV, violet, purple, blue, aqua, turquoise, green, white, gallium arsenide, GaN, InGaN, SiC, GaAs, GaP, GaAlP, ZnSe, flashlight, IR, infrared, light emitting diode, Ga, As, Al, P, Zn, Se, Si, SiC, phosphide, indium, aluminum, nitride
LED's LED's, A light-emitting diode (LED) is a PN junction semiconductor diode that emits photons when forward biased. The light-emitting effect is called injection electroluminescence, and it occurs when minority carriers recombine with carriers of the opposite type in a diode's bandgap, ...
LED's LED's, How LEDs work
LED's LED's, How LEDs work
LED's LED's, pdf file
LED's and LCD displays
LED's and other lamps, The brightest and most efficient LEDs and where to get them!
LED's Color Chart, LED light emitting diodes for lighting LED's Color Chart, LED light emitting diodes for lighting, Relative Luminous Intensity vs Forward Current, Forward Current vs Forward Voltage, Maximum Tolerable Peak Current vs Pulse Duration, Backlighting Surfaces Using LEDs
LED’s for Automotive Applications LED’s for Automotive Applications
LEDs in battery operated applications controlling brightness power efficiently, white light-emitting diode (LED) drivers provide high efficiency and brightness matching for LCD backlighting in displays. To control brightness, these drivers regulate current going into LEDs that are arranged in either serial or parallel configuration. Charge pumps drives parallel LEDs whose currents are regulated with individual regulators or simple ballast resistors
LED Technical Information pdf file
LED Terms & Definitions
Light-emitters a tip
Light Emitting Diode Light Emitting Diode, Luminous intensity, luminous flux per unit solid angle
Light emitting diodes a LED is a special semiconductor which emits light when current is passed through it
Light Emitting Diodes In light emitting diodes (LEDs), light is produced by a solid state process called electroluminescence, LED Device Structure, LED Characteristics, LED Radiation Patterns, Light Emitting Diodes
Light Emitting Diodes LED theory and applications, recombination, LED basics: electrical properties, optical properties, Junction and carrier temperature, High internal efficiency LED designs, Design of current flow, High extraction efficiency structures, Reflectors, Packaging, Visible-spectrum LEDs, Ultraviolet LEDs, Spontaneous emission from resonant cavities, Resonant cavity light-emitting diodes, Human eye sensitivity and photometric quantities, Colorimetry, Planckian sources and color temperature, Color mixing and color rendering, White-light sources based on LEDs
Light Sensor Technology measuring daylight using LEDs pdf file
Notes on LEDs LED Parts, LED Color, Infrared LEDs, Ultraviolet LEDs, White LEDs, LED Brightness, Illumination, (1 lux = 1 lm/m²)
Optical Unit and Calculation pdf file
Pulse Dependences of Optical Characteristics
SMT LED Surface Mount LED Indicator
Standard and White LED Basics and Operation Standard Red, Green, and Yellow LEDs, Blue LEDs, White LEDs, Charge Pump with Current Control, Dimming Varies Light Intensity
What is inside an LED? LED's are special diodes that emit light when connected in a circuit. They are frequently used as "pilot" lights in electronic appliances to indicate whether the circuit is closed or not
What is inside an LED?
White Balance pdf file
White LED technology  related topic: Diodes, Diode types, LED circuits, Photo diodes
Color and brightness variations with white LEDs
Connecting LEDs- Serial vs. Parallel pdf file
High Brightness LED Reference Design pdf file
High Power LEDs 1W high power LED based on InGaN technology, Available colors are white, blue and green, 50 lumen/Watt
LED application notes Automotive Applications With LEDs, Illumination With LEDs, Sign Applications With LEDs, Photo Sensor Applications With LEDs
LED's: white LED white LED applications
LED Technology Glossary
OSTAR-Lighting LED OSTAR - Lighting Application Note
Philips Lumileds Documentation Center high-power LEDs,  LUXEON Thermal Design Guide, Lumen Maintenance of White Luxeon Light Sources, Optical Testing for SuperFlux, SnapLED and LUXEON® Emitters, LUXEON® Emitter Assembly Guide, Electrical Drive Information for Luxeon Products, A Luxeon V Sample Information, Luxeon Custom Design Guide, Soldering SuperFlux LEDs, LUXEON Benefits Over Competitive LED Products, Lumileds SuperFlux LEDs versus Other LEDs, Benefits of Lumileds Solid-State Lighting Solutions vs. Conventional Lighting, Using SuperFlux LEDs in Automotive Signal Lamps, Electrical Design Considerations for SuperFlux LEDs, ...
SuperFlux LEDs white LED technology
Thermal management design of power LEDs Thermal management design of power LEDs, pdf file
Thermal Management of Visible LEDs Managing Junction Temperature of High-Power Visible Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), pdf file
Ultra Bright Yellow LED Ultra Bright Yellow LED, pdf file, Ultra Bright Red LED, Ultra Bright Green LED
Understanding power LED lifetime analysis How intuitive graphical data sets help lighting designers accurately predict power LED reliability in different operating environments, pdf file
Understanding power LED lifetime analysis pdf file
White LED Backlight and Flash Applications the AAT2801 and its application as a white LED backlight driver with flash capability, pdf file
White LED Tips Light Emitting Diodes (LED) have recently become available that are both white and bright, so bright that they seriously compete with incandescent lamps in lighting applications
White Lighting (Illumination) with LEDs White Lighting (Illumination) with LEDs, pdf file
Why Drive White LEDs with Constant Current This application note describes the characteristics of a range of typical LEDs and circuits which achieve the necessary constant-current drive
XLamp LEDs Documentation

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